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Italia sicilia

Italian's presentation

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Italia sicilia

  1. 1. Italy Irene Castro Reguera ESO 1º
  2. 2. Italy is a country placed in the South of Europe. Its capital is Rome. Italy
  3. 3. HISTORY The country is one of the most important in world history because it was the craddle of the Etruscan and Roman civilizations and it was there where the Renaissance emerged. Discovered in the first Etruscan Volterra domus found in Italy. The Coliseum. Italian Renaissance Construction.
  4. 4. Architecture and Italian paintings
  5. 5. Sicily Sicily is one of the regions of Italy. Moreover, it is Italy's largest island and the largest in the Mediterranean Sea. The capital is Palermo.  Catania is another major city of Sicily.
  6. 6. A brief history of Sicily HISTORY Sicily has been inhabited since the prehistoric times. Sicily was the home of the Phoenicians and the Greeks, who founded their major cities there too. There were two Punic wars in Sicily, the first in 241 BC and the second in 212 BC. In the Punic wars the Romans conquered the Sicilian island. After the conquest of Sicily, it was reduced to a Roman province. The theater Politeama in Palermo, Sicily. Phoenician monument
  7. 7. Palermo PALERMO It is the capital of Sicily. It has  658,112 inhabitants. Its history is considered artistic and architectural heritage. For cultural, artistic and economic reasons it was one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean and today it is one of the major tourist destinations in the region, nation and Europe. A monument of Sicily is its cathedral built in the XII century The New Gate
  8. 8. Syracuse Syracuse is a province ​​of Italy, situated on the Southeastern coast of the island of Sicily. Syracuse was the most important Greek city in Sicily, on the East coast of the island between Catania and the outskirts of  Pachynus . They lived in several colonies and there lived a lot of famous historical people, for example Archimedes the engineer and mathematician. Syracuse is washed by the sea Beautiful streets
  9. 9. Augusta is an Italian city located on the Eastern coast of Sicily with 34,174 inhabitants in the province of Syracuse. The city is one of the major ports in Italy, due to the abundance of oil The city's name comes from the imperial title "Augustus" given to Frederick II di Swabia, in 1232 when he founded it. Augusta Augusta an Italian city located there.
  10. 10. A few things about the History of Augusta Augusta was founded in the XVIII century by the Emperor Frederick II near the ancient Greek colony of Megara Hyblaea. It was an important military port of Aragon against the Turks and the most important Syracusan military center during World War II.   It was founded by Megara Hyblaea , a Greek city in the East. Buildings at Megara Hyblaea
  11. 11. Gastronomy The Sicilian cuisine is linked to the Sicilian history and culture. In the dishes it is used exclusively Sicilian olive oil. They use for their dishes vegetables and fish rather than meat. Some of the most popular dishes are : Pizza fritta alla Siciliana, pasta con i broccoli arriminati, Fish, eggplant, tomatoes. One of the great charms of Sicily is its cuisine. Alici crude al limone