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Marketing & data by Morten Siert Eriksen

Slides of Morten Siert Eriksen from the Digital Impact Forum event on November 7, 2019.

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Marketing & data by Morten Siert Eriksen

  1. 1. 01 Agenda Joint data and marketing strategies It’s your choice03 Marketing or data first?02
  2. 2. JOINT DATA AND MARKETING STRATEGIES Storing data Activating data Collecting data People and culture Technology processes Market analysis, setting goals, customer segmentation, channel strategy, marketing tactics etc.
  3. 3. JOINT DATA AND MARKETING STRATEGIES The overlap represent your ambitions for integrated data and marketing strategies Fully integratedData can’t be used for marketing Marketing is not ready for data approach
  4. 4. MARKETING OR DATA FIRST? DATA FIRST MARKETING FIRST Channels vs. collecting data Marketing/dat a activation Data is a currency Data is a marketing byproduct Handling information We evaluate our marketing channels as a data source We use the same data in different disciplines; planning and execution We believe more in the channel than in the potential of data from another channel We forgot that marketing is about “manipulating” the consumers, so we do it like we did the last time We set standards for how to collect our marketing data and we fulfil them We accept some data to only exist in presentations or in mails Sorry for being provoking - I’m only human
  5. 5. IT’S YOUR CHOICE DATA FIRST MARKETING FIRST Technology People Data is a currency Data is a marketing byproduct Resources One central tool to handle the data Our people need to update their mindset (accept data) We have a lot of technologies that somehow work together We accept that we need help with “data” Cost allocations will change and we must accept new “lines” in the budgets We can’t effort to decrease the volume of budgets going to “traditional” marketing But 100 % is not possible