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Voluntary Service in our School - Poland


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Voluntary Service in our School

Published in: Education
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Voluntary Service in our School - Poland

  1. 1. Voluntary service in our school
  2. 2. Volunteering is the way in which a group of individuals from a community partake in social, charitable and environmental activities on a voluntary basis. Volunteering clearly doesn’t involve any remuneration. Its nature and essence, in fact, relates to the human need of helping others and advocate social causes. The purpose, therefore, is for a person to give his own contribution for the greater good. What is a voluntary service?
  3. 3. this is a person who does something especially helping other people, willingly and without being paid for it (noun) Volunteer
  4. 4. AS AN INDIVIDUAL, YOU CAN INVEST RESOURCES AND MONEY IN MANY CHARITABLE INITIATIVES. Depending on the causes and issues you identify yourself into the most, you can choose which association or project to support(financially). Nevertheless, even more effective than cash or in-kind donations is giving your free time and help do some good. The easiest and more practical form of volunteering is the one meant to benefit the community you live in. That is, going to homeless-relief shelters the day of Christmas or animal shelters and help give food to people in need, for example. Furthermore, another way you can give back to your community is by volunteering at associations and non profits that primarily deal with the safeguard and protection of a specific neighborhood. How can you become one?
  5. 5. How does a volunteering look like in our school? In 2007, because of the students initiative, our local Theatre  organized a charity concert for building a hospice. The organization of the concert then led to a participation in other charity actions for the hospice. After a concert, the youth from our school began to feel the need to support the hospice in Tychy in various charitable actions. During next action "Fields of Hope" volunteers from our school planted in fields next to the City Hall of Tychy daffodils as a symbol of hope. After "Fields of Hope" a school volunteering club was created and students created a school daffodil garden. Flower planting ceremony took place in the presence of people from the hospice. How did it all start?
  6. 6. How does a volunteering look like in our school? organize charity fairs, concert etc. to raise money for the hospice in Tychy participate in charity collection in shopping centers take part in fundraising at cemeteries in Tychy prepare performances for orphaned children, on the occasion of Children’s Day and Saint Nicholas’ Day support an animal shelter in Tychy take care of sick children from Silesian Hospice for Children foundation What do we mostly do?
  7. 7. thank you for your attention! Presented by: Wiktoria Garcorz and Oliwia Świerkot