Redefining family office investment practices through International Forum Group


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The International Forum Group provides a platform for single and multi-family offices to achieve this through benchmarking their existing practices among peers and building strategic relationships with relevant service providers.

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Redefining family office investment practices through International Forum Group

  1. 1. www.internationalforumgroup.comRedefining family officeinvestment practices throughInternational Forum GroupMarket conditions are forcing even the wealthiestfamilies to take a more critical look at theirinvestment practices. Wealth preservation isdemanding increased focus from family officestoday, however when you add economicuncertainty to the mix as well as the goal to protectwealth and ensure the family legacy endures, it isclear that family offices need to look for innovativesolutions to maximize portfolio returns.The International Forum Group provides aplatform for single and multi-family offices toachieve this through benchmarking their existingpractices among peers and building strategicrelationships with relevant service providers.The upcoming IFG Wealth Management Forumwill be held in Florida, October 21-22, 2013.IFG brings together thought leaders in the field ofwealth management to discuss best practices onwealth preservation, asset protection, riskminimization and wealth transfer. More than ever,obtaining efficient access to the best advisors andinvestment products is critical for family officesand IFG has become an important conduit inthis process.Attendance is invite-only, referral driven andrestricted to include CIOs, Presidents andManaging Directors from single and multi-familyoffices and selected registered investmentadvisors (RIAs).Past attendees included the CIOs, CEOs and seniorexecutives from Pitcairn, Collins Capital, Greycourt& Co., BNR Partners among others.According to Martin Levy, Director of theInternational Forum Group’s Vancouver office,the company has developed “a unique formulawhich matches the investment requirements ofleading family offices with the services providedby highly specialized wealth advisors.”The President and CEO of the Policy and TaxationGroup, a speaker at the Fall 2012 IFG Forum said:“The IFG Wealth Management Forum providesan excellent opportunity for families and advisorsto learn the latest and best approaches toinvestment, risk mitigation and familygovernance.”“Great opportunity to discuss our business withinterested investors,” said the Chairman & CEO ofBroadstone Net Lease Inc., a solution provider.“Excellent meetings - very high quality,” noted theCIO from Five States Energy Capital LLC.The CEO of Forbes Family Trust commented:“Excellent forum for the exchange of ideas andinformation between investing leaders.”What makes the IFG Wealth Management Forumunique is not only the high-level and intimacy ofthe sessions but also the research that goes intoorganizing each session, Martin Levy adds.FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEIFG WEALTH MANAGEMENT FORUMTHE PREMIER EVENT FOR NORTH AMERICAN FAMILY OFFICESOctober 21-22, 2013, Floridawww.ifgwealthmanagement.comFamilyoffices needto look forinnovativesolutions tomaximizeportfolioreturns
  2. 2. www.internationalforumgroup.comIFG WEALTH MANAGEMENT FORUMTHE PREMIER EVENT FOR NORTH AMERICAN FAMILY OFFICESOctober 21-22, 2013,“Our Investor research team spends six months researching with family offices to define very specific requirements for all participants,while our experienced Advisor team analyses the market and determines relevant Managers in each asset class”, he detailed.As a result, the IFG Wealth Management Forum has become the leading family office investment event over the past few years andcontinues to provide a platform for family office thought leaders to establish powerful alliances.Salpi BalianPress Manager – IFGpressifg@ifgemea.comFor more information: pressifg@ifgemea.comAbout the IFG Wealth Management Forum 2013IFG’s Wealth Management Forum 2013 provides a unique platform for investment decision makers fromsingle and multi-family offices to engage in vibrant benchmarking sessions and gain practical solutions andbest practices to achieve optimal portfolio returns. The upcoming event will take place in Florida, October21-22, 2013.For more information please send an email to or visit the event website atwww.ifgwealthmanagement.comAbout International Forum GroupInternational Forum Group is a world-leading business information company, organizing exclusive, invitation-only gatherings of business leaders across multiple industry sectors.Providing a platform for senior executives to build mutually beneficial business partnerships, InternationalForum Group has designed an unparalleled system for matching the core buying needs of the world’s largestorganizations with the best solutions available in the global marketplace. Empowering all our clients with theknowledge they need to lead in their respective fields is a fundamental goal of all our forums.For more information, please visit: www.internationalforumgroup.comAll rights reserved. The above content may be republished or reproduced. Please notify prior to usage