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12 (IDNOG02) SGIX and Singapore Internet Landscape by Kerk Chun Sing


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1. SGIX and Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)
2. iDA iN2015 Master Plan
3. NBN and its Development
4. Cost of Circuits
5. iDA Licenses
6. The future: SmartNaQon (HetNet) and 4th Telco

This presentation will talk about the past and future Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (iDA) master plans and how they shaped Singapore Internet landscape. The objective is to give Indonesian companies a brief understanding on the situation and regulations in Singapore.

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12 (IDNOG02) SGIX and Singapore Internet Landscape by Kerk Chun Sing

  1. 1. Singapore  Internet  Landscape   Kerk  Chun  Sing   (   SGIX  
  2. 2. Agenda   1.  SGIX  and  Internet  Exchange  Points  (IXPs)     2.  iDA  iN2015  Master  Plan   3.  NBN  and  its  Development   4.  Cost  of  Circuits   5.  iDA  Licenses     6.  The  future:  SmartNaQon  (HetNet)  and  4th   Telco      
  3. 3. SGIX  and  IXPs   1.  Non-­‐profit  and  members-­‐driven.   2.  54  connected  members.   3.  3  interconnected  sites  –  Global  Switch  (GS),   Digital  Realty  Trust  (DRT)  and  1-­‐Net.   4.  Resellers  to  extend  our  reach  to  other  SG   and  HK  datacentres.   $   We  are  not  part  of  iDA  
  4. 4. SGIX  and  IXPs   1.  Layer  2  IX  running  on  STP.   2.  Necessary  security  measure   a.  broadcast  storm  control   b.  Ethertype  filtering   c.  IPv6  router  adverQsement   d.  MAC  address  control   3.  2  route  servers  to  facilitate  mulQ-­‐lateral   peering.  BGP  communiQes  are  supported.  
  5. 5. SGIX  and  IXPs   1.  Other  3  IXPs   Singapore  Open  Exchange    (SOX)   1.  Operate  by  NaQonal  University  of   Singapore  (NUS)   2.  Nodes  in  Global  Switch(GS)  and  NUS   Equinix   1.  Nodes  in  SG1,  SG2  and  SG3   2.  Global  player   MegaPort   1.  Latest  IX   2.  Nodes  in  SG1,  SG2  and  GS  
  6. 6. iDA  iN2015  Master  Plan   •  iN  2015  =  Intelligent  NaQon  2015.     •  The  10-­‐year  plan  is  formulated  in  2005,  which   created:   – Next  GeneraQon  NaQonal  Broadband  Network   (NGNBN)     – Singapore  Internet  Exchange  (SGIX)   –   and  others…    
  7. 7. NGNBN  and  its  Development   Network  Company  (NetCo)   OperaQng  Company  (OpCo)   Retail  Service  Providers  (RSPs)   NetLink  Trust   (aa  OpenNet)   M1   MyRepublic   ViewQwest   SingTel   StarHub   Bluetel   Nucleus  Connect   SP  Telecom   SuperInternet   Tata   LGA   And  many  more   •  Interconnect  Offers  Agreements  between  NetCo  and  OpCo    -­‐  hfp://   •  More  info  on  NGNBN  :hfp://   •  List  of  RSPs  :  hfp://   MyRepublic  
  8. 8. Cost  of  Circuits   1.  What  is  the  cost  of  10G  circuit  between  2   points  in  Singapore?   2.  Primary  factor  is  the  number  of  circuit   providers  between  the  2  sites,  how  hard  you   bargain,  duraQon  of  contract  etc.   3.  Range  between  USD  2k  –  5k.  
  9. 9. Cost  of  Circuits   1.  What  is  the  cost  of  dark  fibre  (DF)  then?   2.  The  price  of  DF  has  dropped  when  Superloop   entered  Singapore  market  in  late  2014,.     3.  It  was  ~SGD  12k,  now  ~8k.   4.  QuesQon:  Is  there  a  market  for  grey  fibre   (wavelengths)?  
  10. 10. Cost  of  Circuits   Source:  Superloop  IPO  Prospect  2015  
  11. 11. iDA  Licenses   1.  There  are  many  types  of  licenses.   2.  To  operaQng  network   transmission  and   provide  internet  access,   these  licenses  will  the   relevant:   a.  Service  Based   Operators  (SBO)   b.  Facili@es-­‐Based   Operators  (FBO)    
  12. 12. iDA  Licenses   1.  FaciliQes-­‐Based  Operators  (FBO)   –  FBOs  are  operators  intending  to  deploy  any  form  of   telecommunica6on  network,  systems  and  facili6es  to  offer   telecommunica6on  switching  and/or  telecommunica6on  services  to   other  licensed  telecommunica6on  operators,  business,  and/or   consumers.   2.  Services-­‐Based  Operators  (SBO)   –  SBOs  are  operators  intending  to  lease  telecommunica6on  network   elements  such  as  transmission  capacity,  switching  services,  ducts   and  fibre  from  any  FBO  licensed  by  IDA  to  provide   telecommunica6on  services  to  third  par6es  or  resell  the   telecommunica6on  services  of  FBO.   List  of  FBO  licensees  hfp://­‐and-­‐RegulaQons/Industry-­‐and-­‐Licensees/Licensing/Framework-­‐and-­‐Guidelines/FaciliQes-­‐Based-­‐ Operator)     Search  for  licensees  (hfps://    
  13. 13. iDA  Licenses   1.  Annual  Fees   FBO Within  first  S$50  million  in  Annual  Gross  Turnover  is     S$80,000   Licence  duraQon  =  15  years   SBO Within  first  S$50  million  in  AGTO  is  S$4,000   Licence  duraQon  =  5  years  
  14. 14. Smart  NaQon  (HetNet)   a.  Smart  NaQon  build  on  the  master  plan  iN2015  to   enhance  the  quality  of  life  of  residents  in  the  next  10   years.   b.  Heterogeneous  Network  (HetNet)  is  the  foundaQon,  it   provides  the  ability  to  Connect  and  Collect  data.   c.  Small  cells  (femtocells,  picocells  etc)  trial  in  western   part  of  Singapore.  TesQng  of  handover  between  cellular   and  wireless  LAN.  
  15. 15. 4th  TelecommunicaQon  Operator   a.  Spectrum  bidding  in  2016.   b.  Spectrum  is  prefy  costly  ($100  -­‐  136  million)   c.  One  of  the  main  carrot  the  2  contenders  are   dangling  are  significantly  higher  data  limit.  The   current  Telcos  are  offering  2-­‐3GB/month.   OMGTEL   -­‐  Owned  by  Consistel   -­‐  Come  into  existence  with   NGNBN   -­‐  Market  disruptor  (in  a  good   way)  
  16. 16. Terima  Kasih   (