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Christl ppt gi2011_esdin_architecture


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GI2011-X-border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23..5.2011: Bad Schandau (SAX)
[ 11. Sächsisches GIS-Forum ]
24.5.2011: Decin (CZE)
[ 1. Bohemian#Saxonian GIS-Forum ]

Published in: Technology, Design
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Christl ppt gi2011_esdin_architecture

  1. 1. GI2011-X-border-SDI/GDI-Symposium Screencast by Arnulf Christl ●President of OSGeo ●Member of the OGC Architecture Board ●Technical Coordinator of ESDIN Pan-European SDI perspectives. ESDIN – Best practices towards the European Location Framework (ELF). VIDEO [ ]
  2. 2. Links to visited sites and moreinformation●●●●●●●●●● Software:●●●●●●● esdin-teamProject Web site; ESDIN Demo Client●●● set and screencast:
  4. 4. ESDIN Tasks and RequirementsAccess Control and Security Quality Evaluation Generalization Edge Matching Unique IDsTransformation to INSPIRE
  5. 5. Transformation Tasks
  6. 6. Edge Matching and Maintenance State BStateA
  7. 7. Generalization and Levels of Detail Levels of Detail: Master Map (highest resolution) Local maps... ... Medium ... … Planning ... ... ...1: 500 ...1: 1,000 ...1: 5,000 ...... Regional1: 25,000 ...1: 250,000 ...... Overview (lowest resolution)1: 5,000,000
  8. 8. ESDIN – Architecture Requirements ExM EBM ERM ExM EGM ExM Datasets downloaded for Large Medium Small user applications Applications and Geoportals GeoRM Layers Euro-Geographics Euro EBM, ERM and EGM are just specific download services from respective ExMs ExM EG services are ’cascading’ to NMCA services Met Download Download Download Conformance EG GeoRM is a ’broker’ for NMCA adat ERM< EGM EBM EBM ERM EGM testing GeoRM aGeoRM Layers GeoRM Layers Download Download Download Quality Conformance Conformance Quality EGM ERM evaluation testing testing evaluation EBMNMC NMC A A Download Download Trans- DownloadMaste ExM ExM Trans- Maste formationr data Large Large r data EGM ERM formation EBM Edge- matching Generalization Conformanc e testing Conformance Generalization testing Met Transformation ExM ExM adat Medium Edge- Medium a matchingMetadat a This NMCA derives both ExM This NMCA derives ExM Generalization Generalization Large and ExM Medium from Addi Large from its Master data, its Master data - and generalize ExM Medium tiona from ExM Large Conformanc l Conformance e testing data testingNMCA1 ExM Small Edge-matching does not necessarily need to be performed ExM Small NMCA2 twice, generalization of edge-matching should still be edgematched
  9. 9. INSPIRE Conceptual Model
  10. 10. Building on high-level architectureseGovernment INSPIRE
  11. 11. RM-ODPReference Model - Open Distributed Programming Enterprise View Point
  12. 12. Initial Reference Data EU CommissionCapability INSPPIRE Annex Themes Real Estate, IndustryScenario Generalization Citizens & Administration Banking and Insurances Edge Matching Academia ! Unique IDs ! Daily Quality Evaluation delivery Low delivery subscription frequency, yearly Schema Transformation asynchronous reporting Schema Transformation Protected NMCA data Protected NMCA data Secure Environment Maintain Secure Core Data Environment Maintain Core Data
  13. 13. Production Reference Data EU Commission Scenario INSPPIRE Annex Themes Real Estate, Industry Citizens & Administration Generalization Banking and Insurances Edge Matching Academia ! Unique IDs ! Quality Evaluation subscriptionSchema Transformation Protected NMCA data Schema Transformation Secure Env Protected NMCA data Schema Transformation Secure Environment Protected Schema Transformation NMCA data Secure Environment Protected NMCA data Secure Schema Transformation Env Schema Transformation Protected Protected Schema Transformation NMCA data frequencyo NMCA data Secure Environment f delivery Protected Secure Environment NMCA data Secure Environment asynchronous reporting
  14. 14. Typical Cascading Service Issues ??% Availability! Performance? 99 98 % 97 95 % % %
  15. 15. Direct Access & Data Cache 9x 99.9 % %97 99 99 95% % % %
  16. 16. Client Reference Data EU CommissionDiversity INSPPIRE Annex Themes Real Estate, Industry Citizens Generalization Banking and Insurances Edge Matching Public Administration ! Unique IDs ! Emergency Daily Quality Evaluation delivery Academia / Education Utilitiy Companies Schema Transformation Traffic Control Environment Protection Protected NATO NMCA data Geology Secure Environment Maintain reporting Google Maps Core Data asynchronous OpenStreetMap subsc
  17. 17. ProductDiversity Shopping List Reference Data of an Environmentalist preparing for an official INSPPIRE Annex Themes hearing at the Commission)Generalization & On demand prepackaging Needs: Map with ●Background map dynamic (just looking good) Metadat Level of Detail ●Something to find a places (Gazetteer) "The Big Bucket" ●Environmental Biosphere protection areas ●High resolution planEuroGeoName Cadastral cadastral basemap ●Environmentals Parcels protection areas Edge Matching ●Forest areas ! Unique IDs ! ●Web application license Quality Evaluation On
  18. 18. Concept for a Geo Product Finder
  19. 19. Addressing Interface and Format Diversity
  20. 20. RM-ODP: Technology Viewpoint● Shibboleth (Federated Authentication)● Tools implement in ESDIN● Web-based Software-as-a-Service● Off-The-Shelf Software of the geospatial Open Source software used in the ESDIN project are available on OSGeo Live:
  21. 21. Live OSGeo – Software Overviewweb mapping Quantum GIS Quantum GIS OSSIM MapServer UMN GRASS GIS uDig MapServer MapNik Geopublisher gvSIG deegree GeoMajas KOSMO deegree GIS desktop GIS ZOO Project OpenStreetMap MapFish GMT MapGuide OS GDAL/OGR FDO OpenLayers GeoKettle GeoServer Mapbender GeoTools GEOS PostGIS GeoNetwork Viking MetaCRS SpatialLite metadata libraries
  22. 22. EuroGeoForum:
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Thank you for your Attention. 12 to 16 September 2011FOSS4G: The annual Conference on Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial Denver, Colorado, USA With friendly support by: Copyright: Arnulf Christl, Metaspatial. This slide set is copyrighted to the commons.