Integrated Device Technology - Non-PLL Clock Distribution


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With a product portfolio that is 10 times greater than the nearest
competitor, IDT is in a unique position to address your timing needs. IDT has a multitude of products that are optimized for
specific applications, including several that are featured on the
reference designs of silicon-vendor partners. This presentation showcases IDT clock distribution, which are Non-PLL devices that are used to condition, manipulate and distribute clock signals within an application.

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  • <a href="" title="Integrated Device Technology">Integrated Device Technology</a>, Inc., the Analog and Digital Company™, develops system-level solutions that optimize its customers’ applications. IDT continues to build on its No.1 position in <a href="" title="Clocks and Timings">clocks and timing</a>, serial switching and memory interfaces to expand its mixed-signal content in Communications, Computing and Consumer applications.
  • IDT <a href="" title="Clock Distribution">clock distribution</a> products are non-PLL devices that are used to condition, manipulate and distribute clock signals within an application.
  • Fanout Buffers<a href="" title="Fanout Buffers">Fanout buffers</a>are a useful building block of many clock trees, providing signal buffering and multiple low-skew copies of the input signal. The clock fanout from a single input reduces loading on the preceding driver and provides an efficient clock distribution network. Single output buffers are useful for translating a clock from one signaling standard to another (e.g. LVCMOS-in to LVPECL-out). Clock DividersClock dividers provide an output clock signal that is a divided frequency of the input. They can also be used to provide signal buffering and make multiple copies of the output frequency. Clock divider devices, when used in divide-by-1 mode, can also function as a fanout buffer. Clock Multiplexers and Fanout Multiplexers (MUX)IDT multiplexers allow the selection from multiple clock inputs to drive the output. Devices are available with fanout capability, providing multiple copies of the output signal. Some devices have integrated crystal oscillators, requiring only low cost external fundamental-mode quartz crystals. 
  • Low Skew PCI / PCI-X BufferThe IDT2304NZ-1 is a high-performance, low skew, low jitter PCI/PCI-X clock driver. It is designed to distribute high-speed signals in PCI/PCI-X applications operating at speeds from 0 to 140 MHz. The IDT2304NZ-1 is characterized for operation from -40°C to +85°C for automotive and industrial applications.Five Output 3.3V Clock BufferThe IDT2305NZ is a low-cost buffer designed to distribute high-speed clocks in mobile PC systems and desktop PC systems. The IDT2305NZ operates at 3.3V with five outputs that can run up to 133.33MHz The IDT2305NZ is an 8-pin version of the IDT2309NZ. It is designed for low EMI and power optimization and consumes less than 32mA at 66.6MHz, making it ideal for the low power requirements of mobile systems.2.5V CMOS Dual 1-to-5 Clock DriverThe FCT20805 is a 2.5 volt clock driver built using advanced CMOS technology. The device consists of two banks of drivers, each with a 1:5 fanout and its own output enable control. The device has a “heartbeat” monitor for diagnostics and PLL driving. PECL to CMOS ConverterThe 508 is the most cost effective way to generate a high quality, high frequency CMOS clock output from a PECL clock input. The 508 has separateVDD supplies for the PECL input buffer and the output buffer, allowing different voltages to be used.
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  • Integrated Device Technology - Non-PLL Clock Distribution

    1. 1. www.idt.comIntegrated Device TechnologyNon-PLL Clock Distribution
    2. 2. www.idt.comIDT’s Clock Distribution ProductsIDT clock distribution productsare non-PLL devices that are usedto condition, manipulate anddistribute clock signals within anapplication.
    3. 3. www.idt.comNon-PLL Clock Distribution ProductsFanout Buffers and DividersMultiplexers and FanoutMultiplexers&
    4. 4. www.idt.comFanout Buffers They are a useful building block ofmany clock trees They provide signal buffering andmultiple low-skew copies of the inputsignal The integrated oscillator provides anextremely low phase noise referenceclock to drive jitter sensitive devices
    5. 5. www.idt.comClock Dividers Clock dividers provide an outputclock signal that is a dividedfrequency of the input They can also be used to providesignal buffering and make multiplecopies of the output frequency When used in divide-by-1 mode,they can function as a fanoutbuffer
    6. 6. www.idt.comIDT Fanout Buffers & Clock Dividers ProductsLow Skew PCI/PCI-X Buffer Five Output 3.3V Clock Buffer2.5V CMOS Dual 1-to-5 Clock Driver PECL to CMOS Converter
    7. 7. www.idt.comMultiplexers & Fanout Multiplexers IDT multiplexers allow the selectionfrom multiple clock inputs to drivethe output Devices are available with fanoutcapability, providing multiple copiesof the output signal Integrated oscillators provide anextremely low phase noise referenceclock to drive jitter sensitive devices
    8. 8. www.idt.comIDT MultiplexersLow Skew 2 Input MUX & 1 to 8Clock12:2 Differential-to-LVDSMultiplexerLow Skew,1-to-8 Differential/LVCMOS-to-LVCMOS Fanout Buffer4:1 Single-Ended Multiplexer
    9. 9. www.idt.comWebsite: http://www.idt.comPhone: +1-408-284-8200Fax: +1-408-284-2775Address: 6024 Silver Creek Valley Road,San Jose, CA 95138, USA