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Identity and Access Management, Idm365 PowerPoint presentation


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IDM365 is developed for medium and large-scaled businesses, the user-centric interface allows business critical decisions to be made right where the knowledge and information is while keeping IT and Management in control.

The IDM365 Identity and Access Management backend can connect to almost any system or application on the market and provides the flexibility to adapt to each client's business. We have developed tools which allow us to speed up the implementation process, ensuring minimum costs while maintaining maximum accuracy and control.

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Identity and Access Management, Idm365 PowerPoint presentation

  2. 2. 〉 Identify users 〉 Control user access 〉 Determine user privileges 〉 Delegate administrative authorities IDM365 – IAM SOLUTION Implementing IDM365 Identity Access Management solutions will automate and streamline your companies‘ employees‘ full life cycle
  3. 3. IDM365 INFORMATION SECURITY Identity & Access Management solutions can increase your company‘s information security in many ways. 〉Control and overview over employee‘s accounts and access rights 〉Security policies can be efficiently implemented through work flows 〉Information security policies can be centrally managed Breach of data Source: PwC 2014 report “And it’s important to note that insider threats are not necessarily a ‘bad guy with bad intentions; it could be a good employee doing righteous work in an insecure manner. Our problems are more human than technological. ” ~ Michael E Mason, Chief Security Officer for Verizon
  4. 4. 10 Key IDM365 Features* - by ITMC 1 Intuitive User-centric Interface Simple to use. Time savings. Cost savings. 2 Responsible Self-service IAG software Those who have authority and hands-on info can do the User Management. 3 Segregation of Duties (SoD) SoD is built into the framework. Meets compliance demands. E.g. Purchasing Job Function should not also have Invoicing JF. 4 Fast Implementation and Control IDM365 CLEAN / IDM365 ORGANIZE analyzes the data structure and recommends a new. 5 Compliance Enables businesses to comply with all regulatory demands (SOX, BASEL, ISO 27001, etc.). 6 Turn audits into a time to shine Keeps you compliant and audit ready always. Reports anytime. 7 Help “videos” Video tutorials (30 and growing). Covers most user procedures. Watch one or all. 8 Keep you in control One interface one truth. IDM365 can be acting as your “Single Point of Truth”. 9 Support Decades of experience and focus makes us specialist. Annual updates are included. 10 Cost Simple pricing. No unexpected add-ons. Cost saving implementation tools. Big ROI.
  5. 5. SIMPLE BUT SECURE WORKFLOWS Onboarding Job Function: Accounting Assistant P P P P 1 2 HR creates user and requests access One or more managers approve 5 min Job Function: Financial Management Reporting ? ? 5 -10 min 1 2 Manager requests Additional access for user One or more job function owners approve 3 Job Function: Accounting Assistant Job Function: Financial Management Reporting P P This system critical request requires approval from the system owner. IDM365 sends request automatically Modification (add role, function, or attribute) 3 System intelligence recognizes SoD violation. Soft/hard stop 4 System intelligence recognizes SoD violation. Soft/hard stop
  6. 6. IDM365 gives you happy employees A typical scenario: IT days later... HR Manager HR and so on... Manager HR Manager Account Sponsor 5 minutes later... approve IDM365Here’s the path an email request might take before your new employee gets access
  7. 7. RBAC/ABAC HYBRID RBAC RBAC / ABAC Hybrid Jason Philipson Sales Manager UK Role 1 Sales Manager NL Role 2 Jason Philipson Sales ManagerJF Location: NL Location: UK Customized job function for every user Takes time, adds risk. Standardized job functions and attributes The user will receive only the access he needs.
  8. 8. 〉Choose between 11 built-in reports 〉Add other available standard reports from the Standard report document 〉Add client custom reports on demand IDM365 AUDIT Example: Deviation Report Shows deviation between IDM365, and system as well as reason. IDM365 real-time reporting
  9. 9. BEST PRACTISE IMPLEMENTATION Rapid implementation – 30 days implementation process 2 IDM365:Clean tool - PDF/Excel 3 IDM365:Organize tool -PDF/Excel 4 IDM365:Audit system setup 1 Determine business and system scope. CIO Sales Manager Manager Finance Manager
  10. 10. IDM365 BENEFITS 1 2 3 4 Minimize time spent on on- boarding by up to 90% Move workload from IT to business Built in audit trail for all users on all systems Gain business overview 5 6 7 8 Extensive reporting tool Achieve good governance and minimize risk Speed up implementation time on new systems License alignment 9 10 11 12 30 day implementation process Highten security Save money Gain flexibility with RBAC/ABAC hybrid
  11. 11. 〉Training during implementation phases 〉Training of Super Users + certification 〉Video training on roll out 〉Complete Service Catalogue with options for every need 〉Rich follow up after implementation ENSURE SUCCESS How we support success 70% of all IT system introductions fail because of lacking “ease of use” We make sure you are guided in every step of the way