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IDTechEx Research: Problems That Printed Electronics is Solving

From IDTechEx Research: This presentation reviews why printed electronics is not a solution looking for a problem: this presentations looks at big problems in different industries that printed electronics is tackling today

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IDTechEx Research: Problems That Printed Electronics is Solving

  1. 1. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | Problems  that  Printed   Electronics  is  Solving Raghu  Das,  CEO  /
  2. 2. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | About  IDTechEx – snapshot  view IDTechEx  provides  Emerging  Technology  insight,  intelligence and  networking,   helping  clients  with  their  critical  strategic  business  decisions. Global  and  timely analysis  through: ü Subscriptions ü Research  Reports ü Custom  Consulting  Projects ü Global  Events ü Free  Web  Journals Since  1999  we  have  served  clients   in  80  countries  from  our  bases  in   the  US,  UK,  Germany,  Korea  and   Japan
  3. 3. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | What  is  Printed,  Flexible,  Organic  Electronics? Enabling  materials  and   manufacturing   processes... ...creating  these   devices... ...being  exploited  by   these  industries… …because  benefits can include… • Metallic  ink   • Organic  semiconductors • Inorganic  semiconductors • Dielectrics • Carbon  nanotubes,  graphene • Conductive  polymers • Glass,  polymer,  paper  and   steel  substrates • Flexible  barrier  films,   adhesives,  encapsulants • Quantum  dot  materials • Printing  processes  (inkjet,   gravure,  flexo,  screen,  roto-­ screen,  dip  pen   nanolithography,  lithography) • Vacuum  deposition,  spin   coating,  ALD,  CVD,  sputtering • Sintering,  curing  (photonic,   heat,  UV,  IR) • Thin  Film  Transistor  Circuits   (TFTs) • Memory • Displays  (OLED,  e-­paper,   electrochromic,   electrowetting,   electroluminescent) • Lighting  (OLED,  LED) • Sensors  (photo  detectors,   temperature,  pressure,   bioelectronic etc) • Photovoltaics  (CdTe,  CIGS,   DSSC,  OPV) • Batteries,  supercapacitors • Transparent  conductive  films • Actuators  and  haptics • RFID • New  Products • Stretchable  electronics • Touch  screens • Healthcare • Consumer  Goods • Consumer  Electronics • Aerospace  and  Military • Media  &  Advertising • Architecture  &  the  Built   Environment • Transportation Low cost NEW  FORM   FACTORS flexible,  thin,   conformal,     transparent,   stretchable TECHNICALLY SUPERIOR eg  better  displays,   readability  in  sunlight,  PV   more  efficient   in  lower  light  levels,   bio-­compatible   PRODUCTION Larger  areas,   faster  production   and  turn  around
  4. 4. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | Fast  Moving  Consumer  Goods  (FMCG)  brands   are  loosing  markets  share  to  supermarket  own   brands  which  legally  copy  with  much   development   or  marketing  costs. Brands  seek  differentiation,  customer  loyalty   and  protected  uniques that  are  valued  by   customers. “Consumer  Packaged  Goods  (CPG)  shrinkage   is  $60  billion  yearly  of  $3  trillion  turnover.”  ECR   Europe Problems  in  the  Retail  Industry Stockouts at  retailers  cost  six  percent  of  sales.  One  third  of  these  are  items  in  the   retailer’s  store. Consumers  and  regulations  increasingly  demand  more  information  printed  on  the   package  – which  instead  needs  to  sell  the  product. And…  it  has  to  sell  the  product!  – be  entertaining,  etc
  5. 5. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | A  glimpse  how  printed,  flexible  and  large  area   electronics  is  addressing  these  challenges Thin  Film  Electronics
  6. 6. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | Two  thirds  of  the  people  who  have  ever  reached  the  age  of  65  are  alive  today Diagnose  and  treat  yourself  – not  enough   carers,  doctors  or  nurses Problems  in  Healthcare Source  :  National  Statistics “Medication  non-­compliance   costs   the  US  alone  approximately  $100   billion  and  125,000  deaths  yearly”   In  the  third  world,  32  million  children   under  the  age  of  five  die  every  year   from  food  related  illness.  20  million   die  yearly  of  preventable  diseases.     UN “A  high  proportion  of  drugs  in  the  US   military  are  unnecessarily  trashed   because  handling/  storage  is  not   monitored”  US  Military  DOD  Shelf   Life  Extension  Program  SLEP
  7. 7. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | A  glimpse  how  printed,  flexible  and  large  area   electronics  is  addressing  these  challenges
  8. 8. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | Today  these  are  usually  bulky,  rigid  devices  where  the  user  conforms  to  the  device,   rather  than  the  device  conforms  to  the  user Many  sectors  will  suffer  from  heavy  commoditization   Largest  challenges  are  in  increasing  sensor  reliability,  developing  efficient  energy   harvesting  and  storage  systems  for  power-­hungry   components  and  making  devices   increasingly  invisible  to  the  wearer. Flexible  electronics  will  provide  a  strong  differentiator Problems  with  Wearable  Technology Source:  IDTechEx  report  “Wearable  Technology  2015-­2025”
  9. 9. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | A  glimpse  how  printed,  flexible  and  large  area   electronics  is  addressing  these  challenges Respiration  sensors  detecting  changes  in   dimensions  of  the  conductive  track  induced   by  breathing   Impact  sensor   by  BeBop.  Here   6  layers  of   various   stretchable  inks   are  printed Activity  tracking  functionality   (HRM,  EMG,  etc)  by  Clothing+   and  DuPont Vista  Medical Rest  Devices BlueSpark
  10. 10. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | Weight  of  wiring,  components  etc which  effects  the  fuel  efficiency  and   they  cover  relatively  large  areas Moving  from  petrol  to  electric,  requiring  improvements  in  big   batteries,  supercapacitors,  thermal  interface  materials Distributed  sensors  needed  for  autonomous  vehicles Progress  towards  totally  energy  independent  vehicles Problems  with  Vehicles
  11. 11. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | A  glimpse  how  printed,  flexible  and  large  area   electronics  is  addressing  these  challenges Boeing  use  a  printed   electronics  system  for  bird   strike  detection Increasingly,   supercapacitors  are   being  made  by  printing   to  reduce  cost Mechanical   switches  and   copper  wiring   replaced  by  a   molded one   piece  printed   system Structural   electronics  – the   boot  lid  is  the   supercapacitor   (Volvo  working   with  Imperial   College) T-­ink
  12. 12. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | Large  investments  in  Asia  can  disrupt  industries  globally,  collapsing  margin   for  incumbents,  such  as  the  PV  industry  and  LCD  panel  industry.  Companies   have  to  innovate  to  differentiate  products Smart  phones and  tablets  are  beginning  to  saturate.  Cash  rich  companies   seek  new  things Consumers  want  higher  degrees  of  customization.  Smaller  batches  or  a   higher  number  of  product  liens  are  being  made  and  this  trend  will  continue Incremental  desirable  improvements  are  thinner  devices,  more  robust   devices,  smaller/no  edge  bezels  around  screens,  longer  battery  life,  ease  of   charging… Problems  in  Consumer  Electronics,  IoT etc
  13. 13. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | A  glimpse  how  printed,  flexible  and  large  area   electronics  is  addressing  these  challenges Apple  watch  has   an  OLED   display  in  plastic   to  be  thinner,   and  more  robust Samsung  Galaxy  Note  Edge:   has  a  wrap-­around  OLED   display  (rigid  plastic)  with  a  7   mm  bending  radius  at  the   sharpest  point. KENT  Displays   launch  the   Boogie  Board   enabling   a   completely  new   product   category
  14. 14. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | • Market  data • Market  and  technology  appraisal  by   technology  type • Case  studies • Activities  of  over  1,000  leading  companies • Detailed  profiles  of  40  suppliers • 56  tables • 113  figures “...The  comprehensive  nature  of  the  report  saved  us  from  spending  a  lot  of  money  on   market  research.  The  report  was  indeed  very  helpful,  and  it  covered  most  of  the  areas   of  opportunity  that  my  team  and  I  thought  existed,  and  highlighted   some  other  areas   that  we  hadn't  considered...“ IDTechEx  Research  report Global  Integrity  Ltd
  15. 15. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | Global  series  of  events  on   emerging  technologies Conferences Exhibitions Business  Insight  Forums IDTechEx holds  events  on  topics  where  we  are  subject-­matter  experts,  presenting   attendees  with  insights  into  the  emerging  technologies  and  their  applications.  Our  global   events  cover  market  requirements,  technologies  and  development  roadmaps  with   presentations  from  end-­users  and  leading  suppliers. November  16-­17,  2016 Santa  Clara,  CA,  USA May  10-­11,  2017 Berlin,  Germany Japan  |  Korea