EducationUSA Weekly Update, #330, May 20, 2013


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EducationUSA Weekly Update, #330, May 20, 2013

  1. 1. Issue #330 May 20th, 2013I. Financial AidGrad/Postgrad/Postdoc: Keck Graduate Institute Scholarships and FellowshipsII. Campus News• Mount Holyoke Extension Program Offers Summer Credit• Concordia University Adds Accounting Major• Syracuse University Offers Summer English Seminar for International Students• StudyColorado Invites Students to View New Video on Studying in Colorado• CCI Greenheart Offers Intensive Summer English Academy Program• How Social Are You? Take the EducationUSA Student Social Media SurveyKECK GRADUATE INSTITUTE SCHOLARSHIPS AND FELLOWSHIPSThe Keck Graduate Institute educates future leaders of the bioscienceindustry through distinctive Professional Science Masters and PhDprograms offering integrated life science/engineering/business curriculums and focusing on industryprojects and collaborations.KGI has the following Scholarships/Fellowships still available for the September 2013 Master ofBioscience incoming class. KGI is accepting applications for fall 2013 on a rolling basis.Catherine and Francis Burzik FellowshipFletcher Jones foundation Endowed Scholarship FundKGI Presidential FellowshipPioneer Hi-Bred Endowed Fellowship FundRobert A. Day Endowed Fellowship FundSydney J Weinberg, Jr. Founders Circle FellowshipWilliam Randolph Hearst Foundation Endowed Fellowship FundFor more information, please visit: HOLYOKE EXTENSION PROGRAM OFFERS SUMMER CREDITThis summer, the Mount Holyoke Extension Program will offer college-level courses for academic credit for students of high school and collegeage and beyond. More than 25 courses across disciplines are now open for online registration.Mount Holyoke Extension operates a wide array of programs—including professional development,vocational training, and courses in the liberal arts—designed to provide a high-quality education tostudents beyond Mount Holyoke College’s traditional core student body.For more information, please visit:
  2. 2. CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY ADDS ACCOUNTING MAJORConcordia University has recently added accounting as a third option fora School of Management major, joining marketing and businessadministration. With a degree in accounting from Concordia, you’ll beprepared for a broad spectrum of career paths – from start-ups, majorcorporations, and non-profits to auditing firms and government agencies.Our courses provide both the knowledge and the career experiences required to position you for anarray of opportunities – all leveraging your accounting skills and on-the-job know-how.By developing an accounting major, we have increased the number of program electives and addedto our highly skilled faculty. As a result, whichever business major or minor you select, you will beable to take advantage of the right courses for today’s global economy.For more information, please visit: UNIVERSITY OFFERS SUMMER ENGLISH SEMINAR FORINTERNATIONAL STUDENTSCome to Syracuse University this summer for two-week Englishimmersion program that provides English language instruction and the opportunity to learn moreabout the culture. You can visit up to seven college campuses in the northeastern United States tosee how different they are from universities abroad, and decide which schools best meet yourindividual needs and goals. Experience residential life on the SU campus, and take classes that willprepare you for the college application process. Visit our website for a full list of offered courses aswell as registration details. Orientation for this program is on Sunday, July 14. The program endson Friday, July 26.For more information, please visit: INVITES STUDENTS TO VIEW NEW VIDEO ONSTUDYING IN COLORADOStudyColorado invites international students and advisors to view ourintroductory video and visit our website. We have 22 members inColorado -- four-year colleges and research universities, community colleges, English languagetrainers. See why so many international students have already chosen Colorado.For more information, please visit:
  3. 3. CCI GREENHEART OFFERS INTENSIVE SUMMER ENGLISH ACADEMY PROGRAMCCI Greenhearts Summer English Academy Program offers an intensive Englishlanguage program exclusively for teenagers ages 14 to 18 years old. Participantshave the opportunity to live and study with other international teens on beautifulboarding school campus, study English, see New York City or San Francisco andparticipate in fun, cultural afternoon activities. These two and three-week coursesare led by certified ESL teachers who offer creative language lessons with a focuson conversational skills and provide English speaking opportunities at all times: meals, activitiesand class. Each day students participate in recreational activities on and off campus andexcursions each weekend. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-serve basis, there are still a fewspaces left!2013 Program Dates:New York: July 13 - July 27 (two-weeks)San Francisco: July 26 - August 16 (three-weeks)For more information, please visit: SOCIAL ARE YOU? TAKE THE EDUCATIONUSA STUDENTSOCIAL MEDIA SURVEYEducationUSA wants to hear from you! How do you use social media inyour daily life as well as in your college admissions process? Where doyou go for information? What do you want to see on U.S. college &university social media sites? Please take this brief 13 question survey tohelp us better reach you!For more information, please visit: an EducationUSA adviser near you for guidance on finding and applying to an accredited U.S. college or (Note: students must apply for financial aid directly with the institution listed)An archive of these and other past financial aid and news announcements is available at would like to thank all the institutions, foundations, and other organizations which so generously provide thefinancial aid and news information contained herein.