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This is a presentation of Estonia, one of the participating countries.

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  1. 1. ESTONIA (EESTI) IES Concepción Arenal Comenius Project Roque Teodoro Bescos Beceiro.
  2. 2. Estonia is a countryplaced at the northestof Europe, just next toRussia and aboveLatvia. This is the Estonian Flag Estonia has 1.287.000 inhabitants. Its capital is Tallinn.
  3. 3. Estonia has been dominated by theU.R.S.S from 1945 until 1992, when theindependence was declared. You cannote this by seeing the different kindsof buildings in the cities. However, in this otherThis is a modern soviet building. Note that building, you can see that it isit is a simple building, without any kind of not Soviet, as its notornament. so simple and has more decorations on it.
  4. 4. Estonia has a very goodgastronomy. It is a simplegastronomy, including porkmeat, potato, a lot of milkand fermented cabbage. Sült Some of the traditional meals are: -Marineeritud angerjas: marinated eel, served cold, -Mulgikapsad: sauerkraut stew with pork, served with boiled potatoes,Mulgikapsad -Sült: cooked pork in jelly…
  5. 5. The capital city (and themost poblated one) isTallinn, a big medievalcity placed at the northof the country. This is the flag of Tallinn Tallinn has a big, beautiful castle and all the city is rounded by a long wall. Tallinn main square of the city. It has old houses everywhere and always is full of people.
  6. 6. The port of Tallin is one of the main ports of the Baltic Sea, with several lines which daily link the city with St. Petesburgo, Helsinki, Stockhol m and many other cities.This is the medieval part ofthe city. It is beautiful causeall the city is rounded by a bigwall with lots of trees andlittle parks in the zone. It’salways full of people.
  7. 7. Rapla County (or Raplamaa) is one ofthe 15 counties of Estonia. Its placedjust under Tallinn. This is the flag of Rapla County. It has the coat of arms placed in the centre At January of 2009, Rapla had 36,678 inhabitants.
  8. 8. Kehtna is a rural municipality.placed in the southest of RaplaCounty. Flag of Kehtna. Its also the coat of arms and the most representative picture of the Municipality. . This is the Estonian school. It`s placed in a big, beautiful place, which in summer is colourful and in winter is full of snow.
  9. 9. This seems to be a big forest, but it is a large, beautiful park placed in Kehtna.This is a photo ofKehtna. You cannote it has nature andwater everywhere.
  10. 10. IES Concepción Arenal Comenius ProjectMade by Roque Bescos, incolaboration with:•Andrea García,•Marta Castro•Irene Castro