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WEAI Intro Presentation - Dhaka Gender Workshop


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WEAI Intro Presentation - Dhaka Gender Workshop

  1. 1. The Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index in Bangladesh
  2. 2. Why the WEAI? • Developed to measure the greater inclusion of women in agricultural sector growth that has occurred as a result of US Government intervention under the Feed the Future (FTF) Initiative • Feed the Future defines it as:“the empowerment of women in their roles and engagement throughout the various areas of the agriculture sector, as it grows, in both quantity and quality”
  3. 3. What is new about the WEAI? • An aggregate index in two parts: – Five domains of empowerment (5DE): assesses whether women are empowered in the 5 domains of empowerment in agriculture – Gender Parity Index (GPI): reflects the percentage of women who are as empowered as the men in their households • It is a survey-based index, not based on aggregate statistics or secondary data, constructed using interviews of the primary male and primary female adults in the same household
  4. 4. Bangladesh • Important for the development of theWEAI because it was one of the three countries whereWEAI was piloted AND • First timeWEAI was calculated using a nationally representative survey, IFPRI’s 2011-12 Bangladesh Integrated Household Survey
  5. 5. Presentations in this session 1) Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture:What role for food security in Bangladesh 2) Women’s Empowerment and Agricultural Productivity in Bangladesh 3) The WEAI Global Synthesis Report: Cross-country comparisons from 13 countries