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GI2012 hoffmann-oddp


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12. Sächsisches GIS-Forum
Dresden: 18./19.05.2012

Published in: Technology, Business
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GI2012 hoffmann-oddp

  1. 1. 12. Sächsisches GIS-Forum GI2012IGN -( INNOVATION.Grenzüberschreitendes Netzwerk e.V. )- GI2012 – OpenDataPolicies - FORUM OPEN DATA VS. DATA PROTECTION – THE EXAMPLE OF TRANSFORMING PERSONAL TELEKOM DATA INTO A PERSONALIZED, PRIVATE TRACKING MAP VISUALIZATION – THE USE CASE © BY ZEIT-ONLINE IGN ( INNOVATION. Grenzüberschreitendes Netzwerk e.V. ) Doz. Dr. Frank HOFFMANN, CSc Vorstandsvorsitzender 18.05.2012 GI2012-OpenDataPolicies © FH, IGN e.V. (1)
  2. 2. Table Of ContentsIGN -( INNOVATION.Grenzüberschreitendes Netzwerk e.V. )- • 1. INTERNET Freedom & Anonymity • 2. EU Directive 2006/24/EC (Vorrats-Daten-Speicherung / VDS) • 3. The Decision of Federal Constitutional Court • • 4. The „Tracking„ Story behind… • 5. Conclusion 18.05.2012 GI2012-OpenDataPolicies © FH, IGN e.V. (2)
  3. 3. INTERNET Freedom & AnonymityIGN -( INNOVATION.Grenzüberschreitendes Netzwerk e.V. )- • Freiheit im Netz entsteht aus Rechten, die selbstverständlich sein sollten, schreibt Leserin Jula Böge: anonymes Informieren, anonymes Kommunizieren, anonymer Konsum [ ZEIT-ONLINE ] • Freedom on the Net comes from rights that should be obvious, writes reader Jula Böge: anonymous information, anonymous communication, anonymous consumption 18.05.2012 GI2012-OpenDataPolicies © FH, IGN e.V. (3)
  4. 4. TELCO Directive 2006 / 24 / ECIGN -( INNOVATION.Grenzüberschreitendes Netzwerk e.V. )- • The Data retention Directive of European Commission: – telecommunications, data retention (or data preservation) generally refers to the storage of call detail records (CDR’s) of telephony and INTERNET traffic and transaction data (IPDR’s) by governments and commercial organisations. – In the case of government data retention, the data that is stored is usually of telephone calls made and received, emails sent and received and web sites visited. Location data is also collected... – The primary objective in government data retention is traffic analysis and mass surveillance. By analysing the retained data, governments can identify the locations of individuals, an individuals associates and the members of a group such as political opponents... SOURCE [ WIKIPEDIA ] 18.05.2012 GI2012-OpenDataPolicies © FH, IGN e.V. (4)
  5. 5. INTERNET = LIBRARY !?IGN -( INNOVATION.Grenzüberschreitendes Netzwerk e.V. )- • Leserin Jula Böge sieht das Internet als eine virtuelle Entsprechung einer riesigen Präsenzbibliothek… – Reader Jula Böger is looking at the Internet likely as a virtual equivalent of a comprehensive reference library... • Anonymität bedeutet, die Möglichkeit zu haben, der Mensch zu sein, der ich bin, ohne dass mein Ausweis und meine Adresse eine Rolle spielen… – Anonymity means to have the opportunity to be the person who I am without that my ID card and my address are playing any role... • Source [ ZEIT-ONLINE ] 18.05.2012 GI2012-OpenDataPolicies © FH, IGN e.V. (5)
  6. 6. The German Federal Institutional Court • Leitsätze zum Urteil des Ersten Senats vom 2. März 2010IGN -( INNOVATION.Grenzüberschreitendes Netzwerk e.V. )-  1 BvR 256/08  1 BvR 263/08  1 BvR 586/08 – Eine sechsmonatige, vorsorglich anlasslose Speicherung von Telekommunikationsverkehrsdaten durch private Diensteanbieter, wie sie die Richtlinie 2006/24/EG des Europäischen Parlaments und des Rates vom 15. März 2006 (ABl L 105 vom 13. April 2006, S. 54; im Folgenden: Richtlinie 2006/24/EG) vorsieht, ist mit Art. 10 GG nicht schlechthin unvereinbar; auf einen etwaigen Vorrang dieser Richtlinie kommt es daher nicht an. – Der Grundsatz der Verhältnismäßigkeit verlangt, dass die gesetzliche Ausgestaltung einer solchen Datenspeicherung dem besonderen Gewicht des mit der Speicherung verbundenen Grundrechtseingriffs angemessen Rechnung trägt. Erforderlich sind hinreichend anspruchsvolle und normenklare Regelungen hinsichtlich der Datensicherheit, der Datenverwendung, der Transparenz und des Rechtsschutzes… etc. • SOURCE: [ BVerfG, 1 BvR 256/08 vom 2.3.2010, Absatz-Nr. (1 - 345) ] 18.05.2012 GI2012-OpenDataPolicies © FH, IGN e.V. (6)
  7. 7. The „Tracking„ Story behind… • The data retention cases in Germany…IGN -( INNOVATION.Grenzüberschreitendes Netzwerk e.V. )- – Actually, discussions not only in Germany are still on-going about Data protection and long-term data-retention of (mobile & internet) telecommunication links, but also in Saxony in connection with right- wing riots happened in Dresden, February, 2011, where mobile connectivity links had been collected by police in order to find out location based indicators to identify law violations, but using privacy data of more than one million users randomly moving in areas the policy was interested to filter out for law enforcements. – Mostly, users of mobile and internet communication networks are not aware what is happening with their own private communication behaviour behind the intransparent scenery of private telecom carriers and which makes possible to visualize personal profiles by data tracking methods the police and other organizations like TELEKOM and other “SERVICES” are able to do already… 18.05.2012 GI2012-OpenDataPolicies © FH, IGN e.V. (7)
  8. 8. The Tracking Use Case © ZEIT • The „Berlin“ tracking Story behind…IGN -( INNOVATION.Grenzüberschreitendes Netzwerk e.V. )- – Green party politician Malte Spitz sued to have German telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom hand over six months of his phone data that he then made available to ZEIT ONLINE. We combined this geolocation data with information relating to his life as a politician, such as Twitter feeds, blog entries and websites, all of which is all freely available on the internet. – By pushing the play button, you will set off on a trip through Malte Spitzs life. The speed controller allows you to adjust how fast you travel, the pause button will let you stop at interesting points. In addition, a calendar at the bottom shows when he was in a particular location and can be used to jump to a specific time period. Each column corresponds to one day. 18.05.2012 GI2012-OpenDataPolicies © FH, IGN e.V. (8)
  9. 9. Mobile Use & Personal Data What are privateIGN -( INNOVATION.Grenzüberschreitendes Netzwerk e.V. )- Communication data telling us… The CCC calls mobiles as „Bug trackers“. This is clear when looking at this interactive graphic: Retention data of the „Green“ Politician M. SPITZ stored by TELEKOM and requested via court for further analysis… 18.05.2012 GI2012-OpenDataPolicies © FH, IGN e.V. (9)
  10. 10. Video of Tracking VisualizationIGN -( INNOVATION.Grenzüberschreitendes Netzwerk e.V. )- Personal tracking of mobile Communication DATA stored for 6 months by TELEKOM…  [ VIDEO ] 18.05.2012 GI2012-OpenDataPolicies © FH, IGN e.V. ( 10 )
  11. 11. CONCLUSIONS • The visualization methodology: • The both authors behind this visualization contract of ZEIT-ONLINE are theIGN -( INNOVATION.Grenzüberschreitendes Netzwerk e.V. )- well-known Data journalist Lorenz Matzat and Programmer Michael Kreil (Berlin) and have been awarded for the methodology with international creativity awards. • Location based services (LBS) based on referenced geodata and combined with thematical data from social networks (twitter, blogs etc.) allow to compose not only personal movements, but compose an overall picture and profile of privacy and behaviour… • What is the result of the „DRESDEN“ case…? • > 1 Mio mobile datasets collected by police, Febr. 2011… • Proportionality ? • Transparency ? • Openness ? • Decision process still at court… • EC is about to claiming on Germany having not yet transposed the TELCO retention Directive 2006/24/EC … 18.05.2012 GI2012-OpenDataPolicies © FH, IGN e.V. ( 11 )
  12. 12. Q… ! & A… ?IGN -( INNOVATION.Grenzüberschreitendes Netzwerk e.V. )- Email: info @ 18.05.2012 GI2012-OpenDataPolicies © FH, IGN e.V. ( 12 )
  13. 13. Further Contact Infos:IGN -( INNOVATION.Grenzüberschreitendes Netzwerk e.V. )- • EMAIL – [ Mailto: info @ ] GDI- • IGN @SKYPE – [ fh_ign ] Call-SKYPE-Office Call-SKYPE- – [ fh-ign ] Call-SKYPE-Mobile @iPhone fh- Call-SKYPE- • IGN @TEL/FAX – [ TEL: +49-351-403.2729 ( IGN-Office ) ] +49-351- IGN- – [ FAX: +49-351-401.4260 ( IGN-Office ) ] +49-351- IGN- 18.05.2012 GI2012-OpenDataPolicies © FH, IGN e.V. ( 13 )