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Search, PR and the social butterfly immediatefuture


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Social media agency, immediate future presented at SES 2011 in the UK. There are three essential points: It isnt all about PR, think customer service too; think like a storyteller if you want to gain real social traction; cross discipline integration is key to success.

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Search, PR and the social butterfly immediatefuture

  1. 1. Search, PR and the social butterfly immediate future explains just howPR, social and search will mash-up in2011 for a more integrated approach to online communications @katyhowell
  2. 2. Search is critical to social ANDSocial is NOW very crucial to search @katyhowell
  3. 3. @katyhowell @katyhowell
  4. 4. “While we’re not about to launch a social network site ofour own, we can definitely reflect the increasingly socialnature of the internet with our search results. When yousearch for something on Google you are starting to see Twitter feeds, user reviews and YouTube videos displayed among your results.” Matt Brittin, Google¹ @katyhowell @katyhowell
  5. 5. @katyhowell @katyhowell
  6. 6. Just likedMy matesGeneral @katyhowell
  7. 7. Monitoring manages reputation Cross-referencingsearch terms – whatlanguage are people Customer service and using? responseSearching for trends in Spot the risks Tweets or mentions.What are the triggers to conversation?
  8. 8. 16% Whose opinion do we trust? 14% 12% 10% 8% 6% 4% 2% 0% Another consumer online Someone who works at the A professional journalist A celebrity you like. retailerNov 2010 – The Social shopping explosion @katyhowell
  9. 9. Tell the story• Join it up and amplify• Rich media• Fresh voice• Quality
  10. 10. Twitter Tips Blogger Social Facebookengagement Competition search Video (UGC)
  11. 11. The beauty of football at twilight For football fans For photographers They seek out the beauty and The biggest dissatisfaction in DI – beingauthenticity of the game – incredible unable to capture truly beautiful moments moments happen away from the in low light floodlights of the main game
  12. 12. @katyhowell
  13. 13. @iftweeter @katyhowellFree white paper: Search gets Social Download at • Seven years’ social media experience • Lecture for the IDM, CIM and CiPR • Measurement ratified by IAB and with ISBA • Award winning initiatives