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  • After 70 plus years of using Colgate toothpaste, and Colgate Total since its inception, I have my first complaint. Why the new closure? That monstruosity is not any easier to handle than the standard closure plus you can not squeeze out as much paste as with the standard one (unless you unscrew the whole thing). I would hate to think, really would, that the reason is if you can not use all the paste available, you would have to buy more of it. Jose Garcia, Jackson, NJ.
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Description of colgate

  1. 1. 1. Description of product: Colgate Total was created to prevent and reduce tooth decay, gingivitis, plaque, above gum line and bad breath. Colgate Total helps to kill bacteria to prevent bad breath, strengthens tooth enamel to reduce acid wear, provides fluoride protection against cavity formation, contains dual silica to remove stains, and comforts to tooth sensitivity. Colgate Total is approved by the FDA and has not been proven to be the cause of periodontitis and systemic disease. 2. Consumer reports: At they rate Colgate Total toothpaste as overall good toothpaste, but with pros and cons. The consumer report states that the pros are that it protects up to 12 hours, contains fluoride, and it’s approved by the ADA. The cons are that Colgate Total is too abrasive, contains sodium lauryl sulfate and saccharin, taste gets mixed reviews, and that it contains triclosan. On the website about 26 different customers described Colgate Total to be the best choice they have ever made. They described Colgate Total as the #1 product in toothpaste and that they feel a sense of brand loyalty to Colgate Total. 3. Product line/ Assortment design: Colgate’s product assortment consists of products for oral care, personal care, home care, and pet nutrition. Products such as toothpaste, deodorant, bar soap, liquid soap, dishwashing soap, floor cleaners, and pet foods are an example of some product assortments that Colgate has. Colgate’s product line for toothpaste has a large number of choices such as Colgate total advance, total, max fresh, sensitive, cavity protection, tartar protection, ultra bright, proclinical, luminous, visible white, 2 in 1, sparkling white, baking soda and peroxide, and kids toothpaste. 4. Product class: Colgate’s total product class consists of 3 toothpaste which fulfill the same needs as Colgate Total. Colgate Total’s product class consists of whitening paste and gel, plus whitening liquid, and mint stripe gel. These products fulfill the same needs that Colgate Total fulfills, but the company simply offers different choices to the customers. 5. Branding: The branding image that Colgate Total uses is simply the company name with the word Total and a big 12 next to it standing for 12 hour protection, and a multi colored circle which stands for all the defenses that Colgate Total provides. 6. Packaging: Colgate toothpaste is packaged in 150 gm and 75 gm tubes. The packaging design includes twist off and on caps, or snaps on and off tops too. The boxes where the tubes of toothpaste come in are completely recyclable and over 47% of the boxes are recycled. 7. Warranty Policies: Colgate’s warranty states that they are not liable if anything happens to you, including disease, sickness or death. They are willing to give you your money back if you are not satisfied with your product. Colgate’s warranty policy is very descriptive and mind teasing. It’s more likely people rather lose $5 then go through the entire process to return an item.
  2. 2. Part #2 (Critique) Colgate Total toothpaste is not as efficient and as caring as they need to be. It seems to me like Colgate is more interested in making profit then caring for customer needs. Colgate needs to fix 3 sections from there overall business plan. They need to improve there warranty, branding, and packaging. Colgate customers believe that the toothpaste is abrasive and since it contains sodium lauryl sulfate, it causes irritation to sensitive mouths. A mix of ingredients is believed to be the cause of periodontitis and systemic disease. Colgate tries to protect themselves in there warranty by saying that they are not responsible for any death, sickness or disease. This only shows that Colgate cares more about there profit then customer safety. They should rewrite there warranty and make it more customer friendly. They should try to do further research to prove to there customers that they are not responsible for these diseases, and customers have nothing to worry about. Colgate toothpaste does not have a symbol or design to represent them more accurately. They should try to brand themselves with a symbol or design that customers could recognize them by. They should invest some of there profits into more advertisement and marketing projects. Colgate toothpaste should think about increasing packaging innovations, by offering distinctive, eco-friendly, modern packages that appeal to different customers. They should try to increase there percentage of recycled boxes by at least 10%, which will appeal to eco-friendly customers. Colgate should also offer different size toothpaste tubes, instead of only 75 gm and 150 gm tubes. Colgate Total Place : types of distribution channel used by the company for Colgate Total. The most important part of marketing is how a product will arrive from the seller to the buyer. Many products go through a channel of distribution, which involves, manufactures, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers.( pags.250-252). The distribution strategy proposed for the Colgate Total is through dentists, plastic surgeons, drug stores, grocery stores, large retail stores, and department stores. Therefore; Colgate Total channel system is indirect because its marketing manager thinks consumers are spread throughout many geographic areas and often prefer to shop for certain products at specific places. Aside from convenience stores and large retail stores, many food stores played a key role in the distribution of oral health care products. “Mass merchandisers gained share due to increased in-
  3. 3. store promotional support”. Because of the increase in the demand for oral care products, stores began shelving more oral care products. This was a big advantage for Colgate because there would be more room in the stores for them to market the new Colgate Total. Dentists also played a big role in the distribution of oral care products. Main distribution activities used Physical distribution. (page 272) Colgate is engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sale of a range of products in the health care field. The Company operates in three business segments: Consumer, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Devices and Diagnostics. Colgate has more than 500 locations around the world, including South and Central America, Europe and Asia. Type of market exposure: Intensive Distribution (page 262) Customer service level desired by target market (page 273): Colgate will use store promotions to provide the customers with a high customer service level. The product will be stocked to provide rapid and dependable delivery to the customer. Some examples: 1. Retails: Target, Wal-Mart, Publix, Navarro, Kmart, Sedanos, Baby’rus, Toy’s rus etc. 2. Small Retails: Doral pharmacy, Fontainblue Store, etc 3. Wholesalers: BG, Costco & Sam’s Club  Main distribution activities used 1. Transportation:  Truck  Rail  Water  Air Promotion : Product promotion is communication spread through advertising, publicity, and sales promotion. Colgate advertise their products by using commercial, magazine ads, the radio, ads that are to be placed in dentist offices, billboards, and the sides of buses. Advertising is done to promote new products, remind consumers of existing products, and also promote the image of the company at hand. We also suggested that Colgate offer special coupons and rebates through their other products, and also food products. Also, Colgate could benefit from the usage of in-store displays.
  4. 4. The price budget for promotion was set at 14.4 million dollars. The company’s promotion plan was to “induce trial”. Colgate planned to promote the Colgate total, by offering a free five-ounce tube of toothpaste or a fifty percent off coupon that could be put towards any other size of toothpaste to every consumer who purchased a Colgate Total, and two by offering $.50 off coupons. Advertising and promotion are done through commercials, magazines, radio, and ads put up in places such as dentists offices. These advertising mediums target this segment’s consumers, and focus on the benefits the Colgate Total has to offer in connection with oral healthcare. Commercials made for this market segment should also show the benefits of the toothbrush, possibly through demonstration. Commercials should air at night during “prime-time”, the time in which most people watch television, and during the day, especially during soap operas. These are the time periods in which more adults watch television. Also when it comes to advertising, Colgate-Palmolive should institutional advertise, meaning they should not only promote their Colgate Total, but they should also promote the company’s image. This in return will remind consumers of Colgate’s other products that are available on the market.( advertising reminder, page 384) Colgate used like a direct strategy by distributing special coupons in the mail to consumers, or by offering rebates to consumers who purchase other Colgate oral care products. These rebates and coupons act as an incentive to consumers when it comes to purchasing or trying the new product. These coupons and rebates is also dispersed through hard to eat food products, such as popcorn. Also in-store displays are set up throughout stores. These in-store displays also include demonstrations. The second segment market that we would target the Colgate Total would be consumers concerned with their oral hygiene, such as bad breath, and personal appearance. Many, but not all, consumers in this group are female adults who worry about what they look like. Target B consumers think the same way as Target A consumers when it comes to pricing. Most are willing to pay more if the product provides more advantages than competing products, although because the product will be positioned as a mainstream product, price will vary in accordance to the prices of other toothbrushes. Objectives : The product, Colgate Total, is a product that add value to a buyer’s life. It also add utility, and meet the wants and needs of targeted consumers. The product is unique and different from all similar products that are already available on the market. The promotion strategy is to differentiate the product’s design and packaging, which in return will cause the toothbrush to stand out.