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Your 'Brand-of-Business' Quick Questions


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Some quick and effective Q’s to touch on, for assessing your brand’s road ahead.

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Your 'Brand-of-Business' Quick Questions

  1. 1. QUICK Q’S TO TOUCH ON, FOR YOUR BRAND’S ROAD AHEAD: visit: © IDHOLLAND Brands* 2014 connect: Is your image true to your market’s heart? Do you stand apart from the others? Does your brand reflect your business vision? Is your brand architecture making it easy to understand and work with your organisation? Do you deliver your brand in 360˚? Is your visual language consistent and clear, or creating a fragmented brand image? Is your brand voice really Yours? Do you have a brand-guided culture and purpose that your people act on daily? Is your brand distinct, enchanting, memorable, interesting, useful, relevant, inspired? Does design have a place in your worldview? Ask yourself, what is, your ‘brand- of-business’ ...