Why Would Anyone Play Your Game by Oscar Clarke (Applifier.com)


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The games industry is probably going through its most exciting time with mass-market audiences, more new devices, the ability to self-publish, etc. However, at the same time we have to compete harder for the attention of our audience against a backdrop of over 900,000 apps, just on the iOS app store, let alone all the other devices. In this presentation Oscar Clark will ask an important question which all developers need to ask themselves. “Why Would Anyone Play your Game?”

In this presentation you will learn:

- Why we can’t just make games for ourselves in a mass-market
- Practical techniques to help think like other players
- Why other perspectives help us make better games
- Why embracing other players helps our game get discovered

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Why Would Anyone Play Your Game by Oscar Clarke (Applifier.com)

  1. 1. Why would anyone play your game?
  2. 2. A freestanding activity outside normal Life...
  3. 3. ...Absorbing the player intensely and utterly...
  4. 4. ...Promotes the formation of social grouping... * Johan Huizinga (Homo Ludus 1938)
  5. 5. * Scott Rogers (Level Up 2010)
  6. 6. * Tadhg Kelly (What Games Are 2012)
  7. 7. What is your repeatable mechanic?
  8. 8. What is your progression or 'Context' Loop?
  9. 9. What about the Metagame?
  10. 10. Challenges?
  11. 11. Uncertainty?
  12. 12. Failure?
  13. 13. Purpose?
  14. 14. Rewards?
  15. 15. Repetition?
  16. 16. Sharing?
  17. 17. Bob 44 year old male IT professional living in the San Francisco Bay Area with wife & 2 kids. Used to play hardcore FPS but no longer has the time or reflexes for that to be satisfying. Tends to play more on his phone on the go nowadays; occasionally if the game gets his attention he will play on a tablet in the living room whilst the family take over the TV. No longer a pure ACHIEVER now more motivated by EXPLORATION or COLLECTION
  18. 18. Rachel 34 year old woman living in Italy with her Husband and young baby. Uses games to provide her a much needed escape from the day to day mundanity and especially to provide a social connection into the world. Historically played casual games, but genuinely open minded. Needs a game which can be interrupted at any point if the baby needs attention; and picked up without any repetition. She needs a Social Context but acts as a COMPLETER who needs to finish every level with full marks before continuing
  19. 19. Any Questions? oscar@applifier.com @Athanateus @Everyplaydev http://blog.everyplay.com Thank you :)