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EducationUSA Weekly Update, #377 May 5, 2014


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Accredited U.S. educational institutions can publicize their financial aid opportunities and campus news to the EducationUSA network of over 400 centers in 170 countries through our free service: EdUSA Weekly Update. EducationUSA advising centers will, in turn, circulate this information through a multitude of international channels via social media, newsletters, bulletin boards, websites, and more!

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EducationUSA Weekly Update, #377 May 5, 2014

  1. 1. Issue #377 May 5th, 2014 I. Financial Aid UG: Lehigh University (PA) Financial Aid for International Students UG: Washington & Jefferson College (PA) Scholarships Still Available for International Applicants UG: The University of Rhode Island (RI) Merit Scholarships Still Available for Undergraduate Applicants UG: Monmouth College (IL) Scholarships Still Available for Academically Strong International Students UG: Centenary College (NJ) Scholarships Available II. Campus News • Ferris State University (MI) Celebrated its International Festival of Cultures • Winona State University (MN) Opening of English Language Center in Bemidji • Foreign Students Adapt to Rigors of US Naval Academy • University of Kansas (KS) Students Receive Global Awareness Program Certificates LEHIGH UNIVERSITY (PA) FINANCIAL AID FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS The university awards financial aid on the basis of demonstrated need. Merit scholarships may also be awarded on a limited basis. No application is necessary for merit scholarships. Non-U.S. citizens do not qualify for any federally funded programs, therefore the university subsidizes all funding through institutional sources. Each year we anticipate a fairly small and highly qualified group of non-U.S. citizens to be offered financial aid. For more information, please visit: WASHINGTON & JEFFERSON COLLEGE (PA) SCHOLARSHIPS STILL AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS International applications (first year and transfer) are still being accepted for consideration for admission for September 2014. Scholarships ranging from $5,000 to $17,000 are still available and students completing the application will automatically be considered for a scholarship. There is no fee to apply and SATs are not required. Admission decisions are usually made in 2 weeks or less at this time of year, and students who are admitted can expect a visa within 4 weeks (provided that all supporting documentation has been received). For more information, please visit:
  2. 2. THE UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND (RI) MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS STILL AVAILABLE FOR UNDERGRADUATE APPLICANTS The University of Rhode Island (URI) is still accepting undergraduate applications for admission to the fall term beginning in September 2014. Merit scholarships ranging from $8,500 to $13,500 per year are available for qualified students. Apply now! For more information, please visit: MONMOUTH COLLEGE (IL) SCHOLARSHIPS STILL AVAILABLE FOR ACADEMICALLY STRONG INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Monmouth College warmly welcomes international students, including transfer students. There is no application fee, and admitted students are automatically considered for academic merit scholarship awards. Monmouth College is still accepting applications from international students for the 2014-15 academic year. Scholarships are still available for academically strong international students. For more information, please visit: CENTENARY COLLEGE (NJ) SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE Admitted students are automatically reviewed for the following scholarships during the admission process. These scholarships are renewable for up to 8 semesters as long as students maintain continuous full time enrollment and meet the minimum standards for academic progress. Presidential Scholars Program Presidential Scholars are selected from accepted students who have graduated high school with at least a 3.6 cumulative high school GPA and at least an 1100 SAT (Critical Reading and Math) or at least a 24 ACT Composite Score. The selection process will begin on January 15th. Grace Harris Scholarship This scholarship may be awarded to entering students, up to $18,000, with at least a 3.4 cumulative high school GPA and at least an 1100 SAT (Critical Reading and Math) or at least a 24 ACT Composite Score. For more information on other scholarships available please visit: For more information, please visit:
  3. 3. FERRIS STATE UNIVERSITY (MI) CELEBRATED ITS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CULTURES The 26th annual Ferris State University International Festival of Cultures was a huge success this year. This year's festival was hosted on Sunday, April 13 in the IRC Connector. As is tradition, the event was quite popular as people from campus and the local community came together for the celebration. The following is the highlight video of the festival with authentic food prepared by Ferris students through our dinning services and exceptional performances presented by student organizations and local community groups. The whole campus enjoyed the taste of globalization at Ferris and Big Rapids community. For more information, please visit: WINONA STATE UNIVERSITY (MN) OPENING OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTER IN BEMIDJI Winona State University (WSU) is excited to announce the opening of the English Language Center in Bemidji in partnership with Bemidji State University. The English Language Center at Bemidji State University offers intensive English language instruction and cultural activities to international students who are preparing to study at BSU, WSU, another U.S. university, or simply wish to improve their English. For information about the ELC in Bemidji, visit For more information, please visit: FOREIGN STUDENTS ADAPT TO RIGORS OF US NAVAL ACADEMY Throughout its long history, the U.S. Naval Academy has produced prominent leaders. The academy prepares young men and women to become officers in the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps. But not all of its undergraduate students - known as midshipmen - are American. Dozens are foreign exchange students who return home to serve their countries after graduating. Read more about their experiences here: to-rigors-of-us-naval-academy/1891078.html. For more information, please visit:
  4. 4. UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS (KS) STUDENTS RECEIVE GLOBAL AWARENESS PROGRAM CERTIFICATES Eighty-five students at the University of Kansas (KU) received Global Awareness Program certificates at an annual recognition ceremony. The Global Awareness Program (GAP) awards transcript certification to students who have demonstrated a heightened degree of global engagement through their academic coursework, experiences abroad and co-curricular involvement. GAP is open to all undergraduate students who wish to supplement their KU degree with this unique certificate. GAP consists of three main components: Academic, Co-curricular, and International Experience. Students may choose any two components to complete certification, and those who fulfill all three components will receive certification with distinction. Students can tailor their GAP experience to fit their interests, experiences, and degree requirements. With its interdisciplinary emphasis and flexibility, GAP offers all students the chance to distinguish themselves and demonstrate that they are better prepared to live, lead, and work in a global society. In the current academic year, 220 students at the University of Kansas have received certification with more expected by the end of the semester. Ten students have completed all three tracks of program in order to receive distinction. Twenty international students were honored. For more information, please visit: Contact an EducationUSA adviser near you for guidance on finding and applying to an accredited U.S. college or university. (Note: students must apply for financial aid directly with the institution listed) An archive of these and other past financial aid and news announcements is available at EducationUSA would like to thank all the institutions, foundations, and other organizations which so generously provide the financial aid and news information contained herein.