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Integration of VEDA-FE with GIT version control


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Integration of VEDA-FE with GIT version control

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Integration of VEDA-FE with GIT version control

  1. 1. Integration of VEDA-FE with GIT version control • Submitted by: DTU, Denmark • Submission Date: 28 September 2015 • Participating Partners: DTU, E4SMA, KanORS • Budget: • Design 4.5 K€ • Implementation 4.5 K€ • Testing 6 K€ • Total 15 K€
  2. 2. Current Approach in DTU Git repository (local), one or more branches, only one branch is displayed at a time. Contains xlsx files and UserOptions.MDB. VEDA Models folder, contains: modelbranch 1 modelbranch 2 …. VEDA-FE Displaying and editing files in VEDA Models folder Committed changes
  3. 3. Current Approach: Illustration Git repository Veda_Models folder
  4. 4. Current Approach: Limitations • Selecting a file in Navigator opens the corresponding file in VEDA Models folder => if any changes are made the file has to be manually copied to the git repository => a user can forget to do it => the changes might get lost • The above limitation can be avoided by working from windows explorer directly with the files in a git repository. User has to have good familiarity with the folder structure => can be difficult, especially for new users.
  5. 5. Proposed Development • Making VEDA-FE git-aware so that a user can e.g. open repository files by making a selection in the Navigator in VEDA-FE • VEDA-FE will have to read which branch is selected in the git repository in order to be able to open the right version of the file
  6. 6. Main Benefits • Use of VEDA-FE and GIT made easy • Lower start-up costs for starting using version control