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Lean Games


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Slides from a presentation given by Georgiana Mannion to a meeting of IIBA UK's North branch on 25 November 2014.

Georgiana explores some of the ways we can align play to lean process improvement and problem identification.

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Lean Games

  1. 1. LEAN Games Georgiana Mannion @processincolour #LeanGames
  2. 2. 7-10 – Questions 6 – Communicate 5 – Prototype 4 –Waste 3 – Flip the process 2 – Document 1 – Intro
  3. 3. Intro!
  4. 4. “Why play, George?” - You guys
  5. 5. The opposite of play isn’t work, it’s depression. - Dr Stuart Brown
  6. 6. What’s about to happen..? A few games for Lean/Analysis tools Roughly in order of when they’re needed in a project Max 5 minutes per game Take the fear from LEAN
  7. 7. Document
  8. 8. Why do we need to think about these at the beginning of a project?
  9. 9. Grocery Shopping Documents List documents Put in a category Assign a best before Review at that date
  10. 10. Flip the process
  11. 11. Be the process Use the floor Walk – literally – through the process Film your feet and upload to shared space If you have metrics, allocate time to each step during filming Hold the data in your hands
  12. 12. Waste
  13. 13. Defects Over production Waiting Not clear Transporting Inventory Motion Excess processing
  14. 14. Keep Britain Tidy Collate your group Give them the process/data Ask them to identify the 8 wastes Write them on stickers Put them in the pretend bin When process improved, put in the real bin
  15. 15. Prototype
  16. 16. How the Pro(totypers) Play Acquire or make your play dough Start making Discuss the prototype as you make Use it, play with it, don’t just talk Collect your feedback data Spend very little money
  17. 17. Communicate
  18. 18. Kentucky Fried Donuts Stay with me….
  19. 19. Be smart with the written word Write for your user Read as them on a great day Read as them on a crappy day Read as them on their last day Play devil’s advocate
  20. 20. Devil’s advocate game Take the product Empower each person to argue Invite all challenges React and respond to each Discover the real risks in the room
  21. 21. Questions Or even complaints
  22. 22. Georgiana Mannion @processincolour Skype: georgianafleur