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Berzina ppt gi2011_conference_decin_ib_final


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GI2011-X-border-SDI/GDI-Symposium, 23..5.2011: Bad Schandau (SAX)
[ 11. Sächsisches GIS-Forum ]
24.5.2011: Decin (CZE)
[ 1. Bohemian#Saxonian GIS-Forum ]

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Berzina ppt gi2011_conference_decin_ib_final

  1. 1. GI2011-X-border-SDI/GDI-Symposium 23. / 24. 05. 2011 in Euroregion ELBE / LABE (EEL)11. Sächsisches GIS-Forum <> 1. Bohemian # Saxonian GIS-Forum EXPERIENCE FROM CROSS-THEMATICAL CONTENTS HARMONIZATION Inga Bērziņa Zemgale Planning Region 24th May, 2011
  2. 2. 20 counties 2 cities of national importanceJelgava and Jekabpils 28 0494 12.5% of the total population of Latvia
  3. 3.  Territory – 10 742 square km (16.6% of the total Latvia territory) Border with Lithuania more than 240 km Latvia University of agriculture with 9 faculties and more than 8000 students. The most luxurious palaces of Latvia –Rundale, Jelgava, Mezotne, Bauska, Krustpils, Vecauce. Agricultural land - 77% with the most fertile soils in Latvia, 21% covered by forests. Water resources - the Daugava and the Lielupe basins
  4. 4.  Fruit growing institute with the largest (4 ha) lilac garden in the Baltic States Tervete nature park - one of the most outstanding tourist destinations among nature protected areas in Europe. There you can find the tallest pines in the Baltic states that are 250 years old Industries: agriculture and processing of agricultural products, wood and peat processing, machinery, light industry (clothing)
  5. 5.  A state institution supervised by the Ministry of Environment Protection and Regional development Decision making body – Development Council of Zemgales Planning region (chairmen of 22 self- governments) Executive body – Administration in charge of regional development planning, transport coordination and other delegated (by ministries and local authorities) functions, i.e., design and implementation of regional scale projects ZPR role in GIS – coordinate and supervise the development of spatial plans in the region (in compliance with Methodological Guidelines)
  6. 6. PROJECT “Capacity Building of Zemgale Region for Strengthening the Economic Activities and Cooperation with Norwegian Institutions” (Agreement No. LV0056)PROJECT RESULTS (1)1. Methodological Guidelines for Spatial Planning in Zemgale Guidelines Region Territory2. Provision of the technical appliances for planning• 11 PC equipped with ArcView 9.3.1 + A3 coloured printers• - Server (maintenance of ZPR database)
  7. 7. PROJECT RESULTS (2):3. Development of the unified database of industrial territories3.1. Development of software application3.2. Data input (with also possibility to provide data input decentralize way at the local level(search possibilities for industrial territories)
  8. 8.  96 industrial territories 81 spatial plans of local authorities
  9. 9. Data Flow of the Plans External User FTP serverArcViev + ArcViev + ArcViev + Internet browserDevelopment Development Developmentaplication for aplication for aplication forspatial plans spatial plans spatial plans ArcEditor + Data controling aplication Data browsing.exploitation Data editing ArcGIS Server Data publishing Internet Enterprise Centralized GIS Database
  10. 10.  OSWindows 2008, 64 byte server MS SQL Server 2008 Express ESRI ArcGIS Server 9.3.1 ESRI ArcEditor 9.3.1
  11. 11. Development ArcView Specificatio ArcEditor n Checking ArcInfo Uploading ZPR GIS data Specification schema Spatial Metadata Ortophoto Plan XML map Users Cadastra map FTP Repository ZPR GIS DB Topographica l map Spatial Plan ZPR GIS server Plan Placement in a Queue Deleting of previous errors from Registration of form SDISpecification Searching the forms after Data check WEB cadastra number Uploading aplication Topological check aplication (ArcGIS Priting server) Deleting of previous plans’ data Display ZPR GIS data on the map from SDI Data Transformation to SDI Statistic uploading Registration of errors
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Backend software:MapServer (CGI, MapScript), Apache, PostgreSQL with PostGIS, PHP, Python, Tilecache Grass (optional)Web application:Catalogue client, MiCKA, Geohosting, HSLayers, PyWPSWeb Services:Authorization service (SOAP), WMS, WFS
  14. 14.  Comparison of source and target data models Creation of concrete harmonization steps:• transformation of reference systems and• mapping of attributes (classes of land cover classification systems) Transformation of attributes and values: comparison of enumerations of the source and • target data (for Land Use) Implementation of the designed solution to the geoinformation technologies (GIT)
  15. 15. ZEMGALE CLASSIFICATION → CORINENOMENCLATURE1 DzMLow-rise residential dwellings → 11 Urbanfabric2 DzVMulti-residential dwellings→ 11 Urban fabric3 P Public Building→ 11 Urban fabric4 RR Production facilities and warehouses→ 121Industrial or commercial units5 RD Mining area→ 131 Mineral extraction sites6 T Technical Building→12 Industrial, commercial...7 Ū Waters → 5 Water bodies8 M Forests→ 31 Forests9 ZĪ Outstanding foliage sitesNo corresponding class10 ZC Other groomed greenery space→ 141 Greenurban areas11 L Rural Land→ 2 Agriculture areas
  16. 16. Example of values translated into English. Source_structure Description attribute_example VEIDS Planned use type DzM - low storey building INDEKSS Area with special requirements DzM PLATIBA Area (m2) 100,52 TER_VIEN Territorial unit Jelgava ADMIN_TER Administrative unit Tervetes novads LAYER CAD layer level 2 PIEZIMES Free text remark NULL
  17. 17. Attribute: VEIDS Value type: string Definition: Planned use type Code List: DzM Low storey building DzV Several storey building RR Production objects and warehouses RD Territory of mineral deposits T Technical building site Ū Water M Forests ZĪ Special importance green areas ZC Other cultivated green areas L Field landAttribute: INDEKSS Value type: string Definition: Area with special requirements Code List: DzM Low storey building DzV Several storey building RR Production objects and warehouses RD Territory of mineral deposits T Technical building site Ū Water M Forests ZĪ Special importance green areas ZC Other cultivated green areas L Field landAttribute: PLATIBA Value type: integer Definition: Area (m2) Code List -Attribute: TER_VIEN Value type: string Definition: Administrative unit Code List -Attribute: LAYER Value type: string Definition: CAD layer level Code List -
  18. 18. Transformed databy height indication
  19. 19. GeneralLandUseType Land Use Code Description DzM Low storey building territoriesResidential DzV Several storey building territoriesCommercial P Public building territories Production objects and warehousesIndustrial RR territoriesNatural RD Territories of mineral depositsTechnicalInfrastructure T Technical building sites territoriesWater Ū Surface water territoriesAgriculture M Territories used for forestry ZĪ Special importance green areasParks ZC Other cultivated green areasAgriculture L Land use territories
  20. 20. The data publication is performed uning CCSS & HSRS developedGeoportalu sing OGC compliant services. System providedfunctionality:• Search: search of data and metadata using Micka metadatasolution• OGC services: CWS, WMS, WFS, WCS.•Downloads: data file download, via HTTP, to use with localapplications.•Map Viewer: a rich functionality web client HSLayers The data has been published in the ETR projection (EPSG:3035) and local LKS92/Latvia-TM (EPSG:3059).
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Project=mapproject12&instance=&SERVICE=WMS&REQUEST=GetCapabili
  23. 23. Data harmonization meeting in Olomouc, April, 2011
  24. 24. ZNOJMO OLOMOUC ESF project „ Evaluation and Improvement of the PILZEN Public Services for Business Development in Zemgale Region” Exchange of experience in CzechRepublic with aim to get introducedwith organization of spatial planning procedures and information for business promotion October, 2010
  25. 25. 221 responses for the questionaire and 100 interviewsThe most significant information to be displayedfor business development: •Land use (existing and planned) •Restrictions •Infrastructure and communications •Territory map •Cadastra map •Free industrial territories
  26. 26.  The conceptual model Land Use proposed by Plan4all is very complex and covers the whole area of Territorial Planning, not only specific Land Use. From the other hand it is very difficult to propose and unified and standardized model for Land Use planning (or spatial planning) for different countries, where almost all files and formats are unique and unstandartized Availability of GIS and harmonized data provide the new ways of communicating and flexible information systems, which public authorities could introduce and it is work how to work and the way in which they could interact with the different stakeholders and business word
  27. 27.