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Investment in the land sector in Uganda: issues for consideration


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This bilingual English-Chinese presentation by Mr. Onesmus Mugyenyi, deputy executive director, Advocates Coalition for Environment and Development in Uganda highlights issues which foreign investors should pay attention to in the land-use sectors in Uganda.

The presentation was made at the third event of the China-Africa Forest Governance Learning Platform, held in Beijing 24-25 October 2016.

The event explored how China can help sustain Africa’s forests with a focus on the role of private sector actors and Chinese stakeholders in working with African stakeholders to promote pro-poor and sustainable investments and trade in Africa’s forests.

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Investment in the land sector in Uganda: issues for consideration

  1. 1. Investment in the land sector in Uganda: issues for consideration. 乌干达土地土地利用行业投资:需考虑的问 题 Onesmus MugyenyiOnesmus Mugyenyi Deputy Executive DirectorDeputy Executive Director 常务副主任常务副主任 Advocates Coalition for Development and EnvironmentAdvocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE)(ACODE) 发展与环境倡导者联盟(发展与环境倡导者联盟( ACODEACODE ))
  2. 2. Introduction 简介  Uganda is a good destination for land based investments. Why?  乌干达是土地投资的最佳选择。  Fertile and cheap land 肥沃的廉价土地  Good climate and availability of water for irrigation 良好的 气候条件和灌溉用水  A host of investment incentives 投资激励众多  Cheap raw materials 原材料价格低廉  Regional market - Uganda is currently projected to experience a substantial deficit in terms of wood fuel, timber and other wood-based products. 非洲区域市场—— 目前预计乌干达在木柴燃料、木材和其他木质产品方面面临需求 巨大超过供应的情况
  3. 3. Introduction… 简介…  The political and policy environment in Uganda is favorable for foreign investors. 乌干达政治政策环境有利于国外投资者。  Uganda Government’s commitment to reach middle-income status by 2020 and achieve industrialization status provides an opportunity for Chinese investments in Uganda in a number of sectors. 乌干达政府承诺到 2020 年达到中等收入水平并实现工业化,为中 国在乌干达各行业领域的投资提供机会。  There are already over 400 licensed Chinese business activities in Uganda mainly in manufacturing, construction, business services, mining and quarrying, agriculture and forestry (Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) 乌干达境内已有 400 余个 获得许可的中国企业,主要从事制造、建筑、商业服务、采掘、农业 和林业等行业领域的工作。(乌干达投资局)
  4. 4. Introduction… 简介…  Land related investment opportunities include. 土地相关投 资机会包括:  Commercial farming including aquaculture 商业性农业(含水产养殖)  Agro food industries 农产品产业  Forestry and related industries 林业及相关产业  Mining and petroleum exploration and production 矿业和石油勘探及产品  Construction 建筑业
  5. 5.  Land tenure and procedure for accessing land for investment. 土地保有制和获得投资用地的程序  Foreigners can only acquire leases.  外籍人士只可租赁  Handling land compensations  处理土地补偿  Understanding and compliance with land use plans 了解并遵守土地使用规划  some lands are reserved for particular land uses. 部分预留土地作特定用途。 Issues for consideration 需考虑的问题
  6. 6. Issues for consideration 需考虑的问题  Understanding the investment incentive regimes for different sectors. 了解不同行业领域的投资激励机制。  Incentives in forestry sector 林业领域激励措施  Land availability-government has set aside about 500,000ha of land for commercial tree planting. 可用土地 ——政府预留约 500,000 公顷土地用于商业植树。  Availability for financial schemes for tree planting, tree nursery establishment and management. 植树以及树苗圃 建设和管理的可用性  Availability of quality planting materials. 优质种植材料 的可用性
  7. 7. Issues for consideration 需考虑的问题  Incentives in agriculture sector. 农业领域激励措施  Tax exemptions on some agro-processing businesses. 部分农业加工企业税收减免  Export based incentives. 基于激励措施的出口业务  Tax exemptions on horticulture, aquiculture, agriculture and floriculture inputs. 园艺、水产养 殖、农业、花卉栽培投入税收减免  No import duty on some agricultural machinery. 部分农业机械无进口税
  8. 8. Issues for consideration 需考虑的问题  Compliance with investment licence 遵守投资许 可  Most companies have had issues for failure to comply with investment licences. 大部分公司存在未能遵守投 资许可的问题。  Several Chinese companies are in trouble for trading in sand mining yet it was licenced to manufacture household plastics and commercial agriculture. 许多中国公司因只具 备制造家用塑料制品和商业性农业产品,但却从事采砂活动 而陷入麻烦。
  9. 9. Compliance with investment licence… 遵守投资许可…
  10. 10. Compliance with investment licence… 遵守投资许可…  Hong Hi Jeng Cai manages a licence to mine sand in Lwera wetland along Kampala-Mbarara highway and due to several breaches of the mining conditions, Uganda’s National Environment Management Authority has been issuing a series of restoration order to ensure restoration of the environmental conditions of the affected area  Hong Hi Jeng Cai 获得在坎帕拉 - 姆巴拉拉高速公路沿线的 Lwera 湿地采矿许可证,由于多次违反开采条款,乌干达环 境管理局发布一系列恢复命令,确保恢复受影响地区的环境 条件。
  11. 11. Issues for consideration 需考虑的问题  Understanding and compliance with environmental laws to avoid environmental harm. 了解并遵守环境 法,避免环境危害。  The investment CODE section 19(i)(d) require all investments to avoid or mitigate environmental harm. 投资法第 19(i)(d) 节要求所有 投资均应避免或减缓环境危害。  National Environment Act and EIA regulations requires certain projects to undertake Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) 乌 干达《国家环境法》和《环境影响评估》规定要求某 些项目进行环境影响评估。
  12. 12. Issues for consideration 需考虑的问题  Avoiding environmental harm. 避免环境危害  Uganda is already experiencing environmental stress and expansion of agricultural land pauses one of the biggest threats to the sustainability of forestry and biomass resources in the country. 乌干达现已承受相当的环境压力,农业用地面积的扩 张中止了该国林业和生物质资源可持续性所面临的最大威胁之一  Sourcing law materials from lawful sources. 从合法资源 处获得合法材料  Wood based industries must source materials from lawful sources to avoid enhancing forest degradation by illegal lumbers. 基于木材的行业必 须从合法资源处获得合法材料,避免因使用非法木材而加重 森林退化。
  13. 13. Issues for consideration 需考虑的问题  Social Corporate Responsibility 企业社 会责任  Community relations are important to obtain social license to operate. 社区关系在获得运营社会 许可时至关重要。  Local Content 当地占比  Number of local people employed at various levels 企业各阶层雇佣的当地人数量  Percentage of local supplies-local obtained materials 当地供应(当地获得的材料)所占百分 比
  14. 14. Issues for consideration 需考虑的问题  Land market 土地市场  Land market is unpredictable. There are many land dealers and corruption tendencies in the land market.  土地市场不可预测。土地市场中存在大量土 地买卖方和腐败现象。
  15. 15. Thank you 谢谢