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Republic of france


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Republic of France's presentation for the Comenius proyect

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Republic of france

  1. 1. The capital city of France is ParisThe Republic of France is in the Westof Europe and it extends fromthe Mediterranean Sea to the EnglishChannel and the North Sea, and fromthe Rena to the Atlantic Ocean.
  2. 2. France is usually relationed to a hexagon because the shape looks like thatThe most taller ranges are the Alpes and Pirineos. But Francedoesn’t have a very uniform relief.
  3. 3. In 1830, the France’s people made a revolution, which brought an end to the despotic power in France, then the people and the bourgeoisie had the power. Now, France is a liberty Republic. The motto of France is: “This is the national embled Liberté, Égalité et Fraternité”, and the athem is called “The Marsellaise”
  4. 4. The region of Normandie. The Capital city is Rouen.Normandie is divided in twoparts: Upper Normandie (Haute-Normandie) and LowerNormandie (Basse-Normandie) Upper Normandie Lower Normandie
  5. 5. Rue de la République (Grand Quevilly) Grand Quevilly is situated in the département de la Seine-Maritime et la région de Haute-Normandie. This is the coat of Grand Grand Quevilly has got 26,084 inhabitants. Quevilly
  6. 6. Grand Quevilly is only at one kilometre to Rouen (the capital city)
  7. 7. Year: 1975 1982 1990 1999 2006 2007Inhabitants 31,963 31,650 27,658 26,679 26,200 26,162 Grand Quevilly had a very important shipyard from 1893 to 1987, then, the population declined since. The shipyard of Grand Quevilly built 478 ships until the 1987.
  8. 8. Normandie’s capital city: Rouen Normandie’s cliffs Mont Sant Michel Grand Quevillys Boardyard
  9. 9. Normadie is famous for its lard or Normadie is famous for its lard or butter, also the fresh cream and the sea food. Normandie is the most cider producerThis is a clasic dessert in Normandie:the Flan Normand. It is a flan done withcustard and apples.