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GI2010 symposium-mecha (geoportal2)


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Published in: Real Estate, Technology
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GI2010 symposium-mecha (geoportal2)

  1. 1. Geoportal2 based on relational database New proposal of the National SDI within the project GEOPORTAL.GOV.PL Krzysztof Borys, GEOBID, PL Edward Mecha, GISPOL, PL14./15.05.2010 10. Sächsisches GIS-Forum GIS- 1
  2. 2. Polish geo-portal based on data made available by powiat (districts, counties) The main feature of the solution is grounding it on services provided by individual nodes of the data infrastructure. The ISO or OGC standards have been used, this applies in particular to WMS/WFS services. The idea based on making services available entails that nodes of lower rank, shall not send data to upper rank nodes, but rather the upper rank nodes shall download data from the lower ranks. A general principle has been assumed that maps will be downloaded by customers in raster form (WMS format). Vector data (WFS format) will be available for downloading only by specialized nodes14./15.05.2010 10. Sächsisches GIS-Forum GIS- 2
  3. 3. Viewing the mapsMap distribution service, or WMS service has been dividedinto two categories:1. the service providing access to public data,2. the service providing access to non-public (protected)data.The users of GEOPORTAL when viewing the maps shall atthe same time make use of central level data (e.g.administrative borders, ortho-photomap), as well as thepowiat (county) level data (e.g. plot borders, address points).It is possible, because the WMS service assumes thepossibility of developing transparent rasters, and their mutualoverlaying.The latter (second) category concerns data with limitedaccess. Access may be limited both to an area (for exampleto one administrative/registration unit) or to specific themes(for example restricted only to water distribution).14./15.05.2010 10. Sächsisches GIS-Forum GIS- 3
  4. 4. Limited access Because the problem of authorization and access control is a complex issue, the concept assumes the existence of special proxy servers. For central data, this will be the Central Server Proxy (CSP), while for provincial data as well as data from powiat (counties), this will be a Provincial Proxy Server (Polish: Wojewódzki Serwer Pośredniczący - WSP). Proxy Server does not generate data. It performs the role of a filter, which on the basis of the query sent by the user and the user access level will allow send the query to proper data server, being a part of: cadastral node topographic node general-geographic node.14./15.05.2010 10. Sächsisches GIS-Forum GIS- 4
  5. 5. Central level General Geographic Node Orders Authorization ODGIK Documentation Centreclient Location Performer Provincial level Topographic Node Powiat level Cadastral Node Commune level Commune Node 14./15.05.2010 10. Sächsisches GIS-Forum GIS- 5
  6. 6. 14./15.05.2010 10. Sächsisches GIS-Forum GIS- 6
  7. 7. Cadastral node A cadastral node will be a set of servers providing specific services. A cadastral node of the implemented network is composed of two parts: internal one, invisible in the Internet network, external one, which on the one hand has access to the internal network, on the other hand it has access to public network. 2. The WFS service is a service with protected content, concerning geometric data and identification in the register of land and buildings, as well as addresses. The service is available solely for the Provincial Server Proxy (Wojewódzki Serwer Pośredniczący - WSP) and is provided in connection with coded https. In the basic version (the implemented one) the service is used for searching for plots and adjusted to address search.14./15.05.2010 10. Sächsisches GIS-Forum GIS- 7
  8. 8. Cadastral node lin e ork tric etw me n Sym l Existing systems na Internet network ter serving egib b In 2M CADASTRAL NODE OF SDI ln e Internal part External part WINDOWS operating system LINUX operating system EWMAPA graphic server APACHE server FIREBIRD database server FIREWALL14./15.05.2010 10. Sächsisches GIS-Forum GIS- 8
  9. 9. Basic servicesServices have been divided into basic and additional ones.Basic services are:1. WMS service with public content: plots, plot numbers, buildings,street axes, street names, address points (possibly, additionally thedevelopment plan zones and its markings, a sketch of development plan).The service making available plots and plot numbers has been assumedthe minimum being subject to implementation. This will be a publiclyavailable service.2. The WFS service is a service with protected content, concerninggeometric data and identification in the register of land and buildings, aswell as addresses. The service is available solely for the Provincial ServerProxy (Wojewódzki Serwer Pośredniczący - WSP) and is provided inconnection with coded https. In the basic version (the implemented one)the service is used for searching for plots and adjusted to address search. 14./15.05.2010 10. Sächsisches GIS-Forum GIS- 9
  10. 10. Additional services Additional services are available only for the Provincial Server Proxy (WSP) and are provided through coded https connection. These are:1. WMS with non-public content: geodetic matrices, cultivable land, classification contours, utilities, basic map.2. WFS with non-public content: geodetic matrices, cultivable land, classification contours, precinct limits, borders of register units.3. The OSN service (geodetic matrices) is a special service enabling downloading of information about geodetic matrices, mainly of class three and measurement level.4. The OPE (geodetic surveys) is a special service enabling access to the database of surveys of the county (district) geodetic and cartographic documentation centre.5. The EGB (register of land and buildings) is a special service enabling access to the data from descriptive part of the register of land and buildings. 14./15.05.2010 10. Sächsisches GIS-Forum GIS- 10
  11. 11. Topographic node & General-geographic node The presented concept assumes only that a topographic node shall make its resources available in the WMS/WFS format. The WMS service, make public data available (accessible from Internet without limitations) The WMS/WFS services, make protected data available, accessible only through the Provincial Server Proxy (Wojewódzki Serwer Pośredniczący - WSP) The general-geographic shall be a set (group) of servers providing specific services based on data included in: General-geographic Database (BDO), State Register of Borders and Areas of State Territorial Division Units (PRG), State Register of Geographic Names (PRNG), Bank of Geodetic Matrices (GEOS), The resources of ortho-photomaps (ORTO) (raster resource).14./15.05.2010 10. Sächsisches GIS-Forum GIS- 11
  12. 12. Security issues Our concept is based on making use of public Internet network, standing out due to its fast development, particularly as concerns the throughput and easy provision of services to many interested parties. Establishing of a separate network infrastructure does not only increase the cost, but also requires establishing many access nodes from public Internet network. It is also of substantial economic importance. The decision to use Internet for establishing geodetic infrastructure calls for creation of highest standard security (at least at the level of security measures used in bank networks), yet it is much cheaper than using a separate network. All the non-public connections will be using the https protocol. Servers communicating with users in the https protocol will have certificates issued by registered certification centres (agencies). The exception will be servers distributing non-public data solely to be used by WSP and CSP servers( e.g. servers of the county (district) level). There the exchange of public keys between servers will suffice.14./15.05.2010 10. Sächsisches GIS-Forum GIS- 12
  13. 13. Location Server and AuthorizationIn the distributed architecture the most important information is theinformation about data location. That information will be stored by thecentral server of data location, which on the chart has been marked asLOCATION. The data location server is in reality the server of basicmeta-data about the location of specific services. The LOCATION severwill contain the information about location (addresses): of WSP and CSP servers, of servers of provincial and central level services. of services for each register unit,The task of the authorization server, marked on the chart asAUTORYZACJA (AUTHORIZATION), is dealing with the logging ofsystem users, as well as their authorization level. When logging to thesystem from the GEOPORTAL server, that server checks whether theuser name and password is correct, on authorization server.In case of correct logging the AUTORYZACJA (AUTHORIZATION)server sends a special token to the client. That token will be added toqueries sent to WSP and CSP servers.14./15.05.2010 10. Sächsisches GIS-Forum GIS- 13
  14. 14. Order server The idea of the order server, is to provide services for users, who want to use on-line the non-public information through the GEOPORTAL browser or to receive graphic and descriptive materials in electronic form or on paper. The main task of the ORDERS server is to prepare products or to make products available. The GEOPORTAL server, from which access will be possible to the ORDERS server, shall provide the possibility of spatial location The products have been divided into: those that do not have the status of documents, those that have the status of documents. Electronic data not having the status of documents, shall be understood as all graphic or descriptive data, which the ORDERS will be able to download from the remaining nodes of infrastructure powiat (county,district), Data having document status will be prepared by entities authorized to issue such types of documents. These documents may be prepared in electronic version and provided with electronic signatures, or may be prepared in paper version and sent in traditional manner by mail.14./15.05.2010 10. Sächsisches GIS-Forum GIS- 14
  15. 15. ODGIK (Documentation Centre) Server ODGIK server is a special server, designed for serving the contractors performing geodesic and cartographic works. At present, execution of geodesy-related work is connected with paying several visits to the centre – first to notify about works to be performed, then to collect the prepared materials, finally when submitting survey. If the supervision performed for the survey revealed errors or shortcomings, the number of visits may increase. The task of the ODGIK server is to eliminate the necessity of visits paid at the documentation centre, or at least to reduce the number of such visits. The results of our work can be viewed at the website Thank you for your attention!14./15.05.2010 10. Sächsisches GIS-Forum GIS- 15