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Helicopter Training Work Group Update


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International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST) workshop presentation from HeliExpo 2013

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Helicopter Training Work Group Update

  1. 1. US JHSITTraining Working Group Update Nick Mayhew
  2. 2. THE US TRAINING TEAMNick Mayhew (Chair) - Bristow AcademySteve Sparks - FAA Wichita FSDOMike Phillips - Frasca InternationalTim Tucker – Robinson HelicoptersScott Burgess – Embry Riddle UniversityDennis Pierce – Colorado Heli OpsScott Westbrook – Bell HelicopterChris Bryant – American EurocopterRyan McCartney – Hillsboro AviationMike Franz – Helicopter SBT
  3. 3. FOCUS AREAS FROM JHSAT REPORTS• Autorotation Training• HF, ADM/CRM/SRM and SMS.• Advanced maneuver training (dynamic rollover, ground resonance, emergency handling including loss of control and recovery, inadvertent IMC, quick stops (including entering from downwind), confined and unimproved landing areas, pinnacles & platforms)• Cues Critical to Flight (critical systems failures, weather).• Aircraft Performance. (effect of DA, energy management)• CFI Student Error and Intervention Training .• Develop internationally recognized simulator credits for all levels of synthetic devices (based on new ICAO matrix).
  4. 4. AUTOROTATION TRAINING• Developed and drafted Advisory Circular (AC) to promote the Progressive Approach to autorotation training (start at height!)• Presented at various seminars on Progressive Approach.• Published in international magazine articles to help educate.• Developing a further AC on Full Touch Down Autorotation Training.
  5. 5. HF, ADM/CRM/SRM• Submitted amendments to the Practical Test Standards (PTS) to add areas of HF, ADM/CRM/SRM .
  6. 6. 10 TRAINING FACT SHEETS• CFIT.• IIMC.• Visibility.• Effect of DA.• Energy Management (Autorotations).• Staying Current.• Autorotation Risk Management.• Maneuver Initiation Envelope.• Emergency Decision Making (Critical Systems).• Instructional Safety.• (Defensive Flying and Forced Landing Training to come.)
  7. 7. OTHER INITIATIVES• Working with EHSIT on collaborative project for International CFI/FI Handbook.• Training Sub committee examining synthetic devices credit matrix.• Endorsed ERAU on Reality of Aeronautical Knowledge document.• Presenting at Heli Expo on “Training Safety or Training Safely” Rotor Safety Challenge.• Presenting at 2013 CHC Safety Summit, Vancouver BC, Canada.
  8. 8. WHAT NEXT?• Move from Reactive to Proactive• Share lessons of best practices in industry.• Identify technology to improve training safety.• Continue to issue Fact Sheets.• Listen to the industry!• Promote “Zero Accidents”
  9. 9. QUESTIONS?