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Willie Donnelly IFIF

  1. 1. Security, Trust & Dependability Welcome Address Dr. Willie Donnelly Director TSSG
  2. 2. Redefining Society Traditional Society New Internet Society • Linear time • Virtual Time • Incremental growth • Exponential growth • Face to face • Virtual communities • Formal • Social networking Communications • Bottom up consensus • Top down hierarchies of management power • Distributed authority • Centralised Authority
  3. 3. Future Internet Assembly
  4. 4. Citizen Centric Internet Personalisation Customisation User control The Future Internet has the potential of devolving power to the citizen
  5. 5. A Cultural Revolution Evolving from a technology centric to a people centric environment Europe has the potential to deliver leadership
  6. 6. Citizen Centric Internet User Perspective • User as service consumer and producer • Digital Footprint • Openness, Trust and Privacy • Moral Authority Community Perspective • Physical Vs Virtual societies – Walled Garden • The fate of Nation States – Role of national laws – Ability to raise tariffs • Moral Authority Avoid Social fragmentation
  7. 7. Future Internet Community May need to redefine traditional concept of community and community boundaries New Sustainable Communities
  8. 8. Ireland : Leadership Role • Open Economy • Strong Telecommunications Industry • European headquarters for major “Internet Players” Google, Facebook etc • Young educated workforce • Cultural diversity Future Internet • Major research investment in ICT • Strong government commitment to e-government, commerce etc • Strong community spirit
  9. 9. Conclusion • Future Internet can transform European Society • Need to look beyond the technical challenges • Build on the best of European society – Cultural diversity – Creativity – Individualism and Rights – Community and Collective responsibility – Freedom of Expression and Tolerance Citizen Centric : Learn from GDMO and Nuclear Debate
  10. 10. Public Private Partnership Provided by David Kennedy Eurescom
  11. 11. Maximising the Common enablers Examine the basic Smart enablers in each area Utilities and Determine the common Energy Environment enablers Grid Determine the enhanced enablers Large Scale Work out how to provide Core Demos a core platform that Platform and trials Transport, supports the enablers Mobility and Build it and show the Content Logistics world Use it in large scale trials and tests Use exisitng advanced eHealth infrastructures to test future Internet function 11
  12. 12. Our recommendations for the programme • Large scale projects • Integration will not happen in many small projects • Flexibility in every stage • The future Internet is a hard target to follow • Systematic approach to project selection • Projects must contribute to the programmme and uniquely address aspects of the programme • Facilitate open sharing of project foreground • IPR issues should not hinder collaboration • Integrate sector competence with the ICT competence • The PPP target is to enhance all sectors with the Future Internet • Lead by example: large scale trials and demos • Proving scalability and viability • Synergy: build on existing results and resources • Time and scale dictate using what we have already achieved in Europe.
  13. 13. Public Private Partnership Sponsors • Our discusson Goals: – Creating a community in 2010 – Invitations to workshops on applications, enablers, and infrastructures. – Determining the focus points, challenges, and optimal structures – Encouraging innovation in structures as well as projects – Position paper by end of Year – Workshops in the new year •
  14. 14. Trust in Digital Life Partnership • Set out a vision for trustworthy products relating to information and communications technology (ICT), including devices, applications, services, and infrastructures • Foundering Members : Gemalto, Microsoft, Nokia and Philips • Open for membership •