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The Difficult Questions Your Digital Strategist Wants You To Ask (And Some They Really Don't)

Khal Harris, Digital Strategist EMEA, Tealium
Data Strategy Executive Morning Briefing

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The Difficult Questions Your Digital Strategist Wants You To Ask (And Some They Really Don't)

  1. 1. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 1 The Difficult Questions Your Digital Strategist Wants You To Ask. (And Some They Really Don’t) Khal Harris – Tealium EMEA
  2. 2. Wait, what actually is a digital strategist?
  3. 3. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 4 How can we solve data silos when we’ve got people and team silos? Happy Question
  4. 4. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 5 When people know what to expect, they don’t panic. You’ll have to set tasks which require co-ordination. Hold people accountable with a RACI matrix. How can we solve data silos when we’ve got people and team silos?
  5. 5. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 6 As you get started you will need to determine the roles and responsibilities of project participants. These roles may evolve throughout the journey and not all stakeholders will be needed at each step. We recommended using a RACI framework at the start of the project for a detailed outline of the team. ● Representatives from each line of business involved in the initiative ● Customer experience leader ● Digital strategist ● Brand and channel managers ● Content marketer ● Experience architect ● Brand, content, and project managers ● Marketing technologist ● IT/Development ● Experience architect ● Analytics/BI/Data Analyst ● Digital strategist Determine overall digital strategy Align content and experiences with digital strategy Implement and manage tactics and timeframes Analyze, test, and recommend optimizations of tactics Task Team Identifying Ownership
  6. 6. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 7 Roles & Responsibilities - RACI Matrix
  7. 7. Marketing says our personas are adventurous people who love the outdoors and have 2.1 children. Can we use that? Sad Question
  8. 8. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 9 Push back against fluffy personas If you can’t count it, it doesn’t count! Understand (and map) the entire customer journey. Find the holes in your Leaky Bucket before filling it. How can we create data-driven personas that we can actively segment and target?
  9. 9. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 10 (Data driven) Persona Examples Persona Examples Potential Online Behaviors Triggers Cart Abandoner (B2C) - Add to Cart event - Product SKU or ID - Purchase Confirmation - Page Name - Page Type - User engaged with retargeting campaign and came back to the site - User purchased one or multiple items left in cart High-Value Customer (B2C) - Lifetime Purchase Count - Lifetime Order Value - Average Order Value - Last Purchase Date - Purchase Confirmation - User’s Lifetime Order Value is steady or rising - Last Purchase Date was near recent Sales Qualified Lead (B2B) - Count of Content Downloads - Count of Videos Viewed - Count of Webinars Attended - Lifetime Visit Count - Lifetime Forms Completed - Count of Sales to Lead Contacts - Lead has downloaded multiple items or viewed multiple videos or filled out multiple contact forms - Sales has made contact with Lead at least 1 times
  10. 10. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 11 Example B2C Customer Lifecycle 01 02 03 04 Awareness Customer becomes aware of the brand or product... Consideration Customer considers and evaluates the product or service... Purchase Customer purchases product or service... Retention Customer recommends the product or service... Advocacy / Re-engagement Customer retention...
  11. 11. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 12 Example B2B Customer Lifecycle Awareness Customer becomes aware of the products or industry solutions 01 Interest Customer considers and evaluates the products or solutions 02 Prospect Customer requests more information from expert and submits lead form Lead Nurture Prospect is nurtured through to sales team for follow up 04 Customer Onboarding Customer completes first transaction and begins onboarding nurture 0503
  12. 12. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 13 Defining Barriers Throughout the Journey ● Obstacles or barriers to the conversion triggers are important to note - what is preventing success? ○ ie. Customer prefers email communication rather than a phone call ● What is the buyer journey? How do we get from where we are, to the conversion, and what behaviors should we observe along the way? ○ ie. If the lead starts to complete a form, but abandons the form once they get to the “phone number” field, trigger a life-chat contact option or integrate them into a display campaign with content nurturing.
  13. 13. What’s a data strategy, and how is it different from all the other kinds of strategy we have? Happy Question
  14. 14. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 15 Data strategy is about collection and standardization, not what you later do with it. Identity resolution is one of your biggest challenges. The work you do now will pay off tenfold when you don’t have to ETL everything later on (probably in your data lake). What’s a data strategy, and how is it different from all the other kinds of strategy we have?
  15. 15. Tealium Universal Data HubOrchestrate your customer data © 2018 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 16 Collect Standardize Data Layer Server-side and Client-side Common examples of data sources include: ● Website Data ● Mobile Apps ● Learning Management Systems ● Customer Relationship Management tools ● Order Management Systems ● Customer Support Systems ● Call Center Systems ● ERP Systems ● Accounting & Internal Reporting Systems
  16. 16. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 17 Data & Identity Resolution Strategy Building Visitor Profiles within AudienceStream Start to uncover the various ways used to identify individuals along the customer journey Identify All Known IDs Determine Where Each is Revealed Verify Where They Overlap Understand The Impact Create a list of all 1st and 3rd Party Identifiers used. These can be email addresses, CRM IDs, Display Cookie IDs, Lead IDs, Loyalty IDs, etc. Next, list out where each ID is revealed. Does the ID only exist in your CRM, eCommerce platform, or POS system? Is the ID only conveyed on the web? List out which of your IDs are used across multiple areas of your business. As an example, email may exist in your CRM, website, and ESP. Having common IDs will lead to a unified customer marketing strategy. Knowing how users are identified during the customer journey helps you understand how fragmented your marketing attempts can be.
  17. 17. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 18 Example Visitor ID Mapping Email Sign-up, Register & Purchase Sign-up, Register & Purchase Purchase Order File Customer ID Purchase Purchase Purchase Order File Phone Number Purchase Purchase Purchase Order File Hashed Email Sign-up & Purchase Sign-up & Purchase N/A Other? Vendor Communication (via API) Silverpop Facebook Adwords Double Click Google Analytics TBD Website Mobile In-Store Google ID New Visit - Cookie Sync New Visit - Cookie Sync N/A Google Client ID New Visit Device Cookie New Visit Device Cookie N/A Other? Marketing Vendor IDs Possible Stitching IDs
  18. 18. Deterministic ID Key Ring & Visitor Stitching Truly creating a single view of the customer in real-time Various IDs from Interactions added to Profile Deterministic ID Key Ring Visitor Stitching of Profiles Across Sessions & Devices(+ Match Unknown-to-known) More IDs Captured... More Profiles Stitched... MORE COMPLETE VISITOR PROFILE More Accurate Customer Info & Better Targeted Customer Experiences Social log ins CRM ID Customer ID Hashed Email Loyalty ID Analytics Big Data CRM Display Ad Email Personalizatio n Search Social
  19. 19. What are our competitors doing well, and can we copy it? Sad Question
  20. 20. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 21 You are a unique snowflake – in the good sense. Embrace your brand’s individuality and don’t’ try to be anyone else. Don’t get pulled into the trap of ‘if we do what they do, we’ll get the same results’. Defining measurable goals and a unique strategy is the only solution. Our business isn’t identical to anyone else’s, so how can we make a strategy that matches?
  21. 21. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 22 Gather Information & Formulate Objectives Determine Your Segments Define Your Action Plan Implement & Monitor Progress 1 2 3 4 Your business is unique – and your strategy should be, too.
  22. 22. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 23 Formulating Your Strategy A strong digital strategy should serve as a long-term roadmap for the entire organization. As such, it may overlap with a strategic plan or similar document already in use by your organization. Work with stakeholders to define the objectives of your organization and identify where these relate to a marketing activity or customer interaction. Objectives may speak to differentiation or strategic vision and should be 2-4 year goals. They should transcend more than mere marketing technology vendors or software solutions. Sample Objectives: ➢ Customer Satisfaction ➢ Profitability ➢ Productivity ➢ Growth ➢ Innovation 1
  23. 23. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 24 Strategic Objective Framework What are your organization’s top objectives and upon which of those do you believe can have the most measurable and irrefutable impact? This could be a mission statement, an ethos that guides the entire company, or simply a well known market imperative. Work with your cross- functional team to brainstorm digital goals that will advance your strategic initiatives. This framework or a framework that is similar will help you show the executive team exactly how unified marketing will drive strategic objectives and help the business succeed. Acquisition Retention Re-Engagement Business Objectives What purpose is online? Trackers What content/activity is available? Trackers What is the long-term customer goal? Trackers Activity How are you getting new customers? Trackers What tools do you use? Trackers How do you reach out? Trackers KPIs / Goals What drives the business? Trackers How do you measure success? Trackers What drives margin? Trackers 1
  24. 24. There are CDPs, DMPs, DSPs and all the other TLAs. Why should I care about CDPs? Happy Question
  25. 25. “The DMP negotiates our beloved programmatic advertising, while the CDP – by definition – is grounded in individuals known by name, email, customer number or another personal ID. The DMP operates on massive audiences; the CDP, on a sensible number of souls.” Martin Kihn, Gartner for Marketers
  26. 26. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 27 DMPs are groups of cookies that might be people. CDPs are individuals who might be audiences. Tealium isn’t just a CDP. We’re a UDH. Another TLA. A ‘customer’ in a CDP can be a person, a car, a shopper. Think outside the box. There are CDPs, DMPs, DSPs and all the other TLAs. Why should I care about CDPs?
  27. 27. Collect Standardize Transform and Enrich Integrate Activate Data Layer APIs and Integrations Vendor Data getting sent back to the collection device Create and Enrich Data Act on Business Rules Identity Resolution Manage Audiences Privacy and Governance Event Data Visitor Data Server-side and Client-side Tealium Universal Data Hub Orchestrate your customer data © 2018 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 28
  28. 28. AudienceStream & the Universal Data Hub Where the magic happens
  29. 29. ZIP CODE: 10013 13° Light Rain Closest physical location Current lead status: Warm but rising LAST VIEWED ITEM NEW BEHAVIOUR TRAVEL INTEREST: UP Home country is USA but browsing EU content Browsing intensity higher than usual Real-time data feeds
  30. 30. We have dozens of cool ideas from around the business, can we do them all at once? Sad Question
  31. 31. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 33 Don’t worry, we want to do the cool things first, too. But we know that showing value early builds trust. Build a roadmap, give people a vision of what the ‘cool things’ will be, so they stay interested. Don’t be trapped by your own plan. It’s okay to change course when we learn new things. How do we know where to start?
  32. 32. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 34 Prioritizing Objectives & Timing Step 1: Prioritize Project Objectives High Impact Low Effort High Impact High Effort Low Impact Low Effort Low Impact High Effort Impact Level of Effort Roadmap Low effort, high impact Medium effort, high impact Medium effort, medium impact High effort, medium impact High effort, potentially difficult, but high impact / reward Step 2: Creating a Roadmap & Timing
  33. 33. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 35 Prioritizing Objectives & Timing SFDC Integrations 05 Pivoting from Phase 1 exploration, a plan should be in place to begin to link data to/from UDH and SFDC and the project is kicking off Machine Learning Readiness 04 Tealium’s THINK program is ideal for an organization that has expanded their usage of the UDH and are considering taking advantage of Machine Learning capabilities. It is during this time, Tealium can assist in auditing and making adjustments for ML Readiness Vendor Onboarding/Testing 03 It is common for clients to expand usage of their segments to vendors that have recently been integrated with the UDH. During this time, clients find it advantageous to test new vendors that have always been a consideration. A/B Testing Programs 02 As new audiences are implemented, the best way to understand effectiveness is to implement test and control implementations. Through the UDH, this can be executed and measure across all channels. Activate Prioritized Audiences 01 Add new audiences to existing remarketing tactics to advance Multi- channel customer experiences and nurturing programs. Continue to strategize on how to implement the next best audiences in a timely manner.
  34. 34. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 36 Documenting the Phased Plan April + Review / Regroup / Planning Feb. - Mar. Phase 2 Dec. - Jan. Phase 1 to Phase 2 Oct. - Nov. Phase 1 1: Information Sharing 2: Prioritizing and Building Segments 4: Explore SFDC Integration 3: A/B Testing 4: Machine Learning Readiness 3: Onboarding New Data Sources 5: SFDC Integration 5: Data Analysis Assistance 1: Use Case Activation
  35. 35. Who should we bring in for this meeting/project/workshop? Happy Question
  36. 36. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 38 The more decision makers we can work with, the more likely we are to succeed. Being ‘trapped’ by only speaking to one functional person (e.g. email team) just means another silo… Understand whether we need to inspire, teach or act. Who should we bring in for this meeting/project/workshop?
  37. 37. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 39 It is important to educate, motivate, and align your key stakeholders. Conduct exploratory interviews to get input and have a unified understanding of strategic objectives, challenges, constraints, competitive imperatives, as well as current and planned capabilities. From here you can map project objectives to strategic goals to gain stakeholder alignment. Exploratory Interviews ● Identify executive sponsor and key stakeholders ● Develop interview guides with critical questions for success ● Interview key stakeholders to understand current attitudes, knowledge, and expectations Highlight Opportunities ● Analyze findings to develop key insights to what was learned ● Highlight key opportunities based on what was important to each stakeholder ● Understand success criteria Strategic Objective Framework ● Map project objectives to strategic goals and identify KPIs ● Share strategic objective framework with stakeholders and build buy-in and understanding that educates, motivates, and inspires Educate Motivate Align Aligning Key Stakeholders
  38. 38. How do we put an ROI on X so I can get it signed off? Sad Question
  39. 39. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 41 Nobody can tell you what ROI something will achieve. A good strategist will never try to. Instead focus on proper measurement from day one so we can prove what we will achieve together. Measurement isn’t a once-and-done situation, you have to commit to keeping it going so we can refine and improve. How do we measure what we’re doing so we can show the ROI of what we’ve achieved?
  40. 40. Monitoring Progress and Optimizing Monitoring and reporting must be a continual process in order to have long-term success and achieve optimal performance. Along with the correct resource allocation and periodic check-ins, adjusting your roadmap and timing will be essential in meeting stakeholder expectations and maintaining their continued support. Monitor & Collect Data Report & Analyze Interpret Performance Adjust & Optimize 4
  41. 41. Defining success, and setting tangible, measurable goals Measure the performance of your lifecycle campaign efforts by clearly defining your KPIs. Independently and cohesively, report your advertising, personalization, display or email efforts against your known base rates. ● Cost per Click ● Click Through Rate ● Conversion Rate ● Cost per Conversion ● Return on Ad Spend Tealium recommends a regular cadence of meetings once campaigns are live to review performance and evaluate what optimizations should be made. Tracking Campaign Performance
  42. 42. What kind of person do we need to hire, steal or reassign to work on a CDP? Happy Question
  43. 43. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 45 They don’t exist yet. One day perhaps we’ll see the CMTO (Chief Marketing Technology Officer) and similar roles... Instead, we’ll look for cross-functional skills and roles and see where we can borrow people. Find people who have a passion for new innovations and let them grow into the role – and you’ll have a head start on everyone. What kind of person do we need to hire, steal or reassign to work on a CDP?
  44. 44. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 46 A cross-functional implementation team will provide your organization a coordinated strategy that will delight your customers. It is not uncommon to have a team members responsible for multiple functional areas of your business, so do not stress if single members wear multiple hats. Your implementation team will need to have knowledge and experience in the operational and technological aspects of your marketing activities. Team Essentials ➢ Cross-functionality is key ➢ It’s okay for single members to have multiple roles ➢ External agency and technology partners are always welcome Assembling the Team
  45. 45. © 2019 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 47 You need a team of collaborative, forward-thinking, and hard-working professionals. Teams will vary by company and industry and may include a combination the following roles: Customer Experience Leader: The program lead - has the seniority to get top-level executive buy-in and the ability to direct marketing, operational, and IT efforts. Experience Architect: A User Experience (UX) designer with strong Customer Experience (CX) acumen, who designs and may even govern the CX through connected digital channels. Paid Media Manager: Develops, maintains, and optimizes paid media campaigns. Email Marketing Manager: Develops, maintains and optimizes your Email Service Provider (ESP). May include season campaigns, drip campaigns, and other triggered email communications. Content Marketer: Works closely with your digital strategist, experience architect, and other team members to create all content for your site. Social Marketing Manager: Designs and controls the social image of your company and maintains your social presence. Responsible for paid social and earned social marketing. Digital Strategist: Develops cross-channel digital strategies. Responsible for developing business cases for your marketing initiatives. Marketing Technologist: A newer role that works alongside a digital strategist to implement and optimize marketing tactics. Ideally requires hands-on experience in website optimization, analytics, marketing automation, or e- commerce. Marketing Operations: Measures and optimizes marketing efforts. Technical knowledge and excellent understanding of marketing tactics is required. Analytics/BI/Data Analyst: Provides insights into customer journeys and intent, as well as channel and campaign performance. Project Manager: Balances timeframes, marketing needs, and organization’s capabilities to build and adhere to optimal implementation timelines. Development/Engineering: Implements and updates web or application code to facilitate tracking and personalization. Agency Partners: Partners may fill many of the roles listed on this page or may be involved with various aspects including the management of specific marketing technology and software development. Example Cross-Functional Roles3
  46. 46. How much is Greenland and can I buy it? Sad Question
  47. 47. © 2016 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 49© 2016 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 49 Thank You