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Annual plan meet


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Annual plan meet

  1. 1. CIRM Annual Plan 2011-12<br />March, 2011<br />
  2. 2. THEMATIC LEARNING AREAS: <br />IDENTIFICATION & PRIORITIZATION<br />In the financial year, CIRM through its innovation projects, research and dissemination efforts, will focus on the following to?<br />
  3. 3. THEMATIC LEARNING AREAS: Specificfocusareas<br />Add-on services, typically aimed at risk reduction – in out-patient services and productivity enhancement packages<br />Technology-enabled services – in providing other value add services like telemedicine and sms based weather forecasts for farmers<br />Product Design - demand responsive features, specifically simple and affordable contracts<br />Distribution models – on Agent based models and sales channel education and incentives<br />Insurance Literacy – in weather and other complex index based products<br />Government advocacy (financer/facilitator/implementer)<br />Vulnerability Segmentation*<br />*Resource dependent<br />Specific focus<br />
  4. 4. PROJECT EVOLUTION into 2011<br />A majorityofCIRM‘sportfoliohasshiftedfromConceptualizationto Implementation, and a sizeablechunkhasenteredMainstreaming <br />Technology-Leveraged BC Distribution<br />RSBY IP Evaluation<br />Comprehensive Livestock Risk Management <br />Telemedicine for Urban Slums (FEM-Equitas)<br />OP Health Insurance for Rural Poor (CARE)<br />RFID Technology for Livestock Insurance (ITGI)<br />Add-on Services for Urban Poor (Calcutta Kids)<br />Microinsurance Map<br />Distribution - IP Health Insurance (PWDS)<br />Bangladesh Catastrophe Insurance (OXFAM)<br />Weather Insurance for Salt Pan Workers <br />Simplified Weather Index Securities (IFPRI)<br />Add-on Services for Farmers (WRMS)<br />Govt. of Andhra Pradesh: DRDA-IKP Life Evaluation<br />Govt. of Andhra Pradesh: DRDA-IKP LPS Evaluation <br />
  5. 5. For more details please visit our website www.cirm.inThank you<br />