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Second ETSAP book


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Second ETSAP book - focus on applications (short and long term changes needed to achieve a well below 2OC World)

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Second ETSAP book

  1. 1. Second ETSAP-Book Proposed by Maryse Labriet 1. What? Book on short and long term changes to achieve a well below 2⁰C World Focus on applications of ETSAP tools Springer or other Publisher preferred by members 2. Why? Scientific and political recognition and visibility of ETSAP Foster the application of ETSAP tools to climate and energy planning Successful first book focused on tools and methodologies
  2. 2. Second ETSAP-Book 3. Who? Open to all members (selection may be needed) 4. When? Spring 2018: Book available online Early 2017: Book Proposal submitted
  3. 3. Second ETSAP-Book 5. Cost? 6500 EUR + 1000 EUR travel to be confirmed 10 days (optimistic) 6. Beyond? Massive Open Online Courses? Other collaborative dissemination strategies?