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Time Sensitive Networking Testbed at a Glance


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The Time Sensitive Networking for Flexible Manufacturing Testbed is an award-winning Industrial Internet Consortium testbed hosted by National Instruments and Bosch. The testbed is focused on manufacturing, but can be usful in a wide range of applications, including utilities, transportation and oil and gas.

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Time Sensitive Networking Testbed at a Glance

  1. 1. Time Sensitive Networks for Flexible Manufacturing November 2017
  2. 2. Introduction For Manufacturing Automation and Control and Infrastructure vendors (and soon energy and transportation) who require deterministic capabilities on the network, our testbed converges more devices, applications and systems on a single, standard, open, inter-connected network that is the driver of the IIoT 2
  3. 3. Manufacturing operations have historically deployed non-standard networks or air-gapped (unconnected) networks leaving devices and data much harder or impossible to access. To implement IoT applications, manufacturers must be confident in network performance at the edge, ensuring connected assets operate as expected. The Challenges for this testbed: The Challenge 3 Swap Proprietary out for Standard Deterministic Networks No longer require networks with special infrastructure and know-how and do not benefit from innovation in standard networks (e.g. speed, power, size) Converge Air-Gapped Networks Enable Customers, Vendors and Service Providers to deliver IIoT benefits by accessing rich edge networks Simplify and Automate System and Network Configuration Manufacturing requires Operations to manage and run the networks that support Plant applications
  4. 4. What problems do we address? 4 Collaboration b/w Chip, Infrastructure, Testing & Device vendors By including all major technology suppliers, we accelerate the feedback loop Provide feedback to Standards Give companies insight to standards as they are developed and means to give feedback Accelerate Technology Adoption Enable Developers to test whether new products interoperate in real plant systems. Display to the ecosystem the business value
  5. 5. The testbed documents the value of TSN and provides feedback to the relevant standards organizations on areas of further clarification or improvement. The Testbed Solution 5 Testing resources The testbed offers participants to test whether their product works with other devices and access to cutting-edge testing tools Create testing guidelines for interoperability of key TSN standards for Time Synchronization, Traffic Scheduling and System Configuration Converge Application standards from OPC, ODVA and others to validate ability to converge multiple traffic types Collaboration of major technology suppliers: chip, testing tools, network infrastructure, software and industrial end-devices; to accelerate exchange of expertise Market technology and products with outbound deliverables and a demo wall that goes to 10+ major events a year Ecosystem of 20+ vendors (chip makers, switches, automation devices and testing products) and standards organizations
  6. 6. Progress Report 6 2015 Testbed Approved • Approved by IIC Steering Committee May 2015 Global Demos • Featured at events: IoT Solutions World Congress, Hannover Messe, SPS Drives, NI Week, DE Forum, IoT World • 2nd major overhaul for 2017 to add more apps Plug-fests • Hosted multiple plug-fests at NI’s Industrial IoT Lab in Austin, TX • Attract new participants • Series continues in both testbed location • Benchmarks continue to be reached Testbed Award Winner • Won IIC’s Q1 Testbed Showcase for delivering the most strategic value to IIoT • Won IoT SWC Best Testbed award 2017 • Featured in the Journal of Innovation Growing Ecosystem • 23 vendors participating • Opened 2nd permanent location at BoschRexroth’s plant in Erbach, Germany • Collaboration with IEEE, IETF, AVNU, OPC and ODVA
  7. 7. The Team 7 • Analog Devices • Avnu Alliance • B&R Industrial Automation • BoschRexroth • Calnex • Cisco • Hilscher • Belden/Hirschmann • Kalycito • ISW • Intel • Ixia • KUKA • National Instruments • OPC Foundation • Phoenix Contact • Pilz • Renesas Electronics • SICK AG • TTTech • WAGO • Xilinx
  8. 8. What’s next? 8 Activity Timeline Building Interoperability rack to test robustness of TSN technology and devices Q1 2018 Adding new TSN functions (e.g. frame pre- emption, ingress policing, resilient time synch) 2018 Revamping the demonstrator Q2 2018 (Hannover) Have questions about this testbed? Send an email to
  9. 9. Embracing the goals of the IIC, this testbed is accelerating the adoption of key IIOT technologies thru early standard interoperability testing, collaboration with key technology suppliers and standard organizations. Manufacturing operations have historically been deployed using non-standard network infrastructure or air-gapped (unconnected) networks leaving devices and data much harder to access. The Problem Time Sensitive Networks for Flexible Manufacturing Our Solution Team Enhanced Ethernet technology to support real-time control and synchronization of high performance machines over a single, standard Ethernet network, supporting multi- vendor interoperability and integration. • Over 20 organizations including chip vendors, testing tools, network infrastructure, SW tools and end-device makers • Collaboration with IEEE, AVNU, OPC, ODVA and others Key Benefits • Secure and reliable delivery of data • Guaranteed latency for data delivery • Converged networks save operating costs • Simple system configuration and operation • Open ecosystem 9
  10. 10. INDUSTRIAL INTERNET CONSORTIUM USE OF INFORMATION - TERMS, CONDITIONS & NOTICES Authors and legal notice Copyright © 2017 Industrial Internet Consortium. All rights reserved. This document is provided AS-IS and WITHOUT WARRANTIES. All copying, distribution and use are subject to the limited License, Permission, Disclaimer and other terms stated in the Industrial Internet Consortium Use of Information – Terms, Conditions & Notices, as posted at If you do not accept these Terms, you are not permitted to use the document. 10