Real-time social engagement at the Social Speakeasy


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Key to any effective social media strategy is the ability to monitor what people are saying about your brand across social networks, blogs and forums. There’s a wealth of data available at your fingertips – the challenge is how best to turn that collated data into real-time actions. Here, guest speaker Jerry Daykin shares his insights on real-time social engagement at immediate future's Social Speakeasy event.

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Real-time social engagement at the Social Speakeasy

  1. 1. Real-time Social Engagement Social Speakeasy Presentation from Jerry Daykin, Social Media Marketing Manager at Mondelez International
  2. 2. At the immediate future Social Speakeasy brands talk* to brands about social media challenges and successes. And sometimes share a few war stories. Everyone at the Speakeasy gets to meet their peers and share insights, information and best practice in social media. * [There is always a terrific guest speaker to provoke ideas and debate ; and plenty of wine and nibbles to keep the conversation flowing]
  3. 3. Jerry Daykin Social Media Marketing Manager at Mondelez International kicked-off the February Speakeasy. He shared his tips, experiences and examples of how to scale really big, integrating with paid media and how to change your business processes to make it work. Take a seat and enjoy Jerry’s presentation…
  4. 4. Real-Time Community Management Jerry Daykin, Social Media Marketing Manager @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy
  5. 5. @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy
  6. 6. @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy
  7. 7. @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy
  8. 8. @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy
  9. 9. @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy
  10. 10. @jdaykin #SocialSpeakEasy
  11. 11. @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy
  12. 12. @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy
  13. 13. @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy
  14. 14. @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy
  15. 15. Planned Everyday Campaign Always On Events Unpredictable Unplanned @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy Live
  16. 16. Real-Time = Relevant Real-Time = Reach @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy
  17. 17. Content Quantity Approvals Out of Hours Breaks Traditional Marketing Processes In/Out of House @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy Brand Voice & Opinion
  18. 18. LOOK TO GO BIGGER… @jdaykin #SocialBrands
  19. 19. Source: W+K / How To Fail @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy
  20. 20. Moving From A Social Funnel… X 10 Million Followers 1 Million Reached By Post 10k Actively Engage With Post 1k Enter Branded Competition
  21. 21. Creating A Social Megaphone Which delivers social at the scale of our business 2.5 Million UK Followers Promote Most Engaging Content With Paid Media @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy Leads To Millions of Interactions
  22. 22. Which Delivered Big Results Nearly 16 Million Reached on FB, At a 7x Average Frequency, Over 5 Million Actively Engaged
  23. 23. And Matching The Impact of TV In Shifting Purchase Intent Brand buzz, 6% Outdoor, 6% VOD, 8% Word of Mouth (Includes Twitter), 21% Point of Sale, 10% TV, 20% Gooless Promotion, 11% Facebook, 18% @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy
  24. 24. Guided By 5 Million Engagements @jdaykin #SocialBrands
  25. 25. To Places We Never Expected @jdaykin #SocialBrands
  26. 26. GUARANTEE SCALE @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy
  27. 27. WITH REAL TIME PAID MEDIA @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy
  28. 28. Real-Time Community Management Jerry Daykin, Social Media Marketing Manager @jdaykin #SocialSpeakeasy
  29. 29. Join us at the next Social Speakeasy Just ping us at: