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Simplifying the Task of Asset Management


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An overview of Supply Insight's solution for improving asset management utilizing Intelleflex XC3 Technology RFID readers and tags. Specific examples associated with healthcare are provided.

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Simplifying the Task of Asset Management

  1. 1. Delivering the promise of RFIDSimplifying the Task of Asset Management Contact Us (860) 667-2200 COMPANY Authorized Reseller Founded 2004 Newington, Connecticut
  2. 2. Powered By Simplifying the Task of Asset Management ™With AutoID software by Supply Insight
  3. 3. Powered ByBusinesses Are Filled With Assets
  4. 4. Powered By Common Business ScenariosTypical Institution Challenges Q: Did someone remove that? A: Yes, but I’m not sure who. $ -Accountability Q: Where is that? $ -Labor A: I don’t know. I’ll look for it. Q: Did you find that? $ A: No. I’ll order a new one. -Shrinkage Q: Didn’t we just order that? $ -Hoarding A: Yes. We have about 15 somewhere.
  5. 5. Powered ByWhat Happened?No administrative accountability?
  6. 6. Powered ByWhat Happened? … or, just NO accountability?
  7. 7. Powered ByThe Committee MeetsHow do we resolve this?
  8. 8. Powered ByIncrease security – at what cost? There is a better answer...
  9. 9. Powered ByrPlatform™ keeps track of what’s important Intelleflex FMR-6000 Multi-protocol Reader Now you have eyes on the doorway
  10. 10. Powered ByrPlatform™Mobile Network rAgentTM Mobile Network (TCP/TLS, HTTP/HTTPS) rAgentTM Server rInsightTM Visual Designer rPlatform™ Mobile Printer Intelleflex HMR-9090 Mobile Reader Motion Detector Fixed Network CCTV Strobe Light High Camera Siren Availability
  11. 11. Powered ByCommission Intelleflex Multi-protocol RFID Tags Tag all of your assets and… Keep it simple and accurate with rAgent MobileTM
  12. 12. Powered By TMrAgent MobilePRODUCT FAMILYrAgent™ Mobile – Simple, turnkeyWindows Mobile app for locating, rAgent™ Mobile Inventory –asset and inventory processes. rAgent™ Mobile derivative for• OEM-Capable inventory operations, printing• Easy to Configure and Use barcodes and writing RFID tags.• Supports RFID and BarcodeMobile Devices from LeadingVendors• Leverages a Best-in-ClassEmbedded Database with Store andForward SynchronizationrITrack™ and rTooltrack™ – LocateIT™ – rAgent™ MobilerAgent™ Mobile derivatives that derivative for extending RSSIminimize the time spent locating to read ranges betweencompleting inventory and locatingmissing IT assets and tools, 100-400’ with C3 BAP RFID andrespectively. optionally DASH7. SUPPLY INSIGHT RFID SOLUTIONS Fully integrated, EPCglobal standards compliant RFID solutions. Hybrid technology, integrating best-of-breed hardware.
  13. 13. Powered ByrInsight™ keeps executive personnel informed ASSET PASSING DOOR 1
  14. 14. Powered ByrInsight™ keeps executive personnel informed rPlatformTM
  15. 15. Powered ByrInsight™ keeps executive personnel informed
  16. 16. A New Expectation He’s going home…
  17. 17. Containment Achieved BUT your assets are staying here!
  18. 18. Delivering the promise of RFID Contact Us (860) 667-2200 COMPANYAuthorized Reseller Founded 2004 Newington, Connecticut