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Roehnert ppt gi2011_cbh_v2_final


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GI2011-X-border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23..5.2011: Bad Schandau (SAX)
[ 11. Sächsisches GIS-Forum ]
24.5.2011: Decin (CZE)
[ 1. Bohemian#Saxonian GIS-Forum ]

Published in: Technology
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Roehnert ppt gi2011_cbh_v2_final

  1. 1. Cross border harmonisation in practice –exemplified by Saxon ATKIS and Czech ZABAGED data GI 2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium Bad Schandau and Děčín Sylvia Röhnert, Claudia Gedrange, Marco Neubert
  2. 2. Contents Project Outline Used Data Objectives Geometric Homogenisation Semantic Harmonisation Resultswww.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  3. 3. Project Outline Duration: 01/2009 – 12/2011 Funding: European Union (EFRE, Ziel 3/Cíl 3 SN/CZ) and the Free State of Saxony Partner: Leibniz-Institute of Ecological and Regional Development e.V. Dresden (IÖR) - Lead Partner Land Surveying Office of Saxony: Staatsbetrieb Geobasisinformation und Vermessung Sachsen (GeoSN) Land Surveying Office of the Czech Republic: Zeměměřický Úřad (ZÚ)www.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  4. 4. Initial position - different data models - ZABAGED (CZ) ATKIS (D)www.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  5. 5. Objectives “Cross-Border Harmonisation of Spatial Base Data” Interoperability on data and model level Identification and handling with differences Development of methods for semantic and geometric matching Establish semantically comparable and geometrically connected datawww.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  6. 6. Geometric Homogenisationwww.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  7. 7. Geometric Homogenisation - Objectives -Geometric Homogenisation consistent coordinate reference system integration of a common border geometry edge matching of cross-border objectsSemantic Harmonisation bilingual object type catalogues matching functions matching categories for semanticcomparision of data models GI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  8. 8. Geometric Homogenisation - Approach - Coordinate reference system (CRS) Czech Republik: S-JTSK with Krovak coordinates Saxony: RD83 with Gauss-Krüger coordinates definition of a common CRS - ETRS89/UTM generation of transformation ruleswww.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  9. 9. Geometric Harmonisation - Approach - Common Border Geometry currently used in Saxony and CR: inexact border geometry common border measurement integration of exact measured border geometry to both datasets until 2014www.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  10. 10. Geometric Homogenisation - Approach - Connection of objects along a common border identify relevant cross-border-object types definition of connection points development of a method for geometric homogenisation (Sicad-Open) edge matching of important cross border objectswww.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  11. 11. Semantic Harmonisationwww.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  12. 12. Semantic Harmonisation - Objectives -Geometric Homogenisation consistent coordinate reference system integration of a common border geometry edge matching of cross-border objectsSemantic Harmonisation bilingual object type catalogues matching functions matching categories for semanticcomparision of data models GI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  13. 13. Semantic Harmonisation - Approach - Interoperable data models Data model alignment Mapping functions Generate and categories transformation rules Similarities, Concept Heterogenities Original data comparison models Semantic Semantic concepts analysis Bilingual object Translation type catalogueswww.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  14. 14. Bilingual Object Catalogues Translation of object type catalogues Bilingual database of all object types and attributeswww.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  15. 15. Analysis of data modelsobject types and attributesATKIS: overlaying object typessimilar themesdifferent level of detailwww.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  16. 16. Semantic Harmonisation - matching tables - generation of ‚combination tables„ for the comparision and mapping attributes for further object type description ATKIS: object types and attributes used in saxony („Bestandsdaten“) Attribu AttribuID Theme ObjectType A1_name A1_value_name A2_name A2_value A2_value_name te 1 A1_value te2 konstruktionsmerkmalBA_52003_001 42 AX_Schleuse KON ZUS zustand auart konstruktionsmerkmalBA_52003_002 42 AX_Schleuse KON 1010 Schiffshebewerk ZUS zustand auart konstruktionsmerkmalBA_52003_003 42 AX_Schleuse KON 1020 Kammerschleuse ZUS zustand auart konstruktionsmerkmalB Außer Betrieb, stillgelegt,A_52003_004 42 AX_Schleuse KON ZUS zustand 2100 auart verlassen konstruktionsmerkmalB Außer Betrieb, stillgelegt,A_52003_005 42 AX_Schleuse KON 1010 Schiffshebewerk ZUS zustand 2100 auart verlassen konstruktionsmerkmalB Außer Betrieb, stillgelegt,A_52003_006 42 AX_Schleuse KON 1020 Kammerschleuse ZUS zustand 2100 auart verlassenwww.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  17. 17. Semantic Harmonisation - mapping functions - matching tables with functions for each concept object type – attribute value – combinations: ca. 1100 for ATKIS ca. 300 for ZABAGED both transformation directions complexity and heterogeneity of data models multiple mappings or no possible mapping categories for quality of mapping functionswww.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  18. 18. Semantic Harmonisation - categories - A - Biunique = B - Superset (Z is part of A) C - Overlap D - Subset (A is part of Z) E - Subsumption on a higher hierarchical level F - Derivation (by spatial relations) G - No mapping (A: ATKIS; Z: ZABAGED)www.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  19. 19. Semantic Harmonisation - matching example I - category C - overlapwww.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  20. 20. Semantic Harmonisation - matching example II - differences in classification (object types) multiple mappings category B – superset (Z is part of A) category D – subset (A is part of Z)www.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  21. 21. Analysis of used mappings Concepts with mapping functions ATKIS > ZABAGED ca. 30 % ZABAGED > ATKIS ca. 70 % Frequency of categories multiple mappings (%) ATKIS to ZABAGED ZABAGED to ATKIS ZABAGED to ATKIS ATKIS to ZABAGED 90 200 80 Number of Mappings Frequency in % 70 150 60 50 100 40 30 50 20 10 0 0 A B C D E F 1 2 3 4 5 Mapping Category Number of Single and Multiple Mappingswww.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  22. 22. Analysis of mappings for the datasets Evaluation for testdata of the border region (mapping: ATKIS to ZABAGED for object types of „Tatsächliche Nutzung“) Number of combinations Percentage of the categories in the testdata Comparision of data model and testdata180160 A_44000140 A120100 B A_43000 80 C 60 D 40 A_42000 20 E 0 F A B C D E F G A_41000 G ATKIS combination combination in testdata 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% GI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  23. 23. Results overview Geometric Homogenisation consistent coordinate reference system (ETRS89/UTM) definition of a common border geometry geometrically homogene geodata with connected cross- border objects Semantic Harmonisation bilingual object type catalogues conceptual analysis of data models mapping functions for shared use, visualisation and interpretation of the datasets in both models specification by categorieswww.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín
  24. 24. Thank you for your attention! Further information: Sylvia Röhnert: Claudia Gedrange: Marco Neubert: Project Website: www.geodat.ioer.infowww.geodat.ioer.infoGI2011-X-Border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23/24.05.2011, Bad Schandau/Děčín