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Opportunities and challenges for Chinese timber businesses in the Congo Basin


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This presentation by Ding Lei, a consultant to IIED’s China-Africa Forest Governance Project, provides an overview of the status of timber trade between the Congo Basin and China, and the opportunities and challenges of Chinese investment and trade from the perspective of Chinese operators in Africa.

The presentation was made at the fourth international learning event of the China-Africa Forest Governance Learning Platform, held in Pemba, Mozambique, from 23-25 October 2017.

The platform event focused on finding ways for Chinese businesses in Africa, and African businesses linked to China, to generate strong benefits for local economies in Africa while looking after forest resources for future generations.

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Opportunities and challenges for Chinese timber businesses in the Congo Basin

  1. 1. Opportunities and challenges for Congo Basin timber businesses exporting to the Chinese market Lei Ding
  2. 2. 非洲出口到中国的原木 China imports of Africa timber-LOG Congo Basin: Cameroon, Congo, Rep., Congo, Dem. Rep. ,Gabon
  3. 3. Congo Basin: Cameroon, Congo, Rep., Congo, Dem. Rep. ,Gabon 非洲出口到中国的锯材 China imports of Africa timber—Sawn timber
  4. 4. 到中国刚果盆地主要商用材种 Main species timber from Congo basin to China  旋切材 species for veneer 奥古曼OKOUME, 白梧桐 AYOUS, TOLA。  地板材 Species for flooring 奥坎 OKAN,大河马 DABEMA, 柚木王 AFRORMOSIA。  家具材 species for furniture 小斑马BELI,巴 花BUBINGA, 鸡翅WENGE。  其他 others
  5. 5. 非洲刚果盆地木材到中国的流向 Timber of Congo basin Trade Supply chain in China
  6. 6. 中资企业在刚果盆地经营模式 Chinese forest companies in Congo basin Forrest Management Model 林地concession+工 厂factory 工厂factory 贸易trade 主要投资main investment: 以私营为主,国企较 少,规模较小,慢慢 发展壮大
  7. 7. 中资企业在非投资的问题和挑战 Issues and challenges of investment and trade Chinese operators in Africa  问题: 1. 对当地体制文化了解不充分; 2. 缺少企业社会责任意识; 3. 政府监管能力不足,自身约束力较差; 4. 缺少与社区的沟通。  挑战: 1. 政策不稳定; 2. 办事效率低; 3. 产业基础较差; 4. 熟练技术工人缺乏; 5. 环境风险较大。
  8. 8. 对刚果盆地中国林业投资展望 Perspective to Chinese private investment 国际舆论趋严,CITES树种的更新, 例如,巴花,刺猬紫檀等。 部分非洲国家收紧原木出口法规, 鼓励木材本地加工。 中国环保风暴关停一批木材初加工 的工厂,以及人工成本增加,导致原 材料涨价,以及木材加工企业加工产 能的外溢
  9. 9. 非洲林业认证体系 Forest Verification System in Africa  OLB: 木材原产地证明  FSC森林认证  SGS National system- - legaltrace  Due Diligence
  10. 10. 建议 suggestion  加强与政府和当地社区的沟 通;  加强自身的能力建设;  尊重当地风俗习惯;  承担必要的社会责任;  逐步剔除木材产品供应链上 的环境和社会风险 。
  11. 11. 谢谢 ! Thanks