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IDTechEx Research: Printed Electronics 2016-2026: Trends, New Progress and Outlook

IDTechEx Research provides an overview of Printed Electronics from 2016-2026, including trends, progress and outlook. Included are printed displays, sensors and wearables and in mold electronics.

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IDTechEx Research: Printed Electronics 2016-2026: Trends, New Progress and Outlook

  1. 1. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | Printed  Electronics  2016-­2026:   Trends,  New  Progress  and   Outlook Raghu  Das,  CEO  /
  2. 2. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | About  IDTechEx – snapshot  view IDTechEx  provides  Emerging  Technology  insight,  intelligence and  networking,   helping  clients  with  their  critical  strategic  business  decisions. Global  and  timely analysis  through: ü Subscriptions ü Research  Reports ü Custom  Consulting  Projects ü Global  Events ü Free  Web  Journals Since  1999  we  have  served  clients   in  80  countries  from  our  bases  in   the  US,  UK,  Germany,  Korea  and   Japan
  3. 3. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | Printed,  Flexible  and  Organic  Electronics  Status • Organic  but  not  printed • Progression   to  flexible   displays • Little   focus  on  simple,   printed   OLED  displays • Glucose  test  strips  are  the  majority   of  the  market  (20bn  units) • Rest  is  $83  million   of  different   sensor  types  and  applications • PV  is  main   market,  followed   by   touch  panel   electrodes • Overall  growth  3.3%   CAGR  to   2020 OLED  Displays Sensors Conductive   Ink $16 Billion $6.5 Billion $1.3 Billion 2016 Total: $24.2 Bn DISPLAY  & LIGHTING e-­paper  displays $250Mn AC  EL  disp $70Mn OLED  Lighting <$50Mn Electrochromic  disp <$2Mn POWER Printed/thin  film  batteries <$5Mn OPV,  DSSC <$1Mn Logic  &  memory $8Mn Source:  IDTechEx  report  “Printed,  Organic  &  Flexible  Electronics  Forecasts,  Players  &  Opportunities”      
  4. 4. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | In  Mass  Production:  Thin  Film  Encapsulation  (TFE)  for  Curved/Flexible  (Kateeva) Next  Mass  Production  Product:  RGB  OLED  Pixel  Printing  for  TV? Printing  for  Flexible  Displays Kateeva
  5. 5. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | Quantum  Dot  Displays  Go  to  Market The  property  of  quantum  dots  which  has  attracted  most  interest  has  been  photoluminescence Quantum  dots  combine  broad  absorption  spectra  with  a  very  narrow  emission  spectra  which   can  be  tuned. Samsung  recently  launched  new  ‘SUHD”  TVs  with  cadmium-­free  quantum  dots.  Samsung   does  not  make  OLED  TVs  and  uses  SUHD  to  compete  in  the  premium  TV  category   EU  is  to  see  if  QDOTs  with  cadmium  can  continue  to  be  used QDOTs  as  an  emissive  display  without  LCD  an  alternative  to  printed  OLEDs? $500  million  in  2016  for  QDOT  LCD  to  Over  $3  Billion  in  2020 Source:  IDTechEx  report          “Quantum  Dots  2016-­2026:  Applications,  Markets,  Manufacturers”
  6. 6. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | 20Bn  Glucose  test  strips.   Rest  of  the  market  is  $83   million New  glucose  test  strip   regulations  means  higher   conductivity  ink  needed Printed  gas  sensors  now   being  adopted Innovation  opportunity:   sensors  with  novel  form   factors Emerging  printed  sensors  have  a  strong   growth  potential Source:  IDTechEx  report    “Printed  and  Flexible  Sensors:  Technologies,  Players,  Forecasts”
  7. 7. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | 3D  antenna  printing  gaining  traction  and   now  competing  head-­on  with  LDS Other  printing  processes  also  already   commercial Saving  space  and  reducing  turn-­around  time   are  key  drivers Antenna  printing  is  on  the  up Source:  IDTechEx  report          “Conductive  Ink  Markets  2016-­2026:  Forecasts,  Technologies,  Players”
  8. 8. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | Embedding   electronics   in  thermoformed   or   injection-­molded electronics Focus  is  simple  but  high   volume  circuits Conductive  inks  as   interconnects  or   sensors,  and  standard   SMD  can  be  added  later In  Mold Electronics  (IME)  gaining  interest
  9. 9. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | Printed  batteries  for  wearables   Flexible  and/or  printed  batteries   enable  wearable  tech  to  go  wearable Large  companies  are  now  interested   (Apple,  LG  Chem,  Samsung,  STMicro etc),  changing  the  competitive   landscape.   Different  types  of  technologies,  some   printed,  others  not Sources:  Imprint  Energy,  Sensium Vitals,  Bainisha,  Blue  Spark
  10. 10. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | Nanosilicon used  for  TFTs,  temp   sensors,  doped  emitters.   Commercial  in  antitheft  tags  and   some  smart  devices Metal  oxide  TFT  backplanes   commercial  for  LCDs  and   OLEDs  (not  printed)  and  some   smart  devices OSC  technology  improving:   Mobilities in  the  tens  but  stable   versions  around  5 Increasing  activity  with  CNT   TFTs  showing  mobilities over   100 PragmatIC Printing  and  Thin   Film  Electronics:  both  recently   successfully  closed  fund  raising,   develop  complete  solutions  with   partners Logic  and  Memory
  11. 11. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | Many  Government-­funded  centers around  the  World Diverse  range  of  equipment  from  R&D  to  commercial  manufacturing Focus  on  hybrid  electronics  – many  opportunities  for  equipment  suppliers Printing  in  production:  barrier  layers  for  OLEDs,  PV  bus  bars… Large  EMS  companies  now  very  active  with  flexible/printed  electronics Printed  &  Flexible  Electronics  Manufacturing   Comes  Center Stage
  12. 12. Copyright  ©  IDTechEx | How  IDTechEx  helps  its  customers Contact or  see