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Kafka charvat ppt_gi2011_sharing metadata across europe_final


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GI2011-X-border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23..5.2011: Bad Schandau (SAX)
[ 11. Sächsisches GIS-Forum ]
24.5.2011: Decin (CZE)
[ 1. Bohemian#Saxonian GIS-Forum ]

Published in: Technology, Education
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Kafka charvat ppt_gi2011_sharing metadata across europe_final

  2. 2. Metadata catalogue – Core of2 SDI  Metadata and catalogue services are a fundamental part of a spatial data infrastructure. They allow the end user to discover, evaluate and use the available data and services. They are the main entry point into the infrastructure. The three initiatives and European projects studied in GIGAS have thus set up catalogue services giving access to metadata instances. GI2001 23.05.2001
  3. 3. Metadata catalogue – Core of3 SDI  They make use of ISO, OGC and OASIS standards and other documents on the topic of metadata and catalogue services:  Dublin Core,  ISO 19115/19119/19139,  OGC GML,  OASIS ebXML,  OGC CS-W.  (from GEOSS, INSPIRE, GMES , SEIS interest group GIGAS Technology Watch on INSPIRE forum) GI2001 23.05.2001
  4. 4. HSRS Contribution - Micka4  MicKa is a complex system for metadata management used for building Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and geoportal solutions. It contains tools for editing and management of metadata for spatial information, web services and other sources (documents, web sites, etc.). It includes online metadata search engine , portrayal of spatial information and download of spatial data to local computer. GI2001 23.05.2001
  5. 5. HSRS Contribution - Micka5  MIcKA is compatible with obligatory standards for European SDI building (INSPIRE). Therefore it is ready to be connected with other nodes of prepared network of metadata catalogues (its compatibility with pilot European geoportal is continuously tested). GI2001 23.05.2001
  6. 6. HSRS Contribution - Micka6  Spatial data metadata (ISO 19115) Spatial services metadata (ISO 19119) Dublin Core metadata (ISO 15836) Feature catalogue support (ISO 19110) OGC CSW 2.0.2 support (catalogue service) User defined metadata profiles INSPIRE metadata profile Web interface for metadata editing Multilingual (both user interface and metadata records). Currently 16 languages supported. It is possible to dynamically extend the system for other languages. Context help (multilingual) GI2001 23.05.2001
  7. 7. HSRS Contribution - Micka7  Import from the following metadata formats are supported: ESRI ArcCatalog,  ISO 19139,  OGC services (WMS, WFS, WCS, CSW)  Feature catalogue XML  Export – ISO 19139, GeoRSS Support of thesauri and gazetteers. Display of changes with GeoRSS Template base interface with possibilities to change according to user requirements Possibility of deep cooperation with any of map clients for display of on-line map services. GI2001 23.05.2001
  8. 8. OneGeology8  The Geological Metadata Catalogue, developed within the framework of the OneGeology-Europe eContent plus project, provides the means for searching (Metadata Search) national geological and applied geological map data ranging from the scale of 1:10,000 to 1:1 million. The Catalogue also offers a SW tool, fully multilingual, for creation and-or editing metadata records (Metadata Editor). GI2001 23.05.2001
  9. 9. OneGeology9  The national geological map data, maintained and provided by 21 national geological survey organizations, are presented in this Metadata Catalogue in a form of datasets, dataset series or where available as on-line services. GI2001 23.05.2001
  10. 10. OneGeology10  In order to harmonise descriptions of national geological and applied geological maps or map series a new Geological Metadata Profile (GMP) was developed and utilised when collecting the metadata records. The GMP is fully based on the EN ISO 19115 (for datasets, series) and EN ISO 19119 (for services) international standards. The GMP is also compliant with the INSPIRE Metadata Regulation (Nr. 1205/2008). GI2001 23.05.2001
  11. 11. OneGeology11  In order to directly display a metadata record (geological or applied geological map) for which an on-line map service is available, the Metadata Catalogue is integrated into the OneGeology-Europe Portal. Both the OneGeology-Europe Portal and the Metadata Catalogue build together a unique multilingual system for discovery, view and use of geological data across Europe GI2001 23.05.2001
  12. 12. OneGeology12 GI2001 23.05.2001
  13. 13. OneGeology13 GI2001 23.05.2001
  14. 14. OneGeology14 GI2001 23.05.2001
  15. 15. OneGeology15 GI2001 23.05.2001
  16. 16. Metadata profile design1. Designing Plan4all metadata profile  Mapping to ISO 19115 / 19119 / 19139  Mapping to INSPIRE metadata profile  Detecting specific plan4all elements – extensions ?  Detecting specific queryables2. Creating testing catalogue on Plan4all portal
  17. 17. Metadata profile Profiles 1. Spatial plan metadata 2. Web services metadata 3. Spatial Data Theme metadata (dataset level) 4. Spatial Data Theme metadata (feature level) Use of metadata Discovery  Discovery (CSW) Evaluation  Documentation (dataset) Use  Feature attributes
  18. 18. Spatial plan metatadata Spatial Plan Structure Spatial plan Text Text Text Metadata document document document Map 1 Map 1 Map 1 App Schema Dataset Dataset Dataset Metadata Metadata Layer Layer Layer Layer Metadata1. Spatial plan metadata (mandatory)2. Dataset metadata3. Application schema (Data model)
  19. 19. SP Web service metatadata Spatial Plan Spatial service metadata metadata Dataset metadata Spatial service metadata Dataset metadata Spatial service metadata
  20. 20. Linking Resource Identifier Dataset Catalogue Identifier Dataset metadata Resource identifier ? Service metadata Service URL Service OperatesOn LayerdistributionInfo//linkage//URL+ param Layer=myLayer Layer 1. MetadataURL 2. Identifier => ResourceIdentifier
  21. 21. Plan4all specific1. Type of SP2. SP design status3. SP lineage4. Organization roles5. Classification (keywords)6. Application schema embeding7. Aggregation8. Multilinguality
  22. 22. Type of SPHierarchy level name National plans or policiesspatialPlan.state State level documentation (for federal countries)spatialPlan.regional Regional plansspatialPlan.subRegional Provincional level (province or other sub-regional level denomination)spatialPlan.supraLocal Super Local level (e.g. mountain communities or aggregations of municipalities)spatialPlan.local Municipality level - local plansspatialPlan.subLocal Plans for part of municipality area like zone plans, regulatory plans, development plans etc.spatialPlan.other Level not listed herespatialPlan Spatial plan metadata without qualification
  23. 23. Organisation RolesName ISO code DescriptionApplicant user Specific user - demandant on plan issueProcurer custodian Party, who formally controls plan creating (typically authority with extended power office)Creator originator Person, organisation or a service that is primarily responsible for creating the planDesigner author Authorized planner - person responsible for creating the plan inside Creator organisationPublisher publisher Organisation that published (issued) the planContributor processor Person, organisation or service that has made contributions to the content of the plan and/or processed the data in a manner such that the plan has been modifiedSubmitter owner Party, who order plan creationEvaluator principalInvestigat Respective authority - organisation that controlled or compliance with upper level documentation
  24. 24. SP desing statusName ISO code DescriptionIn progress underDevelopmentAdopted underDevelopment validated the institution that develops the planUnder observation underDevelopmentunder counter-deduction underDevelopmentapproved completed validated by up level institution by lawunder litigation completedafter expiration obsolete New PS does not existOld version historicalArchive New SP exists
  25. 25. 1. Work start – procurement approval 2. Specification – starting the discussion 3. Specification - approval Mapping: 4. Concept draft – starting the discussion 3. Steps 5. Instructions for preparations - approval 6. Before approval - starting the discussion 7. Before approval- opinion of a regi. office Preparation phase 8. Before approval - issue•citation/*/date (publication) - 8 9. Coming into force•extent/*/temporalElement (in force) 9 - 11 10. Report on plans application approval•lineage/*/processStep (preparation phase, revisions, …) In force 10. Report on plans application approval 11. Expiration
  26. 26. 3. Steps According to national law
  27. 27. Discovery service queryables Spatial plan Type (hierarchyLevelName) Process Step  Description  Date  Processor
  28. 28. To be continued … WP4 – data models  Theme DS metadata  Each theme feature status attribute (existing, planned, … ?)  Harmonized data feature traceability
  29. 29. Traceability Plan 2 Plan 1 Feature N Plan 3 Plan 2 / Feature N Generalized harvested theme
  30. 30. 32       GI2001 23.05.2001