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Business Analysis in action - Reply

Business Process Improvement and Management
Business Analysis approach and techniques and Tools to support the processes redisign. A case Study

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Business Analysis in action - Reply

  1. 1. BUSINESS ANALYSIS IN ACTION Marco Cossutta Partner at Enterprise Hotel, Corso Sempione, 91-93, Milano © International Institute of Business Analysis
  2. 2. Agenda Reply support to Business Analysis BPI&M BPI&M – Business Solutions & IT Integration with BPI&M • Model & Design • Simulate & Analyze • Integrate & Deploy • Manage & Control • Process Analytics Conclusion Reply Consulting © International Institute of Business Analysis 2
  3. 3. Reply support to BA © International Institute of Business Analysis 3 Business Analysis (BA) Business analysis is the set of tasks and techniques used to work as a liaison among stakeholders in order to understand the structure, policies, and operations of an organization, and to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals. Solutions have to be find in the following areas: • Organization • IT Services • Process Optimization Business Analysis is based on a structured methodology that requires tools and instruments capable of finding, elaborating, planning, measuring and monitoring all the diverse component efficiently, dynamically and in an organized way: Reply Consulting provide the BPI&M solution to support Business Analysis.
  4. 4. BPI&M - Reply solution for supporting BA © International Institute of Business Analysis 4 Solution designed by Reply in order to model, automate, measure and optimize business processes, in particular the ones featured by: Inter-functional, intercompany, international link High number of stakeholders Segregation of Duties Data Sources not integrated High number of activities and documents Law and rule restrictions BPI&M (Business Process Improvement & Management) Efficiency Agility Visibility Integration with IT Systems Reducing manual tasks & entry Content Management Power of attorney management Ability to change with business environment Simulation Planning and scheduling Modular KPI and process measurement Tracking and Monitoring Workflow Dashboard Report
  5. 5. BPI&M – Business solution & IT © International Institute of Business Analysis 5 The Business Analyst is responsible for eliciting the actual needs of stakeholders, not simply their expressed desires. BPI&M Studio Business Analyst
  6. 6. Integration with BPI&M © International Institute of Business Analysis 6 Model & Design Simulate & Analyze Manage & Control Monitor & Improve Integrate & Deploy BPI&M solution should be the complementary of Business Analysis’s activities and Techniques. BPI&M VIEWLET
  7. 7. BPI&M – Model & Design Materiale di proprietà esclusiva di Reply Consulting. Non è consentita la riproduzione, parziale o totale, senza il consenso scritto della stessa. BPI&M ANSWER Sharing of Decision-making model in order to align objectives and strategy to on-going projects within the organization Decision making model set on rules and logic of SOD Unique Glossary and taxonomy definition (IT and Functional) Process Design and modeling («As Is» & «To Be») Process sharing between people responsible to set rules. BABOK GUIDE reference Brainstorming Governance and decision-making model Glossary management Process modeling Measurement and KPI
  8. 8. BPI&M – Simulate & Analize Materiale di proprietà esclusiva di Reply Consulting. Non è consentita la riproduzione, parziale o totale, senza il consenso scritto della stessa. BPI&M ANSWER Interactive simulation (even with real data) along with process KPI’s (measures, dimensions, counters) Real time monitoring and measurement of process workflow Control of KPI changes after simulations on a dashboard Sharing and results validation system BABOK GUIDE reference Defining of Evaluation criteria (KPI) Solution prototyping through simulations Structured walkthrough management
  9. 9. BPI&M - Integrate & Deploy BPI&M ANSWER Structured documents repository linked with activities File management (i.e.: Office, pdf, Jpeg, Windows Media) Definition and design of «web form» on business rules set as support of analysis activities and sharing/approval process Interface with Information Systems (IT) BABOK GUIDE reference Content management Interviews Survey Data Modeling Decision Analysis Interface Analysis
  10. 10. BPI&M - Manage & Control BPI&M ANSWER Planning and scheduling of activities (deadlines, notifications, electronic signatures) Setting of Business Rules Making specific «task lists» for each owner or stakeholder Approval workflow defined on specific rules Content Management and phase tracking Process Management and Control performed by mutlichannel and mobile tools BABOK GUIDE reference Business Rules analysis Tracking system Workshop management
  11. 11. BPI&M - Process Analytics BPI&M ANSWER On-going monitoring on analysis process and approval/information workflow Dashboard linked to process performances along with specific drill- down (on dimension and audit activities) Customized reporting system Risk and contingencies management (compared on KPI) trhough «alert» BABOK GUIDE reference Problem tracking system Risk assessment and analysis Workshop
  12. 12. Conclusion © International Institute of Business Analysis 12 Reply BPI&M Solution is the link among the 3 pillars of Business Analysis (The Company environment, the BABOK Guide and the Information System) enabling the organization to achieve the development and growth of business. COMPANY METHODOLOGY INFORMATION SYSTEMS BUSINESS ANALYSIS Model & Design Simulate & Analyze Manage & Control Monitor & Improve Integrate & Deploy BPI&M BPI&M
  13. 13. Reply Consulting Reply Consulting, with their 70 professionals with proven experience in Business Consulting & Information Technology, plays the role of integrator and coordinator between functional and technological perspective combining strategic vision and understanding of the processes with the excellent and broad capabilities of the more than 4,000 people of the Group.
  14. 14. Financial Advisory Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Governance Risk & Compliance Enterprise Process Management (EPM) Reply Consulting Offering • Companies and Institutional Investors in M&A transactions and capital fund raising (i.e drafting the Business Plan) • Companies and the Sponsor (Bank), through the process for listing shares on the Italian Stock Exchange (IPO) We support: • In Build and Run an Internal Control System compliant with international standards and local regulatory requirements (Italian Laws 231 & 262, SOX and Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies) • Internal Auditor in Planning and Managing activities also trough a GRC & BPM system; We support: • We assess the alignment between Strategy and existing Planning & Control Model • We design, build & maintain Performance Management Systems through multi- platform solutions for Planning, Reporting & BI, Consolidation, Profitability & Cost Mgmt • We assess business needs and identify opportunities to improve processes and systems • We design & implement (jointly with other Replyers) cross-platform solutions (CPM & ERP & BPM) for supporting both control & operational processes also managing project and change management
  15. 15. Thanks! Marco Cossutta + 39 347 0056676 © International Institute of Business Analysis