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This was Duck's slide show presentation on what she learned about predicting the weather.

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  1. 1. WEATHER
  2. 2. Weather A cloud is water vapor that condenses out of the atmosphere. When this happens it produces a cloud.
  3. 3. Weather Types of clouds
  4. 4. Weather There are four different basic types of clouds. 4 The clouds are: Cumulus Stratus Cirrus Lenticular
  5. 5. Cumulus cloudThis is a cumulus cloud. They are named for the4Latin word cumulus it means ‘’a pile.’’
  6. 6. Cirrus cloudThis is a cirrus cloud. Cirrus in the Latin word for ‘’wisp4or curl.’’
  7. 7. Lenticular cloudThis is a Lenticular cloud. Lenticular means lens-shaped.4Because of the clouds natural oval shape.
  8. 8. Stratus cloudStratus clouds look like this. Stratus means ‘’ layer ‘’ in4Latin.
  9. 9. Weather Dark stratus clouds are 5usually storm clouds. The fancy word for dark stratus cloudsis nimbostratus. You mostly see nimbostratus clouds before a thunder storm.
  10. 10. Weather If you find a Lenticular cloud that is higher in 6 the sky then normal it is probably because it has more air in it then it should and the wind has pushed it up. What does isolation mean? Well, it’s earths 7 distance from the sun and it also has to do with the earths axial tilt. The axial tilt is at 23.5. The axial tilt is what helps make the seasons change.
  11. 11. Weather Do you know the difference between 2 weather and climate? Weather is what it looks like outside right now. Is it rainy? Or is it sunny? Is it hot? Or is it cold? Climate is what your state is like. If 13 you live in a state like Florida that is mostly hot and humid, then that is what your climate is.
  12. 12. WeatherThree main factors that affect earth’s weather is3 solar radiation, moister, and air pressure.Solar radiation is a fancy word for sunlight. Sunlight helps warm the earth. It warms the ground before it warms the water.
  13. 13. Weather: Quick Question What causes wind? Wind is caused by air that 11. flows from high pressure back down to low pressure.
  14. 14. WeatherWeather  A weather reporter is someone whoReporters predicts the weather forecast for about four or five days in advance. So you can plan your activities accordingly.
  15. 15. Weather ReportThis is somewhat like what your weather man might show you. You cansee the future weather forecast so you know how to plan your week.
  16. 16. Weather If you viewed the previous page you saw what the forecast was. The forecast helps you plan your week. Sunday might not be a good day to do any outdoor activities.
  17. 17. Weather Weather is very unpredictable. Its always changing. Maybe you could watch the weather report tonight and learn what the weather will be like at your house tomorrow, what the temp will be, and even what the wind speed Is.