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Session 3: Youth empowerment in risk reduction timor leste red cross


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Session 3: Youth empowerment in risk reduction timor leste red cross

  1. 1. DIPECHO Project in Timor Leste Filomeno… and Narciso Brites National .. Disaster Management Team… Cruz Vermelha Timor Leste
  2. 2. How the initiative started…  From Thematic seminar February, 2013  We selected 3 districts to implement Youth empowerment: Aileu , Manatutu and Oe-cusse Districts  Districts were elected by staff during a ‘vote’.  Aileu has been Piloting youth empowerment during 10 months, since February -in Asubilitoho village Aileu District  Plan to extend pilot first to Manatuto and Oe-cusse, then to other districts
  3. 3. CVTL organized and implemented Dipecho programs Branch staff NHQ Branch staff Volunteers Community
  4. 4. The people involved in these activities DRR education for children Youth empowerment  DM staff and Health staff DM staff and Health  Branch volunteers staff  Community volunteers Branch volunteer Community volunteers  Teachers and  School children CVTL Youth volunteers in villages
  5. 5. How to convince our selected schools to be involved ?  From VCA/ KAP ... … We understand the type of disaster and impacts that are important to the school School calender … we try to schedule activities so it is easy for the school to participate.
  6. 6. DRR education for children, activities, 2012- 2013  ICE poster distribution  Plant trees  Simulation  Clean up  Health promotion  Game pad, quiz and competition  Make waste and management  DRR basic information (earthquake, flooding, Tsunami, erosion)
  7. 7. The objective of our youth activities Empowering youth volunteers to contribute to community resilience in their village and district.  To empower youth to disseminate information from the iCBRR programs to other students and youth in their local communities.
  8. 8. The Youth structure in Asubilitoho village Youth Coordinator Vice Section sport 28 people,
  9. 9. Youth pilot in Aileu district, activities  DRR training            Peer educator on DRR and Health Planting trees to protect environment Healthy youth training First aid training Peer educator training on HIV/ AIDS No smoking campaign Health and DRR Theater Quiz and competition Establish sport team Provide sport equipment Technical agriculture Training
  10. 10. The progress activities from youth  DRR training  Peer educator on DRR and Health  Youth Healthy training  First Aid training  Establish sport teem  Support equipment (Ball, net and uniform)  Create friendship sport  Technical agriculture
  11. 11. Munnas Gracías