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Simple representation of Land-use in TIMES-DK


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Simple representation of Land-use in TIMES-DK

Published in: Environment
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Simple representation of Land-use in TIMES-DK

  1. 1. DTU Management7. juni 2019 Simple representation of land use i TIMES-DK Mikkel Bosack Simonsen Kenneth Karlsson 2
  2. 2. DTU Management7. juni 2019 Agriculture share of national areas in European countries 3
  3. 3. DTU Management7. juni 2019 Land-use shares of Denmark (43.000 km2) 4 Forrest = Green Agrilculture = Yellow Infrastukture/cities = Black Other nature and rivers = Blue
  4. 4. DTU Management7. juni 2019 The emissions from the Danish land use today Animal manure Methane 5.5 Mt CO2e Cultivated land N2O 4.5 MT CO2e Carbon loss from land use 3 Mt CO2e Forestry Approx. -1.2 Mt CO2e 5 Emitted by less than 5 % of the cultivated area
  5. 5. DTU Management7. juni 2019 Processes for reducing the non-energy related emissions 6 Methane N2O Carbon Increasing forest Reducing farming high organic soils Reducing cultivated land Reduced animal production Methane N2O Carbon Manure management (biogas) Biogas potential Biomass potential
  6. 6. DTU Management7. juni 2019 Web platform clear shows the issue of non CO2 related GHG • 7