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GI2010 symposium-mayer (agri-farm-progis)


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GI2010 symposium-mayer (agri-farm-progis)

  1. 1. Progis ecology-solutions HOLISTIC RURAL AREA MANAGEMENTProgis web-solutions Benefits of integratedProgis technology Information systems for advisors, farmers,Progis geo-INFOtainment cooperatives, regions orProgis pipeline-solutions countriesProgis smart-community DI Walter H. MAYER, CEO PROGIS GI 2010 - 10. Sächsisches GIS Forum Dresden - DE PROGIS – SOFTWARE THAT SHOWS PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  2. 2. Progis ecology-solutions PROGIS TECHNOLOGY BEHIND GIS – WinGIS and AGROffice - applications integrating AX-Development environment GIS + time, DB, expert data WinGIS MICROSOFT AGROffice -supports: MICROSOFT BING Geodata • AGRICULTURE DokuPlant BING Geodata (worldwide) • FORESTRY ForestOffice cooperation for • ENVIRONMENT- & RISKMANAGEMENT countrywide or any other EnvirOffice, Fomumiis projects incl. Geodata • LOGISTIC with mobGIS (vector/raster) • PRECISION-VIRTUAL -FARMING/FOREST cloud computing • Z-GIS-LAND-CONSOLIDATION, …… System integrator for partners with PROGIS has sector know how: meteo-sensors, GNSS, i-net, mobile -Agro-forest-environment-risk technologies, RFID, GPRS / UMTS - technology and org-know how communication, GPS/dGPS, ….….. - visions how to solve problems! PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  3. 3. Progis ecology-solutions USER-INTERFACE AND EXPERT-INFO time location EXPERT-INFO: torrent, mudflow, drought, flood, avalanche, rockfall, … ENVIRONMENT patents pend. information EXPERT-INFO: machines, trees, growth-tables,methods, …. FORESTRY patents pend. EXPERT-INFO: machines,crops, AGRICULTURE fertilizer, herbicide, methods, …. patents pend. WHAT patents pend. WHEN PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  4. 4. Progis ecology-solutions HORIZONTAL & VERTICAL APPLICATIONS AGRICULTURE BMR REGIONAL APPLICATION BMR FORESTRY Documentation & Traceability Logistics and order processing Forest inventory (2 models) Nutrient-(energy-, CO2- Precision & Virtual Farm/Forest Forestry management/logisic )balance Land consolidation, Carbon calc. Utility management (water, .…) Field profit margin calculation Environment- & risk management Sensor integration (meteorology, GIS & thematic mapping–farm GIS & thematic mapping – region Sensors for irrigation, (EU) subsidy claim (IACS/LPIS) Horizontal Applications machines GlobalGAP Food & wood Trust RURAL AREA Sawmill Logistics Environment PF System System MOA FSC, PEFC chain Centre MANAGEMENT countrywide farm management SERVER for farmers / Vertical Applications advisors state summary Top down utility management Bottom up country summary district river basin management regional summary Forestry- river management Farmers and advisors level village management REGIONAL SERVER PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  5. 5. Progis ecology-solutions INTEGRATE BANKS AND/OR INSURANCE Revenue Business plan for x years Private ownership of land + ownership of information + social responsibility + susstainability has to be balanced!!!!! t men No insurance without INFORMATION lop d eve ess No financing without insurance No seeds/fertilizer/machines wo financing usin B Costs No farming without money 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 2035 2040 2045 All starts with INFORMATION • Without insurance (index insurance) NO significant financing • insurance needs data to back up their decisions/calculations • (RE-insurance must be involved and backup partly by government, donors) • with businessplan and insurance (micro-)financing is possible • risk is covered by insurance, partly paid by government • pilot projects, e.g. together with local science partners • then evaluation and second phase countrywide implementation ! PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows
  6. 6. Progis ecology-solutions INTEGRATE ENERGY- OR CO²-BALANCE CO2- footprint 2Bio = 2CO2 Energy/CO2- balance as part of farm advise and farm management y ear Verify sustainability n per ca rbo But ALL this has to be saved managed - with ICT 1Bio = 1CO2 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 2035 2040 2045 New energy from renewable directives from the EC, 2009/28/EC • population growth = more food = more CO2 increase •optimized agriculture and forestry = less CO2 + more CO2-sink • (plan the optimum: grow trees, humification, fertilizer use, energy use etc.) • planning and documenting + statistical verifying of CO2 • model define (6 months with science) + accreditation (WB) • pilot project, e.g. together with science partners • coutrywide implementation PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  7. 7. Progis ecology-solutions INTEGRATED RURAL AREA MANAGEMENT 2 ..I grow (crop/forest) – target/enviro/risk 1 Here … s FARMER/ADVISOR/FORESTER s REGIONAL SERVER I. FARMER/ADVISOR/ FORESTER II. REGIONAL SOLUTIONS • planing, documentation, activities mgmt. • data transfer or integration to: • energy-, CO²-balance, nutrient balance • Logistics + mobGIS, precision • cost-, or profit margin, growth-inventory • contractors or logistics operators, • localized subsidy management • food-,bioenergy-ind., sawmill, consumers • business plan, insurance data • (sub-)regional agro-, forest-, enviro-center • thematic maps, ….. • GlobalGAP, FSC, PEFC, trust centre, ..... PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  8. 8. INTEGRATEProgis ecology-solutions AGRO-FOREST LOGISTIC Transfer data: from office to harvester to loader or forwarder Harvester to truck, factory GPS Office - Dispatcher Consumers, industry and trade are the Loader/Forwarder driving forces, but agro-forest complex has to accept these GPRS/UMTS challenges Mobile Office Largest EC project: 45 cooperatives, using 100+ harvesters with mobGIS handling 100K+ datasets for 40.000 farmers on 40.000km² – all online with update all 30 seconds! PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  9. 9. Progis ecology-solutions PRECISION & VIRTUAL FARMING Variable Rate applications: less costs, more benefit, protecting the environment and better sustainable Location based cost/revenue documentation Location aware farming - Precise Track–optimisation (w/wo (d)GPS) Soil samples, satellite Harvest logistics images, soil maps, old and new crops GPS supported guidance support decision Field optimisation making New virtual ownership models PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  10. 10. Progis ecology-solutions PRECISION FARMING DETAILS I Vectormap: track Track and Soil analysis - (or RapidEye-) -map Fertilisation contract PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  11. 11. Progis ecology-solutions PRECISION FARMING DETAILS II KARL HUBER VIRTUAL FARMING Return minus costs = marginal income Fertiliserer map with kg or farmer for modification / m² Tools = detailed result map and calculation per farmer FRITZ MAIER MOSER Profit Harvest map Harvest + track map PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  12. 12. Progis ecology-solutions MISSION / GOAL OF WinGIS FOREST To have an easy to use tool for operative forest inventory based on WinGIS plus forest applications, combined with local growth tables according local needs and cooperative strategic allicances with local partners And links to agricultural and environmental tools and methods (DokuPlant or EnvirOffice) and link to logistics applications, mobile tools etc. as well integration of third parties tools PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  13. 13. Progis ecology-solutions INT. REQUEST FOR INTEGRATIVE ICT Demands of International Authorities •Demand (1): Protection of Forests / Biodiversity (Minist.Conf.PFE STRASSBURG 1990, HELSINKI 1993, LISBOA 1997, VIENNA 2003, FLEGT-EU 2004) •Demand (2): Sustainable Forestry (RIO 1992) •Demand (3): Multi-Purpose Forestry (JOHANNESBURG 2002) •Demand (4): Economic Benefit as Basic Target of Sustainable Multi- purpose Forestry (UN-Forum on Forest GENEVA 03) •Demand (5): Public Awareness/Information of Public Society and Training of Forest Owners/Managers on Possibilities of Forest-Use (Forest Potentials) and natural Carrying Capacities of Forest Management as a Basis of mutual Understanding (FAO/ECE/ILO GENEVA 2003) •Demand (6): for measurable, reliable, quantitative Criteria Indicators of Forestry as Basis for Decision Makers of Policy and Economy (UN-Forum on Forests GENEVA 2003; FAO/ECE/ILO GENEVA 2003; EU 2003) PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  14. 14. Progis PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  15. 15. Progis ecology-solutions Forest-water interaction Eco-water for Drought stress for forests PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  16. 16. Progis PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows ! 16
  17. 17. Progis ecology-solutions Forest produces • Construction wood & timber • Bio-Energy • Game, fruits, herbs, medicines, .... Forest conserves • Soil & Water resources • Air quality • Local climateForest protects against floods, avalanches, landslides, rock-fall, ..• People‘s• Land for settlement & infrastructure (limited to 25-7%)• Land for agriculture (limited to 25-2%)• Risk-management (torrents + avalanches) on 100% of the country PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  18. 18. Progis ecology-solutions Multiple Forest (agriculture) Functions Local Climate Air qualiy Water quality, -storage, -supply CO2 - Sequestration Source of Bio-Energy Recreation Wood & Protection against Natural Hazard PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  19. 19. Progis ecology-solutions ENVIROffice: environmental caretaking and risk managementTask samples: Capacity to prevent Flood, land slide, FOMUMIIS® - Result IItorrents or avalanche risk, rockfall, mudflow, ……. • supports ecological questions • programmable by experts • development environment • GIS + • calculates functionality degrees of task and areas • defines work how to increase specific functionalities • every task/functionality definable by experts PROGIS Software GmbH P R O G I S Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  20. 20. Progis ecology-solutions Z-GIS for the Austrian government Land Consolidation with ZGIS SOLUTION ACCESS Application ZUS_ABB WINGIS Application PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  21. 21. Progis ecology-solutions Import of Land Register Data KG_NR BFLGSTNRUTNRG MBL-BEZ BA FLAECHE EMZ VHW GB-NR EZ 3205 195 0128-05 Landw. genutz 18902 8964 Aug 69 23 3205 197 0128-05 Landw. genutz 7636 2557 Aug 69 23 3205 198 0128-05 Landw. genutz 21281 10614 23 3205 199 0128-05 Landw. genutz 9387 4772 23 3205 200 0128-05 Landw. genutz 712 364 23 3205 201 0128-05 Landw. genutz 1449 700 23 3205 202 1 0128-05 Landw. genutz 9138 3118 Aug 69 23 3205 202 2 0128-05 Wald 3581 Aug 69 23 3205 203 0128-05 Landw. genutz 15221 7345 12 3205 204 0128-05 Landw. genutz 25676 11099 12 3205 207 0128-05 Landw. genutz 14289 7238 12 KG_NR GB_NR EZ LNR SNR Z N Eigentümerdaten 3025 3025 1 1 1 1 1 Pfarre Neuhofen ___Neuhofen 1 _3364 3025 3025 11 1 1 1 2 Schmid_Eveline Mag._1956-07-19_Neuhofen an der Ybb 3025 3025 11 1 1 1 2 Schmid_Hannes Dr.Mag._1953-11-24_Neuhofen an der Y 3025 3025 12 2 1 1 1 Leimhofer _Christa _1957-01-12_Neuhofen an der Ybbs 3025 3025 16 1 1 1 1 Testname17_Vorname __Ort, Strasse _3364 3025 3025 19 1 1 1 2 Kogler_Elisabeth _1956-10-26_Niederneuhofen 117 _336 3025 3025 19 2 1 1 2 Kogler_Johann_1949-05-10_Niederneuhofen 117 3025 3025 29 2 1 1 2 Hausberger_Leopold _1940_Niederneuhofen 33_3364 3025 3025 29 1 1 1 2 Hausberger_Margarete __Niederneuhofen 33_3364 3025 3025 30 2 1 1 2 Zehetgruber _Josef _1968-01-01_Neuhofen an der Ybbs PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  22. 22. Progis ecology-solutions Import of Cadastre Map Source: Digital Cadastre Map DKM (BEV) Structure: CAD DXF Format WINGIS DKMImport Building of Topology Target Layers: • •Land Use areas Structure: Polygons PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  23. 23. Progis ecology-solutions Delimination of the involved PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  24. 24. Progis ecology-solutions Visualisation of land PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  25. 25. Progis ecology-solutions PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  26. 26. Progis ecology-solutions Evaluation of PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  27. 27. Progis ecology-solutions Land Value PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  28. 28. Progis ecology-solutions Intersection Parcels - Evaluation Digitizing of the evaluation Topology of value classes Intersection with the parcels Total value of each land PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  29. 29. Progis ecology-solutions Planing of the Area of common Interest •New ways Common structures: •Flowing water bodies •Green areas •Nature protection PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  30. 30. Progis ecology-solutions Before and after PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  31. 31. Progis ecology-solutions TECHNOLOGY BEHIND – PARTNERS I: Chl RapidEye: oro ph yll [% Chlorophyl map ] Waarnemen Global Applications of SEBAL Organic matter O2, CO2,H2O: three info-layers PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  32. 32. Progis ecology-solutions TECHNOLOGY BEHIND – PARTNERS II: ADCON, PESSL 1. GIS-linked sensors-agrometeorological climate station (+soil,water): Sensors for temperature, relative humidity, water level, rain gauge, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, water temperature, barometric pressure, soil moisture etc. 2. Mobile and GPS based operating data logging: Time, activities, locations, tracks, link to cost centres, ILOGS with PDAs or Handys, HTTP or GPRS, Inter-, Intranet, CSV export, modelling, locating, geo-objects, time- server with calender, reporting, ….. 3. Trust centres for food chains, for banks/insurance, for ministries/authorities: • trust centres for storing selected farmers data acc. FUJITSU, SIEMENS, MICROSOFT,TRACETRACKER legal or bilateral agreements for (geo-)traceability • track and trace technologies for tracking along the whole food chain – from farmer-forwarder-foodsupplier • integration models for banks (businessplans) and insurance companies (index insurance data, policy data,…) • public-private organisation models for integrating ministries or other agro-forestry-environment organisations forCert, ..… 3. Consulting companies (public, private, NGOs): • The PROGIS model is configured to cooperate and integrate local experts like institutes, universities, etc. • The PROGIS model is configured to cooperate with international reputated consultance companies • The PROGIS model is configured to cooperate with NGOs, international organisations, … PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  33. 33. Progis ecology-solutions BENEFICARIES Agriculture-, forestry-, ONLY with holistic and environment,- and risk management BENFICARIES integral approach possible of integrated land management • FARMERS / FORESTERS • FARM/FOREST ADVISORY SERVICESNew land management • MINISTRIES / else GOVERNMENTAL STRUCTURES New advisory service Protection of Land • EDUCATION and SCIENCE / EXPERTS decentralised - farmers and Biodiversity organisations involved • OTHER BENEFICIARIES: Sustainable Management (ppp) models and - SERVICE Comp., TRADERS, EXPORT local experts involved Multipurpose Land-Use - FOOD/WOOD processing companies - Agro/Forest focused BANKS integrated ICT models (AGRO/FORESTOffice) Economic Benefit - Agro/Forest focused INSURANCE companies - Agri-Forest-PRODUCT sellers (machinery, …) technology and Land Use Potential and management synergized Carrying Capacity - LAND MANAGER, UTILITY Capacity building - ENVIRONMENT- and RISK-EXPERTS and know how transfer Reliable, Measurable, Quantitative Criteria - TELECOM companies bottom up approach plus control mechanism + Training Land Owners • THE PUBLIC – we all – 6 Bio people and the Earth SOFTWARE THAT SHOWS! + regional pilot projects + Public awareness plus stakeholder support PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  34. 34. Progis ecology-solutions INFORMATION CENTER ICT - TRUST CENTER mobGIS iso-BUS Retailer 196.000 Farmers Farmer Wholesales Documentation DokuPlant ta 260 Offices Nutrient balanceFarmer/Forester st da COM-SERVER CO2 balance re AdvisorMarketing m /Fo Logistics & Precision FF Profit marginPortal Far Environment- & Forester Subsidies mapping TC Riskmanagement ForestOffice TRUSTCENTER Expert DB – Agro/Forest §§ Standard Interface mobGIS iso-BUSAgro/Forest Wiki Fa r m Certification er /F GlobalGAP or Public es FSC, PEFC Farmer 196.000 Farmers at DokuPlant Documentation a 260 Offices Nutrient balancing CO2 balance COM-SERVER Advisor Profit margin Logistics & Precision FF Subsidies Forester mapping ForestOffice PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  35. 35. Progis ecology-solutions 7 steps for a countrywide solution based on following steps: (1): Define consortium: MoAF, NADS, Science/University, Bank/Insur.,Coops (2): Define pilot region: with farmers, foresters, coops, industry, advisors, (3): Define detailed workplan: + education + training + know-how transfer (1) setup base maps and field mapping (2) setup expert-information + localize all tools, (3) start farm-forest-advise and farm-forest-mgmt. with IT-tools (4) setup logistics incl. servers & communication (5) setup precision farming/forestry (meteorology-, soil-, pest- management , (6) setup risk- and environment management (7) verify and optimize (4): Put pilot project/workplan into life: 24(12-36)) months and control (5): Evaluate pilot projects results (farmer, advisor, …) (6): Rollout stepwise (1-3) the workplan : throughout regions or the whole country, setup a trustcentre including marketing tools for farmers, invite producers implementing precision farming, link insurance and financing, …… (7): Implement further (or parallel ): forestry, environmental caretaking, risk-management, community and utility mgmt., index insurance, microcredits, …. PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  36. 36. Progis ecology-solutions EU co-funded Projects 2009 and 2010: The FutureFarm Project: FutureFarm is PROGIS € Europeantogether funded by the EU as part of the Seventh Research 2009: a 3 Mio Conference project, Framework Programme. The EC EUROGI start date was 1st January 2008, and the project with EC INSPIRE and official project duration2009:years. The full project title is "Meeting the challenges of the farm of tomorrow is 3 DG Development Development by integrating Stockholm Days in Farm Management Information Systems to support real-time management decisions and compliance to standards“. Project2010: Invitation to several EC FP7 Partners 15 partners, mainlywell as presentation of our PROGIS as single IT company are working within projects as science and research and the FutureFarm project, spread across 10 European countries, including Union contract: technology at the EC parliament JRC/European universities, research „Deforestation“ meeting institutes and private companies. „Whole Farm management Pilot Farms information needs at sustainable There are four "pilot farms" from four different countries, working within the FutureFarm project. biomass production“ Details you read on the homepage PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  37. 37. Progis ecology-solutions VALUABLE & SUSTAINABLE BENEFITS ch • WinGIS gives detailed size of the fields/forest areas as base for exact calculation oa • WinGIS gives an exact location of the field or forest area for later logistics use • DokuPlant allows with underlaying expert data planning and documentation pr • DokuPlant allows nutrient- and CO²-balance and is a subsidy tool if needed ap • ForestOffice for forest inventory (plot or statistical model) on local growth tables • DokuPlant and ForestOffice allow calculations (cost, contribution margin etc.) tic • DokuPlant&Forest Office: access to traceability(§§), document sustainability(§§) • Forest Office, DokuPlant and WinGIS allow setup of modern advisory services lis • Logistic and mobGIS allow detailed logistic planning of complete regions ho • Logistic and mobGIS serve farmers-foresters AND chain partners with mobCOM IS • WinGIS integrates meteodata = better decisions: Precision Farming/Forestry G • WinGIS – Fertilizer, pesticide optimisation - Precision Farming RO • DokuPlant/ForestOffice: businessplans for banks and infos for insurance comp. • Machine interfaces (IsoBUS) allow further integration of Precision • DokuPlant/ForestOffice for advisors allow statistical regional analysis eP • Fomumiis: upgrade with environmental caretaking incl. farmers integration • Fomumiis: upgrade with risk management solutions incl. farmers integration Th • Trust Centre allows to integrate countrywide agro-forest-enviro-information • Z-GIS as tool for land consolidation for complete countries PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  38. 38. Progis ecology-solutions VALUATION OF BENEFITS se ea cr in k) r is + ro vi en € e( lu Va PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  39. 39. Progis ecology-solutions Vision: AGRO-FOREST-RENAISSANCE BASIC INNOVATIONS Informatics Environment AGRICULTURE FORESTRY The 6th Kondratieff cycle? ENVIRONMENT-RISK + external DRIVERS: Biotechnology • FOOD FOR 10 BIO people • BIO-ENERGY Health • CLIMATE CHANGE + other • environment & risk-caretakings • All basic innovations of the last 30 years have impact and with agriculture, forestry, environment- and risk –management! • A 6th Kondratieff cycle will come only when the basic innovations & worldwide 2,5 billion farmers are cooperating because of coherences! PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  40. 40. Progis ecology-solutions THANKSProgis web-solutions WinGIS - software that shows !Progis technologyProgis geo-INFOtainmentProgis pipeline-solutions Thank You!Progis smart-community PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !