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Panel 1: J Mika_Regional Indigenous Entrepreneurship in Tourism


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Panel 1: Jason Mika | Massey University
Panel 1: Indigenous development, tourism & the SDGs |
Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals Conference 2019, 24-25 Jan 2019, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand

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Panel 1: J Mika_Regional Indigenous Entrepreneurship in Tourism

  1. 1. Regional Indigenous entrepreneurship in tourism • Māori entrepreneurship in tourism in the Rotorua region • Whānau-centric enterprise, underpinned by culture, family and region, not constrained, but emboldened, aspiring and empowered to be and do more • Identity as Māori matters to the entrepreneur (cultural capital and enterprise) • Reciprocity evident through opportunity creation for others • A diverse range of business models (artisans, intermediaries, franchise) • Policy implications • Creating entrepreneurial systems powered by inclusivity and indigeneity • Enterprise assistance that is culturally appropriate and effective