Session I: Indonesia drr advocacy in bima city oxfam in indonesia


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  • Linkage of district/province/island/national is for knowledge exchange and learning
    It is called Building and Deepening Resilience as it is a continuation of the previous BR Project. What are deepened in this project: the finalization and early implementation of DRR instruments at old project sites, integrate climate change adaptation in the DRR instruments
  • All the budget improvement has been approved by the city parliament.
    City budget revision is normally undertaken in the middle of the current FY (2013) to adjust the budget with the updated needs at the city.
    Budget for 2014 is already prepared and approved before the end of current FY (2013)
    The DRR-related budget mentioned above will be managed by the CDMA
  • Session I: Indonesia drr advocacy in bima city oxfam in indonesia

    1. 1. DISTRICT LEVEL DRR ADVOCACY in bima city Thailand, 13-14 November 2013
    2. 2. Presentation Outline • • • • • • • Project Description (Logic Model) Project Sites and Partners Bima City Profile Project Intervention at District Level Project Achievement Challenges Lesson Learned Page 2
    3. 3. Logic Model of Building and Deepening Resilience (BDR) Project BUILDING & DEEPENING DISTRICT RESILIENCE PROBLEM: PROBLEM: Disaster && Climate Disaster Climate Hazards: Disasters Hazards: Disasters are increasing with are increasing with big localized impact big localized impact DRR Reform DRR Reform Challenges: Challenges: 1.Lack DRR 1.Lack DRR instruments instruments 2.Lack of Capacity of 2.Lack of Capacity of DM organization DM organization 3.The absence of 3.The absence of effective local DRR effective local DRR platforms platforms 1.Capacity Building & Technical Assistance for DRR Instruments (Development/Finalization/Early Implementation) 2.District, Province/Island, National linkage 3.Development of Private Sector Engagement on DM Directory BUILDING & DEEPENING COMMUNITY RESILIENCE 1.Capacity Building & Technical Assistance for village level DRR instruments (VPRT, EWS, etc) 2.Community empowerment on Advocacy WOMEN LEADERSHIP STRENGTEHING 1.Capacity building 2.Women Action Plans RESULT 1 DISTRICT RESILIENCE PROJECT GOAL Building and Deepening Resilience of Local Communities and Institutions to Disasters and Climate Change in Eastern Indonesia RESULT 2 COMMUNITY RESILIENCE RESULT 3 Strengthened women’s leadership in DRR at all levels and experiences utilized to influence national policies and approaches Page 3
    4. 4. Project Sites and Partners Page 4
    5. 5. Bima City Profile • Hazards: flood, landslide, earthquake, tsunami, and cyclone • The Disaster Management (DM) Instruments, e.g. policy, plan, budget, are not available yet • The City Disaster Management Agency (CDMA) is still new and has limited capacity • A multi stakeholders forum for collective actions is not yet available Page 5
    6. 6. Project Intervention at District Level Page 6
    7. 7. Strategy of DRR Instruments Development • Promote and strengthen the role of CDMA through joint planning (and budget) and implementation • Develop a DRR Forum to support the works of CDMA, the Forum is composed of multi stakeholders (government, NGO, journalists, community representatives, academia) • Ensure the engagement of CDMA and Forum to gain inter agency support, e.g. city parliament for legislation support, city asset management agency for funding allocation support, city law unit for legal drafting support, city development planning board for DRR mainstreaming in development support Page 7
    8. 8. Strategy of DRR Instruments Development (continue) • Official distribution of tasks among the authorized agencies for leading DRR instruments development, city development planning board for Risk Analysis and DM Plan, city law unit for DM Regulation, law school for academic paper Page 8
    9. 9. Project Achievements • DM instruments have been completed (Risk Analysis, DM Plan, Contingency Plan, DM Regulation) • DM regulation draft is listed on the city parliament program of the FY 2014 • DRR is being 1 out of 11 priorities in the City Mid-term Development Plan 2013-2018 • Increased CDMA’s DRR-related budget allocation in the city budget revision of the FY 2013 • Increased CDMA’s DRR-related budget allocation in the city budget of 2014 • Acknowledgement of the CDMA by the City Mayor Page 9
    10. 10. Project Challenges • Staff turn over at city government agencies • Missed understanding among stakeholders on the role of the DRR Forum at the initial phase of DRR Forum development Page 10
    11. 11. Lessons Learned • The DM Instruments belong to the city government, thus the ownership by the government should be ensured for the sustainability of DRR works. We collaborated with CDMA, other authorized agencies, and relevant stakeholders since the planning phase of the DM instruments development. It took time but the results are feasible, thus this strategy should be promoted and replicated in the future DRR programs. Page 11
    12. 12. THANK YOU