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Insights from China on sustainable processing – lessons learned from Treessun Flooring Co. Ltd


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This presentation by Ms Li Ming, of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, and Ms Mercy Mupeta Kandulu, from the Zambia Forestry Department, provides lessons learned from a study visit by African stakeholders to a Chinese timber processing company.

The presentation was made at the fourth international learning event of the China-Africa Forest Governance Learning Platform, held in Pemba, Mozambique, from 23-25 October 2017.

The platform event focused on finding ways for Chinese businesses in Africa, and African businesses linked to China, to generate strong benefits for local economies in Africa while looking after forest resources for future generations.

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Insights from China on sustainable processing – lessons learned from Treessun Flooring Co. Ltd

  1. 1. Insights from China on sustainable processing Lessons learned from Treessun Flooring Co. Ltd
  2. 2. Advanced equipment and technic • Equipment with new technology • Quality management system • Cooperation closely with university and academy
  3. 3. Legal and sustainable wood • Legal and sustainable timber purchasing policy • High priority with FSC/PEFC certified timber • Internal system to track the timber supply chain
  4. 4. Stable timber supply • Raw material base in North America • Timber supply meet the requirement of consumer • Lower cost by purchasing directly from producing countries
  5. 5. Good management philosophy • Professional training for workers and administrative person • Incentives in different ways • Environment-friendly company
  6. 6. Positive company culture • Clean and beautiful working environment • Good salary • Recreational and sports activities after work
  7. 7. Encouragement by the government • Tax incentives • Subsidy of green development • Preferential policy
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