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Institut Français de la Mode


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The Institut Français de la Mode is the center in France for training. research and expertise in the fashion-design and creative industries. It was set up on 1986 by the French Ministry of Industry in tandem with textile and fashion professionals and has since become a national and international reference for students, companies and professionals. The aim of the IFM is to accompany the development of the fashion and design industries by reinforcing skills and anticipating the changes to come. The IFM is a place of artistic expression and professional exchange and encounters whose vocation is to boost creation and innovation within industry and to enable Parisian and French "fashion and design" to shine forth.

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Institut Français de la Mode

  2. 2. The INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE LA MODE is the center for training, research SERVING and applied expertise in the fashion, design and creative sectors. Twenty years experience in this field has enabled the IFM to broaden INDUSTRIAL its horizons with a policy of diversification toward sectors with a high level of added creative value ; accessories, perfumes/cosmetics, COMPETITIVENESS interiors and design. The INSTITUT FRAN AIS DE LA MODE is a vector for FRANÇAIS The IFM was set up in 1986 on the initiative of the Ministry of the development of the level of competitiveness within the Industry and textile and fashion professionals and today constitutes industry through training, reflection, expertise and information. an international reference for students, companies and professionals. IFM has positioned itself as one of the main movers behind the integration of creativity and design in national industry. Over the past twenty years the IFM has trained hundreds of students Proximity with industry, precision and excellence in teaching and thousands of professionals, thus contributing to the enrichment and expertise, an atmosphere of openness and multi-layered and reinforcement of the creative industries, while at the same time cultures are at the heart of the IFM s mission. IFM’s developing a recognized level of expertise in its work in textiles, design, innovation, the economy of the immaterial and globalization… This can be summed up in five goals: The IFM is a place of reflection, anticipation and forecasting, a . TO TRAIN THE PLAYERS in the creative industries by meeting point for professional exchanges, with a vocation to stimulate encouraging encounters between the academic and the professional, between reason and passion, creativity and creativity and innovation within the industry and contribute to the precision. development of « fashion and design » from Paris and France. . TO CONNECT MANAGERS AND TALENT. Objective : better TALENT. The INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE LA MODE is a non-profit association management of creativity and more creative marketing. under the aegis of the Ministry of Industry. . TO RAISE THE VALUE of products and brands through the incorporation OF CREATIVITY and the immaterial. . TO ANALYZE THE SECTOR and anticipate trends in order to « enlighten » and accompany companies and professionals. To produce and publicize knowledge and information. . TO CONSTITUTE A VECTOR FOR THE PROMOTION of the image of France abroad. INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE LA MODE
  3. 3. / MANAGEMENT POSTGRADUATE / FASHION DESIGN POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION / EXECUTIVE MBA / INTERNATIONAL SCENE / EXECUTIVE EDUCATION / ECONOMIC TRENDS ANALYSIS REFLECTION / MARKET RESEARCH & CONSULTING & EXPERTISE / CONFERENCES & SEMINARS / RESEARCH INFORMATIONS / PUBLISHING & PUBLICATIONS / LIBRARY EDUCATION THE IFM ON THE INTERNATIONAL SCENE The IFM is a founding member of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI), an association that brings together the best training establishments THE FASHION AND DESIGN MANAGEMENT POSTGRADUATE PROGRAM in terms of management, design and technology. In addition, the IFM has set up partnerships with the Fashion Institute of Technology (New York), the Domus Academy This postgraduate teaching course lasts for 15 months and is open to candidates (Milan), the London College of Fashion, the Institute for the Fashion Industries (Tokyo) with 4 or 5 years of higher level studies. and Hong Kong Polytechnic University, as well as the Instituto Superior de Empresa It is centered on the management of sectors with a high level of creative value – y Moda (Madrid). fashion, textiles, luxury goods, accessories, sports goods, perfumes & cosmetics, Responding to the increasing demand for training partnerships with foreign institutions, interiors and design-, over the past 20 years this program has trained almost 1000 the IFM has set up a fashion and luxury goods management course in Beijing, the graduates who are now working at management level at Chanel, Dior, Etam, ADVANCED MANAGEMENT PROGRAM IN FASHION & LUXURY (AMP), in tandem with Galeries Lafayette, Gap, Hermès, L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent… HEC, Tsinghua University and the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris. THE FASHION DESIGN POSTGRADUATE PROGRAM EXECUTIVE EDUCATION With fifteen years of experience in training managers for the fashion-textile sectors, Built on the IFM’s academic expertise and experience in the fashion industry, the the INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE LA MODE launched the FASHION DESIGN POSTGRADUATE IFM / EXECUTIVE EDUCATION programs have developed a diverse range of high level PROGRAM in January 2000. programs over the past fifteen years, programs that are adapted to the needs of It is a true talent « incubator », a program that trains the designers and artistic companies with a high level of creative added value in textiles, fashion, cosmetics, directors of tomorrow, at the crossroads between the creative and industrial worlds. design or household goods. These programs cover a wide range of needs : reinforcing acquired expertise, developing creativity and innovation, acquiring the new cultural references that underlie design and consumption… THE GLOBAL FASHION MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVE MBA PROGRAM (GFM). The seminars are taught by a network of experts and professionals of the highest This program was set up by the IFM in tandem with the FASHION INSTITUTE OF level: IFM staff, associate professors, university lecturers, professionals and consultants TECHNOLOGY in New York and the HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY in develop a multi-layered, international vision of the world of fashion and design. Hong Kong. It is a resolutely international program that prepares high potential Each year, IFM / EXECUTIVE EDUCATION runs over 200 days of training for the 3000 executives for management jobs in the fashion and creative industries. participants from approximately 350 companies. The GLOBAL FASHION MANAGEMENT program is part-time and is the only fashion and design management MBA that enables the candidates to carry on working. It alternates classes in the IFM in Paris with intensive seminar periods in The IFM is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. New York and Hong Kong in our partner institutions. The Cercle IFM, brings together eight patron companies, all prestigious brand names, that support the INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE LA MODE, and their contribution notably finances a broad range of study grants: ARMAND THIERY, CHANEL, DISNEYLAND PARIS, GROUPE ETAM, KENZO, L'ORÉAL PRODUITS DE LUXE, VIVARTE, YVES SAINT LAURENT. INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE LA MODE INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE LA MODE
  4. 4. / MANAGEMENT POSTGRADUATE / FASHION DESIGN POSTGRADUATE EDUCATION / EXECUTIVE MBA / INTERNATIONAL SCENE / EXECUTIVE EDUCATION / ECONOMIC TRENDS ANALYSIS REFLECTION / MARKET RESEARCH & CONSULTING & EXPERTISE / CONFERENCES & SEMINARS / RESEARCH INFORMATIONS / LIBRARY & PUBLICATIONS / PUBLISHING The RESEARCH CENTER at the IFM is a truly transversal and trans-disciplinary REFLECTION & EXPERTISE observatory of lifestyles, it also aims to ensure an interface between research carried out at the IFM and potential partners (companies, private and public, national and international organizations). ECONOMIC TRENDS AND FORECASTING IFM / ECONOMIC TRENDS AND FORECASTING creates, publicizes and puts into perspective the economic and social information necessary to the understanding and anticipation of the changes in the fashion and textile sectors on a worldwide scale. INFORMATION & PUBLICATIONS MARKET RESEARCH & CONSULTING LIBRARY AND INFORMATION CENTER IFM / MARKET RESEARCH AND CONSULTING helps businesses to understand their environment, anticipate the changes to come and accompanies them in establishing The IFM’s LIBRARY AND INFORMATION CENTER has a documentary collection that is the necessary actions, through an in-depth analysis of the logic and engines that unique in Europe, made up of information and data on the markets and international underlie the markets. players in textiles-garments, fashion, design and connected sectors, from the design phase to distribution. CONFERENCES & SEMINARS The numbers : over 30 000 references to press articles, 4 000 books, 3 500 files, 150 periodicals, 1 000 videos, 300 student theses, and archives back to 1986. Each year, in November, the INTERNATIONAL FASHION AND TEXTILE GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES SEMINAR brings together over 200 professionals from production, brands and distribution to reflect on the perspectives for the quantitative and PUBLICATIONS qualitative evolution of the market. The collection of books published by the EDITIONS DE L’INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE LA MODE In addition, the CULTURE AND DESIGN PROGRAMS enable companies to pinpoint in tandem with the EDITIONS DU REGARD, aims to be a tool for reflection and analysis issues specific to the creative industries. The collective unconscious of the consumer, on fashion, design and the creative industries. This collection covers fashion in particular fashion culture, design culture and product valorization are areas explored by these from a sociological, literary and economic angle. programs ; presented in the form of conference cycles or « total immersion » journeys The IFM also regularly publishes economic analysis and forecasting documents that to European cities at the cutting edge of design. enable a better comprehension of what is at stake in macro and micro economic terms for the textile and fashion sector (monthly reviews, reports per country, performance RESEARCH CENTER indicators, guides to production and distribution, market analyses and forecasting studies). MODE DE RECHERCHE, is the IFM research center's quarterly publication on fashion, The IFM’s RESEARCH CENTER aims to produce knowledge on the economy, the design industries and the economy of the immaterial. management and human sciences, to federate research and publicize work carried out not only on fashion, but on the creative industries in general. INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE LA MODE INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE LA MODE