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Uncertain world of Regulatory changes and the ‘art of possible’


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Slides from a presentation given by Anurag Pathak and Ashutosh Dixit to a meeting of IIBA UK's South West branch on 15 March 2018.

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Uncertain world of Regulatory changes and the ‘art of possible’

  1. 1. Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted Anurag Pathak & Ashutosh Dixit Uncertain World of Regulatory Changes & the ‘Art of Possible’
  2. 2. Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted About Us Anurag Pathak BusinessAnalyst in Wipro Technologies, working with Aviva Health UK. Passionate about yoga and meditation. Ashutosh Dixit Business Analyst in Wipro Technologies working with Aviva Health UK. Love to read books and play volleyball.
  3. 3. Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted To Begin With… Any one having experience of working in regulatory projects? If you've worked as a business analyst in a regulatory change project, you know that defining compliance requirements is difficult but critical If you've never worked in a regulatory project here is how it looks like-
  4. 4. Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted Overview In recent times, Regulatory changes have become more frequent, rapid and often weighty. Business Analysts can help Organisations sail through the tumultuous times effectively and efficiently. In this session, we would share – • Key challenges we faced working in regulatory projects • Requirement analysis framework that helped us mitigate the impacts of these challenges • We will briefly look at how the approach helped us in requirement analysis of General Data Protection Regulation as an example
  5. 5. Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted Frictional Forces Scope Creep Decision Paralysis Everything is priority Open to Interpretation Stakeholder mapping Compliance Drop date Integrity (People- Process-System) Requirements not Baselined Challenges We Faced- Odds are Against you! Organisational Political Technical Financial
  6. 6. Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted Simplify Exemplify Identify Quantify Justify Clarify Verify  Contextualise & Produce Examples  Collective interpretation with right people  Regulatory validation  Decision Log & Audit trail  Validate integration among process-people- system What Helped us mitigate the Challenges…  People-Process- System  JIT Extraction  T Shirt sizing  JIT estimation  MoSCoW  Encourage questioning, seek answers  Playback DiscoverImplement DefineValidate
  7. 7. Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted Requirement Clusters Expected Outcomes Identified Products High Level change activities Quick win Consider Hold Simplify Exemplify Identify Quantify Justify Clarify Verify Case Study: GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) 99 Articles, 174 Recitals 88 pages K E Y Art of Possible GDPR Dartboard
  8. 8. Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted © confidentia 8 Case Study- GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) 99 Articles, 174 Recitals 88 pages ‘Art of Possible’ Requirement Analysis Framework Challenge Approach Benefit
  9. 9. Sensitivity: Internal & Restricted You can also reach out to us @;; Thank you for your valuable time