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GI2010 symposium-berzins (biz biz)


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Published in: Technology
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GI2010 symposium-berzins (biz biz)

  1. 1. 10. SÄCHSISCHES GIS-FORUM-DRESDEN GIS education using online video lectures and BizBiz tool BAppSci(IT) Raitis Bērziņš
  2. 2. What is it? Online video e-lecturing and conferencing platform similar to: GoToMeeting, DimDim, WebEx, iVisit Internationalization, map integration, metadata Can be used to support distributed learning in rural areas and international projects
  3. 3. Underlaying technologies Browser based (Cross-platform) Red5 video streaming (open source) Flash video frontend (simple config, legacy support). HTML5 (?) Java runtime for screen capture
  4. 4. Data flow Categorized RecordingsOnline maps Metadata catalogue (DublinCore Lecture info + Coverage tag) Multi Webcam Screen capture
  5. 5. Screenshot – webpage demonstration
  6. 6. Synchronized drawing on maps
  7. 7. Lecture workflowPublic lecture mode – Testing mode – each student in seperate sandbox1 Lecturer + slides, video etc. Lecturer can join each one and monitor their work Content generation = save screen capture as slide
  8. 8. A few facts Develop at Contains translated (EN,CZ,BU,LT,LV,GR, IT) presentations from SDI-EDU project, Naturnet Redime. Is tested, translated and improved in within SDI-EDU project
  9. 9. Thank you for your attention