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Faugnerova pptx gi2011_czech national inspire geoportal_final


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GI2011-X-border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23..5.2011: Bad Schandau (SAX)
[ 11. Sächsisches GIS-Forum ]
24.5.2011: Decin (CZE)
[ 1. Bohemian#Saxonian GIS-Forum ]

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Faugnerova pptx gi2011_czech national inspire geoportal_final

  1. 1. Czech National INSPIRE geoportalJitka FaugnerovaCENIAPresented by Karel Charvat
  2. 2. INSPIRE portal• Defined by INSPIRE directive and Czech law 123/1998 – Support for discovery, view services and monitoring• Additional functions – Document management, – Georeports
  3. 3. INSPIRE portal• Financed by ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) Integrated Operational Programme “The computerization of public administration.”• Responsible organization CENIA, Czech Environmental Information Agency• Developers • IBM Czech Republic – Help Service Remote Sensing
  4. 4. Basic components• Liferay• Micka• Hslayers• DEMONSTRATION of the INSPIRE-GEOPORTAL• See