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Benefits of Joining the IEEE Young Professionals


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This is a slideshow about the benefits of joining the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Young Professionals chapter, specifically the Santa Clara Valley Chapter. If you want more information on our chapter please visit

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Benefits of Joining the IEEE Young Professionals

  1. 1. Benefits of IEEE July 27th, 2013 Tim Worboys, Chair, IEEE SCV GOLD 1 11/24/13
  2. 2. 2013 Officers Chair Timothy Worboys Secretary Treasurer Marie Weber Aytug Karalar 2 11/24/13
  3. 3. What is IEEE? !  !  !  World’s largest professional organization Headquartered in New York City Dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence !  Advancing technology for humanity !  !  !  425,000 members in 160 countries 3 Not-for profit Merger of AIEEE and IRE 11/24/13
  4. 4. What is SCV GOLD? !  Monthly events –  Professional development –  Technical –  Networking !  !  !  4 Planning Committee Monthly newsletter Always welcome students! 11/24/13
  5. 5. What is GOLD? Young Professionals Voice & Visibility 5 11/24/13 The World Around Us Innovation Fun & Friendships
  6. 6. What is GOLD? 6 11/24/13
  7. 7. Who is GOLD? 7 11/24/13
  8. 8. Chapter Membership 2012 2013 Fellows - 1 Seniors 26 41 476 813 - - 151 160 Associate Members 7 10 Affiliate Members - - 660 1025 Members Student Members Graduate Student Members Total 8 11/24/13
  9. 9. Where is GOLD? !  !  !  San Francisco !  !  Boise !  Seattle 9 Oakland-East Bay Santa Clara Valley Richland 11/24/13 !  !  !  Metropolitan Los Angeles !  !  Los Alamos/Northern New Mexico San Fernando Phoenix Utah
  10. 10. GOLD Vision IEEE GOLD will be a global community of enthusiastic, dynamic, and innovative young professionals engaged for the benefit of humanity. 10 11/24/13
  11. 11. GOLD Mission To inspire, energize, empower, and engage young professionals to envision and realize their dreams. 11 11/24/13
  12. 12. GOLD Goals !  Improve the visibility of GOLD amongst IEEE members and technology at large !  Improve the representation, visibility and influence of GOLD and YPs in every unit and level of the IEEE !  Inspire YPs worldwide to be engaged within the IEEE as their professional home !  Strive to integrate fun in all IEEE events and services by promoting fellowship and global ties 12 11/24/13
  13. 13. GOLD Goals !  Create opportunities for YPs to understand the implications and benefits of engineering and society, and empower them to seek socially conscious solutions !  Implement a sustainable strategy for YPs at IEEE, incorporating GOLD’s vision and operational requisites 13 11/24/13
  14. 14. Benefits of GOLD Technical Programs & Opportunities Ø Technical chapters Ø GOLD tracks Ø Technical speakers Ø IEEE Spectrum Ø IEEE Potentials Ø Expert Now Ø Society Membership Ø Program Certification Public Programs & Opportunities Ø GOLD Affinity Groups Ø Humanitarian Initiatives Ø Professional Activities Ø Pre-University Activities Ø Graduate Reception Ø STEP Program Career Programs & Opportunities Ø  GOLD Webinars Ø  GOLDRush Newsletter Ø  Industry connections Ø  Mentoring Connection Ø  IEEE Job Site Ø Tech. Society Resources 14 11/24/13
  15. 15. Benefits of GOLD ü  50% discounted membership fee for first year ü  IEEE Job Site, Academic Professional Portal ü ü  myIEEE and memberNet ü  IEEE Mentoring Program ( ü  Online Publications ü  GOLD Online Seminars ü  Expert Now Tutorial ü  IEEE Sections and Chapters Activities ü  Networking with local communities ü IEEE Xplore 15 11/24/13
  16. 16. Event Topics ! !  !  GOLDRush !  !  STEP Events !  !  !  MGA GOLD Achievement Awards !  Technical Society/Council Activities 11/24/13 16 Webinars Mentoring Connection Humanitarian Workshops GOLD Affinity Groups Hall of Fame Awards GOLD Strategy and Operations Reports
  17. 17. GOLDRush – Quarterly Newsletter !   GOLD news from around the world, GOLD notices, Member Profiles, and special messages from GOLD committee members. !   Invited articles and peer-reviewed contributions on subjects ranging from humanitarian efforts to career development to cultural experiences as volunteers work across the globe to continue and promote IEEE activities. 2011 GOLDRush Editor in Chief Timothy Wong ( Western Australia Section March 2011 17 11/24/13 June 2011
  18. 18. Event Topics GOLD offers webinars for members on topics related to professional development, humanitarian efforts, and technical knowledge. GOLD webinars are recorded for on-demand viewing. Ø Emotional Intelligence Ø Leadership and Ethics Ø Sponsorship and Events Ø Cellular Wireless Evolution Ø Networking to Build Your Brand Ø High Performance Promotion 101 Computing Ø People Skills Ø Fearless Networking for Ø Smart Grid Engineers Ø Digital Globe Trotters Ø Conflict management Part Ø Leadership in Projects Ø A Survival Guide for #1 and Part #2 Scientific Writing 18 11/24/13
  19. 19. The Mentoring Connection !   Connect with IEEE engineering professionals who can mentor you and offer peer to peer guidance on career topics !   Web based programming allows for a global connection !   More experienced in your career? IEEE members can participate as mentors and help guide newer professionals in their career development !   Participation is open to all IEEE members above Student Member grade. Enhance your career through the IEEE Mentoring Connection: 19 11/24/13
  20. 20. STEP – Student Transition & Elevation Partnership Provide a standardized yet localized program for facilitating the transition from student member to young professional, by introducing the opportunities and benefits of IEEE membership during the onset of a career. Welcome Letter Graduation Reception STEP Program Student Member 20 11/24/13 GSM or GOLD Member
  21. 21. STEP Events Croatia (R8) GOLD Southern Alberta GOLD Tokyo (R10) GOLD Argentina (R9) GOLD 21 11/24/13 Finland (R8) GOLD New Hampshire (R1) GOLD
  22. 22. Humanitarian Workshops 22 11/24/13
  23. 23. Awards !  GOLD achievement awards (6 annually) –  Purpose: To recognize those substantive projects or achievement of a relatively short nature (one to three years) but which have left an undeniable imprint on the fabric of GOLD operations –  The award will be based on a selection that recognizes individuals involved with GOLD activities who are recognized for singular achievement in the development and completion of project(s) or activity(ies) which are directed to the fulfillment of one or more of the GOLD goals and/or objectives –  Especially engraved plaque emphasizing “exemplary achievement in implementing MGA goals and objectives of GOLD operations” and a cash prize (US $250) 23 11/24/13
  24. 24. Awards !  Hall of Fame Award –  To recognize the most outstanding GOLD Affinity Groups throughout the world –  IEEE is successful due to the individual contributions and also outstanding group work displayed by members –  Important to not only reward individuals, but also groups –  Crucial to recognize the Affinity Groups that play a role in helping their members succeed –  Three GOLD Affinity Groups awarded annually 24 11/24/13
  25. 25. Awards !  Hall of Fame Benefits –  Encourages the GOLD AGs to provide more excellent service to their members –  Increase the number of higher quality GOLD activities –  Increase GOLD awareness in IEEE –  Inspire formation of additional GOLD Ags –  Automatic documentation of excellent IEEE activities for future GOLD members to see 25 11/24/13
  26. 26. Awards !  Hall of Fame Winners –  Tunisia GOLD Affinity Group (R8) –  Nicaragua GOLD Affinity Group (R10) –  Toronto GOLD Affinity Group (R8) 26 11/24/13
  27. 27. Technical Society/Council Activities !  !  Society profile in each addition of GOLDRush Society GOLD awards –  Sensors Council Early Career GOLD Award !  Society sponsored webinars –  PES to sponsor GOLD webinar next month !  Conference events –  Interviewing skills workshops !  27 GOLD working group dedicated to collaborations with TAB/societies/council 11/24/13
  28. 28. GOLD Tools & Resources !  !  !  GOLD charter & strategic plan !  ! GOLD volunteer portal !  !  !  IEEE Staff !  GOLD summit 11/24/13 28 Project plan templates Reference manuals GOLDRush newsletter Conference calls GOLD annual meeting
  29. 29. JobSite Connectivity via the IEEE Network ! ! ! IEEE GOLD Local IEEE Section & Technical Chapters IEEE Societies – EMC Society Early Career Benefits ! ! ! ! IEEE memberNet directory IEEE Job Site IEEE Mentoring Connection Many more… GOLD exists to help students transition from the classroom to the workplace by providing them with the necessary tools to develop themselves Your Career Student 29 11/24/13 Member Sr. Member Fellow
  30. 30. IEEE Mentor Centre 30 11/24/13
  31. 31. IEEE Mentor Centre What is changing?: Benefits to the Member: • Replace current system with SaaS software • Better user experience: SSO / IEEE look and feel • Add new educational materials • Enhanced matching system • Better user experience • User never appears to leave IEEE • Better instruction and tips on the mentoring interaction and relationship When: Scheduled for launch in Q2 2013 Who is the audience?: Why? • GOLD product • For any IEEE member higher than student grade • Targeted at matching recent graduates with experienced IEEE members • Old system was not IEEE branded, old design, and looked like vendor software • Cost savings to IEEE • New vendor is the recommended provider of mentoring software by ASAE 31 11/24/13
  32. 32. IEEE Mentor Centre !  Not just a system change –  Creation of educational materials to help guide mentors and mentees (PDF format for now) –  Revamped and revised video –  Increased staff time to help assist those using the system and manage the process –  Built-in surveys after each mentoring partnership, increasing availability of metrics to guide IEEE action 32 11/24/13
  33. 33. 2012 Events Title Date Venue Guests Committee Meeting 1st Thursdays Carl’s Jr ~5 Bowling Jan 26, 2013 AMF Missions Lanes 12/4 Laser Tag Feb 16, 2012 Laser Quest 6/4 Brewery Tour May 3, 2012 Gordon Biersch Brewery 14/10 Wine Tasting June 16, 2012 Vino Tabi Winery 6/7 Volunteer Info Evening Aug 8, 2012 Qualcomm 31/21 High Impact Interpersonal Comm. Sept 22, 2012 Qualcomm 52/5 Laser Tag Oct 30, 2012 Laser Quest 4/6 Financial Management Dec 4, 2012 Mass Mutual, Milpitas 2/3 33 11/24/13
  34. 34. 2013 Events Title Date Venue Guests Bowling Jan 21, 2013 AMF Missions Lanes 29 Computer History Museum Feb 16, 2013 Computer History Museum 86 Financial Management Mar 6, 2013 Qualcomm 76 Laser Tag Apr 28, 2013 Laser Quest 35 Unraveling Your Professional Network: The Secrets to a Successful Career June 3, 2013 LinkedIn 77 Lead Yourself to a Successful Future: Leadership Advice for the Aspiring Engineer June 18, 2013 Maxim Integrated 43 Hike July 14, 2013 Saratoga, CA 42 34 11/24/13
  35. 35. Upcoming Events !  35 Can be found at category/events/ 11/24/13
  36. 36. Upcoming Changes !  36 In 2014, renaming to YP 11/24/13
  37. 37. Find Out More !  ! ! !  ! 37 11/24/13