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Iiba it chter ba-certifications_26_03_2014_prassede colombo


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IIBA Certifications
Why, What, How

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Iiba it chter ba-certifications_26_03_2014_prassede colombo

  1. 1. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis BA and Certifications Pacino Cafè P.le Francesco Bacone 9, Milano 2014, 26th of march
  2. 2. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis IIBA® Vision and Mission BA and Certifications 2 26/03/2014 IIBA® is an international not-for-profit professional association for business analysis professionals Vision Mission The world's leading association for Business Analysis professionals Develop and maintain standards for the practice of business analysis and for the certification of its practitioners
  3. 3. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis IIBA® Goals Drive awareness of the value and contribution of the role of the Business Analysis Professional Formalize and evolve the Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide) Define a roadmap for professional growth and development through the BA Competency Model Advance the practices of Business Analysis supporting organizations for the BA assessment Publicly recognize qualified practitioners through an internationally acknowledged certification programs for Professionals Support Students through Academic and Diploma Recognitions Provide specialized community for knowledge sharing BA and Certifications 3 26/03/2014
  4. 4. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis Year Main Facts 2003 - 2013 • BABOK® Guide V2 • CBAP® and CCBA® Certification • Business Analysis Competence Model® • Business Analysis Competency Assessment™ • Business Analyst Career Road Map • Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide • Global Community of Practice (GCOP) 2014 • 26000 members (February 2014); CBAP® – 3689 CCBA; 110 chapters • Business Analysis Core Concept Model® • BABOK® Guide V3 (The BA evolution) BA and Certifications 4 26/03/2014
  5. 5. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis IIBA® Vision and Mission BA and Certifications 5 26/03/2014 IIBA® Italy Chapters is helping organizations and institutions to understand the BA competencies, key drivers for the business Vision Mission The Italy's leading association for Business Analysis professionals and practices The Italy's leading association for Business Analysis professionals and practices
  6. 6. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis Present and Future Greater awareness and understanding of the Business Analyst role and its value Increased market demand (22% increasing of BA) Common and consistent BA language and practices across organizations (Center of Competencies) Integration of discipline from project to enterprise Increasing focus on relationships among several professionals Role transition to a leadership position (BA Advisor, Leader) BA and Certifications 6 26/03/2014 Source: From Requirements to Business Value - The transformation of Business Analysis, Kathleen Barret, CEO IIBA, july 2013, Geneve
  7. 7. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis Business Analysis to achieve Business Value CBAP ® - CCBA ® - Academic Diploma Recognition … BA and Certifications 26/03/2014 7 IIBA® Certifications
  8. 8. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis Business Analyst to align Solution to Business Value BA competencies at high professional level are requested by organizations in order to achieve desired business outcomes as increasing customer satisfactions, revenue, employ engagement and motivations… ❖ reducing efforts and costs ❖ building the right solution, project scope ❖ Achieving continuous performance improvement ❖ reducing project time. (See: Standish Group Studies – Carnegie Mellon Research, BA Times…) BA and Certifications 8 26/03/2014 Why IIBA® Certifications?
  9. 9. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis Business Analysis Profession Awareness and Recognition IIBA® has defined the Business Analysis Profession (2003). IIBA® is the unique worldwide organization dedicated to the development of BA. IIBA® has issued: ❖ BABOK®Guide, the first recognized standard for the practice of BA ❖ BA Competency Model ❖ EEP®, CBAP®, CCBA®Program Certifications Academic Recognition Programs. BA and Certifications 9 26/03/2014 CBAP ®- 3689; CCBA ®- 529 Members: 26000; Chapters: 110 Why IIBA® Certifications?
  10. 10. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis Business Analysis Professional Empowerment IIBA® Certification confirms and enforces your BA competencies in internationally recognized principles, practices standards of business analysis. Differentiates you from other practicing BA as the CBAP® designation clearly identifies that you have met the recognized criteria of all the requirements: experience, education and knowledge area expertise, rather than being strictly knowledge-based. Awareness of your competencies and role will help to improve your results and recognition. BA and Certifications 10 26/03/2014 Why for you? IIBA-CBAP – Linkedin Group Thousands of Job positions New York City Jobs (1,564)
  11. 11. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis Measurable Business Results Business Analyst Professionals will be able to help organization to achieve business goal. Deeper skills development is reflective in project outcomes as a result of reliable, high quality results produced with increased efficiency and consistency. BA awareness will help to improve performance valuable for the business. Allow to define a career-long development increasing employees motivation and engagement, keys for innovation and success. BA and Certifications 11 26/03/2014 Why for your organization? Employee Engagement for the Business Value
  12. 12. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis CBAP® Designation Requirements Minimum 7,500 hours of BA work, aligned with the BABOK® Guide, in the last 10 years Minimum 900 hours in 4 out of 6 BABOK® Guide Knowledge Areas Minimum 21 hours of Professional Development, aligned with the BABOK® Guide in the last 4 years Minimum high school diploma or equivalent Two professional references Signed Code of Conduct Successful completion of the CBAP® Exam “You need experience for Professional Business Analysis” IIBA® guides you addressing your competencies through a common language, a framework and recognizing your Profession. BA and Certifications 12 26/03/2014
  13. 13. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis CCBA® Designation Requirements Minimum 3750 hours of BA work experience aligned with the BABOK® Guide in the last seven years Minimum 900 hours in each of two of the six knowledge areas, or 500 hours in each of four of the six knowledge areas Minimum 21 hours of Professional Development in the past four years Two references from a career manager, client or CBAP® recipient Signed Code of Conduct “ You need to develop your professional grow” IIBA® recognizes your competencies helping to improve the knowledge to develop your Profession BA and Certifications 13 26/03/2014
  14. 14. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis IIBA® Certifications Fees CBAP ®* & CCBA® Exam Fees Plus Academic Certificate and Diploma Recognition Programs for Students BA and Certifications 14 26/03/2014 * CBAP Exam Fee German $ 770 - $ 880
  15. 15. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis With IIBA® You can Change your Carrer “Organizations are changing, and Business Analyst is the Change Agent and you …what are you doing?” BA and Certifications 26/03/2014 15
  16. 16. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis Year Main Initiatives 2014 • Training for NOP – EY for Volunteer • PM&BA: The Dynamic Duo (IIBA® Italy Chapter & PMI® -NIC) – 28/2 (450 Registrations) • CBAP Group of Study (V edition 23/03 – 26/06/2014) • Innovation Award - topic of this year: EXPO2015 • Data Scientist: methods and tools for a Business Analysis (data quantitative) – 8 May – SAS – Venice • Banca Aletti – Milan – (May- June) • BAWI 2014 ( - 13 October • BA & Innovation – Rome – November • Agile Business Analysis – November (Milan) • BABOK® Guide – Translation • ……. © International Institute of Business Analysis BA and Certifications 16 26/03/2014 IIBA® Italy Chapter
  17. 17. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis Happy Hours BA and Certifications 17 26/03/2014 IIBA® Italy Chapter, capitolo italiano dell’Associazione Internazionale leader nella Business Analysis, lancia la serie degli Aperitivi Serali per condividere novità e confrontare esperienze Gli Aperitivi Serali dell’IIBA mostrano quanto la disciplina della Business Analysis ha in comune nei vari settori in cui è utilizzata Gli eventi sono colloqui informativi che partendo da un tema d’interesse offrono tempo per il dibattito e la discussione, spazio per condividere le diverse esperienze e una grande opportunità di incontro tra persone. Per l’evento l’IIBA riconosce 1 CDU(**). La partecipazione agli Aperitivi Serali dell’IIBA Italy Chapter è rivolta ad iscritti, simpatizzanti e a tutti coloro che per motivi professionali o personali desiderano confrontarsi o semplicemente avvicinarsi alle tematiche della Business Analysis. Lo stile delle serata è informale: si svolge infrasettimanalmente all’interno di noti locali in orario ‘happy-hour’ (al costo di una consumazione) e prevede il coinvolgimento attivo dei partecipanti. Dopo un primo momento di introduzione al tema e di apporto di contenuti tramite cenni a metodologie o casi studio, la serata prosegue con un momento importante di confronto e discussione con i partecipanti all’incontro. Dopo la chiusura ufficiale chi lo desidera prosegue la serata in compagnia. Nota (**): CDU – credito formativo ai fini delle certificazioni IIBA®.
  18. 18. ©InternationalInstituteofBusinessAnalysis Our Contacts: Prassede Colombo , PMP®, CBAP® IIBA® Italy Chapter President (linkedin Group)